Birdy Brown: Who is the Oldest Brown Daughter, Snowbird?

Originally posted on March 20, 2020 @ 2:41 pm

Discovery’s Alaskan Bush People is one of the most-watched shows in the USA. The show has been on the Discovery Channel since 2014, and after six years, we’re all getting to know the Brown family who lives in the wilderness in Alaska.

But fans are curious to know a little more about Billy and Ami’s oldest daughter, Birdy Brown, who is famous for her crook teeth. Scroll down everything about the Alaskan Bush People star.

Who is Birdy Brown?

Birdy Brown is the first girl of Billy and Ami Brown, born on November 18, 1994. Birdy, who is currently 25 years old’s full name, is Amora Jean Snowbird Brown.

Image of Caption: Birdy Brown is the sixth child of Billy and Ami

Caption: Birdy Brown is the sixth child of Billy and Ami

The reality star is an adventurous girl and loves exploring the wilderness. Also, she enjoys climbing the mountain and hunting. Snowbird is an independent girl and can handle every situation very smoothly. Aside from that, Birdy enjoys spending time at the river, writing, and drawing.

Birdy Brown is the Animal Lover in the Family

She loves animals of all kinds. Mostly, she loves cats so much. She built a birdhouse home by herself. Instead of birds, she has filled it with about twenty cats at her home.

Posted by Amora Snowbird Brown on Thursday, July 2, 2015

In one of the episodes, her siblings told how their sister, Snowbird, trains her cats. Also, her older brother, Bear Brown, said that she has one cat and takes with her while she goes for hunting.

Image of Caption: Birdy Brown's making a pillow from cats' fur

Caption: Birdy Brown’s making a pillow from cats’ fur

Further, she has deep-rooted connections with felines and talks to her furry friends as they are her family members. The fact, she collected the cats’ hair and made a pillow form it. Her other pets include frogs, dogs, five Red-Eared Slider Turtle, and a squirrel.

When is Birdy Brown Going to Fixed Her Teeth?

The one thing, Birdy Brown sets apart from her siblings. It’s her misaligned and crooked that makes people wonder.

Image of Caption: Snowbird Brown is famous for her not-so-cute-teeth on Alaskan Bush People

Caption: Snowbird Brown is famous for her not-so-cute-teeth on Alaskan Bush People

Undoubtedly, most of the viewers questioned, why doesn’t she see a dentist and fixed it?

However, she hasn’t talked anything regarding her teeth on the show to date. But it seems she is okay with her teeth as it is. We don’t have any right to judge her. By the way, teeth are a unique thing about her, and some rude people may like to make fun of it, but we wouldn’t have her look any different. But, she’s a fan favorite.

Snowbird Brown: Single, Dating, or Married?

Birdy’s two older brothers, Noah and Gabe, get married to their long-time partners and living a blissful married life. She is a young, beautiful, and talented girl. She loves being in the wilderness rather than staying at home and shopping like other girls.

Birdy is single and not dating any guy yet. When she not on the sets, she spends her time with her family and siblings. However, there was rumored that she was pregnant because she put on such weight rapidly. The question, is she pregnant?

Image of Caption: Birdy Brown is currently single

Caption: Birdy Brown is currently single

However, she shut down the rumors that the news is false. She is grown up now, adding, she could make her own decision by herself and rocks her life on her own rules. We hope she finds her dream man soon.

How Much Does Birdy Brown Make From the Alaskan Bush People?

Snowbird became a public figure after she featured in the reality series Alaskan Bush People in 2014 along with her family. She earns a good fortune by showing her surviving skills in the wilderness.

She has been in the show for six years and accumulated an impressive worth that helped to increase her net value. Birdy Brown got paid between $40,000 to $60,000 salary annually. Further, Birdy’s estimated net worth is $100,000.

Birdy’s Mom Diagnosed with Stage III Lung Cancer

Ami Brown, the mom of seven, was diagnosed with lung cancer in April 2017 and was given just three percent of survival. The camera was rolling as Birdy’s family death with the bad news.

Watch the video below.

Later, her mother underwent the treatment and chemotherapy at a hospital far from home in Southern California. During the time, Birdy’s mom’s weight had dwindled to 77 pounds due to the radiation that made it tough for her to eat.

Now, she’s back up to over 100 pounds and is eating healthy meals regularly.  Also, her health is in good condition and living a healthy life with the Brown family.

Does Birdy Brown Have a Social Media?

Like her siblings, she does have social media, but she isn’t online on Instagram. But you can follow her on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook that goes under the name “AmoraSnowbirdBrown.”

She has kept her Twitter account private where has about 50 tweets. On her Twitter bio, she states about her hobbies and show. Birdy Brown, in our opinion, is the most private person in the Brown family, which is why we have nothing when it comes to her dating life and boyfriend. She is not even active like most of her siblings, particularly her little sister and best friend, Rain Brown, who is a complete social butterfly.

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