Bear Brown Facts from Engagement to Baby Drama with Ex-Fiance Raiven Adams

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Fans of Alaskan Bush People, Bear Brown’s ex-fiance, gave birth to their first child, but he refused to say that he isn’t the father of the newborn. On March 18, 2010, Bear claimed he is his son’s dad and wants to equal parenting rights. Why didn’t he say when his son came into this world? Is he guilty for his mistake or just pretending that he cares?

If you don’t know who Bear Brown is, then don’t worry? We have uncovered the details about the patriarch Billy and matriarch Ami’s youngest son, Bear Brown.

Bear Brown Bio; Billy & Ami Brown’s Youngest

Solomon Isaiah Freedom Brown, aka Bear Brown, was born on June 10, 1987, and is 32 years old. Bear is a nature lover. He spends his summers by hunting, fishing, or anything that puts him there.

Image of Caption: Bear Brown real name is Soloman Isaiah Freedom

Caption: Bear Brown real name is Soloman Isaiah Freedom

Bear’s job is to hunt for meat for his family. When he is not hunting, he enjoys tracking animals. Aside from that, Soloman loves the ocean. Bear has four brothers, Matt, Bam Bam, Gabe, Noah, and two sisters named Rainy and Birdy. Well, the detail of his school and college remain undisclosed.

Image of Caption: The Brown Family

Caption: The Brown Family

How Bear Brown and Ex-Fiance, Raiven Adams Met?

Alaskan Bush People Fans are obsessed with Bear Brown’s private life. He was engaged with Raiven Adams, and now, they are no longer a couple.

Image of Caption: Bear and Raiven first met at his brother Noah’s wedding to wife Rhain in August 2018

Caption: Bear and Raiven first met at his brother Noah’s wedding to wife Rhain in August 2018

Bear met his ex-fiance, Raiven Adams, in his brother, Noah’s wedding, in August 2018. Adams was there to help her mom, Kassy Michelle, who was appointed to photograph the wedding event.

However, Bear and Raiven didn’t go to the public their relations right away. Bear is ten years older than Raiven. Soon after the first meeting, they became best friends and eventually got engaged. The duo confirmed their split to People after two weeks of their engagements.

Bear’s Ex-Fiance, Raiven Gave Birth to a son, River Anthony’

On March 9, 2020, at 7:15 am, ex-fiance, Raiven Adams, gave birth to a baby boy, Rivers Anthony, and weighs 4lbs and 15 0unces. Raiven even shared a photo of the newborn on her another private Instagram with a lengthy caption. However, the post has been removed from it. But you can check out the baby’s photo on Raiven’s mother’s private Instagram.

Image of Caption: Bear's ex-fiance, Raiven gave birth to a son, River Anthony

Caption: Bear’s ex-fiance, Raiven gave birth to a son, River Anthony

River Anthony is now ten days old. On March 17, 2020, Raiven posted a photo of her son with a sweet caption and heart and foot emoji. She wrote,

“River Anthony My whole world. Stay safe everyone prayers my baby gets out of this nicu fast so we can stay safe.”

Image of Caption: River Anthony

Caption: River Anthony

Bear Brown Filed Legal Papers for aa Paternity Test

Shortly after the birth of Anthony, Bear Brown filed legal papers; that said, he isn’t a father of Raiven’s son. The Sun reported Alaskan Bush star filed it on March 12, 2020. Or so we along with a lot of media outlets thought. Bear Brown later made it clear via his Instagram that the purpose of the legal papers, on the contrary, was to prove his paternity and thus solidifying his claim to his son.

Back in September 2019, the former couple exclusively revealed to People that they were expecting their first child. Further, Solomon took to social media to shared the good news with his fan. He also stated that even though they weren’t together, they’re still friends and co-parenting despite issues.

Bear’s Ex-Fiance Filed a Restraining Order Against Him

Alaskan Bush People star ex-fiance, Adams filed a restraining order against him a month before their son’s birth. Soon after, the reality star shared a melancholy post to his Instagram that read, “My heart is broken, may I have some glue?”

Image of Caption: Raiven Adams filed a restraining order against Bear Brown

Caption: Raiven Adams filed a restraining order against Bear Brown

According to court records, she requested the court for protection for herself and her son. She also stated that Bear Brown allegedly abuse her as well as consume cocaine, which was the cause of his behavior.

Not only that, but Bear also threatened her with a gun and told gun law didn’t apply to him.

Bear Brown is fighting to have equal rights as a Father

The reality star filed legal papers shortly after River’s birth to disestablish himself as a father. Bear shared an image of his son, River, resting on Raiven’s chest and in the caption, stating, he wasn’t notified of his sob’s arrival until two days later.

Image of Caption: Bear posted a picture of his son on his Instagram account on March 18, 2020

Caption: Bear posted a picture of his son on his Instagram account on March 18, 2020

Now, he’s trying to establish himself as the child’s father. According to Alaskan Bush People star’s post, there was a mistake in the order that was filed in the petition. However, his ex-fiance hit back and said that his lawyer cost $6,000, so she doubted it was a mistake.

After his post, Raiven Adams hit back and alleged that Bear didn’t like being called a “Deadbeat.” She also shared a screenshot of Bear and her conversation on her social media, and she asked people to stop bashing.

Bear Brown had a Minor Accident

The Alaskan Bush People star Bear took to Instagram and posted a photo of his head, showing off, he had a small accident. He posted the two pictures of him on March 19, 2020.

Many of his followers liked and commented on his post. One of his fans said that reads, “you have to be careful! You’re a Dad now. Stay safe” with blue heart emoji.

Another fan wrote, “you have a baby boy now, so you need to less extreme. It that’s possible.”

What is the Net Worth of Bear Brown?

Bear Brown is one of the cast members of Alaskan Bush People who have been in the sho since the beginning. He makes a good salary form the show. Bear Brown makes around $20,000 per episode.

Furthermore, Bear Brown’s estimated net worth is $150,000, which is similar to his older brother Matt Brown. He resides with his family in 435 acres property in Washington State.

Is Bear Brown on Social Media?

The reality star is a fearless guy and full of confidence. He does have social accounts and keeps updating his latest activities through it. His Instagram user name is “@bearbrownthekingofextreme,” where he has over 107k followers. Additionally, he runs another Instagram account under the name “@fearnoevilthemovie.”

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