Rain Brown: 9 Facts to know About The Youngest Brown Daughter

Originally posted on March 20, 2020 @ 2:41 pm

Fans of Alaskan Bush People, Rainy Brown is no new name for you. She is one of the few members of the wilderness- loving Brown family. Additionally, Rainy is the youngest child of Billy Brown and Ami Brown.

When Rain first appeared on the Discovery Channel’s reality show Alaskan Bush People, she was just twelve. The little prince is now grown-up and making an impressive buck for the show? So, how much money she makes per episode? Let’s get started to uncover the detail of Alaskan Bush People‘s youngest star, Rainy Brown.

Rainy Brown Turned 17 in November 2019

Rainy, aka Rainy Brown, the youngest child of Billy and Ami, was born on November 23, 2002. The young and beautiful teen girl is the princess of the Brown family. Before she could even talk, she had her family members wrapped around her little finger.

Image of Caption: Rain Brown is the youngest member of the Brown Family

Caption: Rain Brown is the youngest member of the Brown Family

Rainy’s birth name is Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown, and now, she shortens her name as Rain. The reality star loves to read, especially Nancy Drew mysteries, and also enjoys scary movies.

Rainy Browm Rumored as a Gay

The Alaskan Bush People star is very opened to her fans. Also, she refers to her fans as “rainbows” and not afraid to tackle rumors about herself head-on.

Rain took to social media and started questioning the young teen’s sexuality. Later, she decided to address the rumors of it on social media.

Radar Online reported that Rain Brown took to Instagram, answering whether or not she’s gay. She addressed the rumor by commenting on fan queries that she was not gay, but she fully supported the LGBTQ community. The Rainbows that she likes to call her fans is also a word she thought of without attention to its symbolism to the queer community.

Why did Rainy Brown Cut Her Hair?

The youngest of nine members of the Brown family has featured in many episodes of Alaskan Bush People with long hair. But back in September 2017, she posted a photo of herself in short hair.

Image of Caption: Ami Brown's daughter cut her hair when she was 14

Caption: Ami Brown’s daughter cut her hair when she was 14

She wrote a lengthy caption, pleasing her fans, not pots any rude comments. She also revealed her battle with depression. Additionally, she said, after getting the shorter hair, she feels like her true self.

According to Rain Brown, she always wanted short hair but was always afraid to cut it. Now, she finally took up the courage, and doesn’t she look cuter?

Rainy Brow Struggled with Mental Health Issues

In 2017, Billy’s youngest daughter, Rainy Brown, opened up about her struggle with depression as well as her mental health issues. At the time, she was just fourteen. She took to Instagram to discuss her mental health.

She revealed that she’d been feelings dark and depressed because of her mother’s stage four lung cancer diagnosis. In another post, she shared an uplifting text image that reads, “you may not understand today or tomorrow, but eventually God will reveal why you went through everything you did” with a lengthy caption.

Many fans of Rain Brown commented on her post. One of her followers said that she seems like an old soul, but she’s beautiful inside and out, short hair or long hair.

Family is Important to Her

For Rainy, the family is her priority. She loves her parents and siblings so much. The teen reality star shared numerous pictures with her family members. She also shared a photo with her grandpa from back in the early homesteading days.

Image of Caption: Rainy Brown and her grandfather, Bill Fuller posed for a photograph

Caption: Rainy Brown and her grandfather, Bill Fuller posed for a photograph

She wrote in the caption,

Picture of my grandpa (bill fuller) and I back when the barn was still being built. Just wanted to give a little appreciation to a very special person, and the best grandpa I’ve ever known. Love you bill, ps I love you too grandma.

Does Rain Brown Have a Boyfriend?

It’s natural to ask about one’s relationship, but if you are a celeb, then it’s a frequent question that most people ask. Similarly, the Alaskan Bush People teen star’s followers have flooded the comments sections with inquiries about her current relationship status like she has a boyfriend or not?

The other Alaskan Bush stars tied the nuptials with their partners. Her two older brothers, Noah and Gabe, both tied the knot with their long time girlfriends while Matt and Bam Bam Brown have good dating relationships. However, we haven’t heard anything about Rainy’s dating history on the show.

In one of her Instagram posts, she clearly mentioned that she is not engaged. Neither is she in a relationship with someone nor married. She shared a little puppy, saying, that little buddy has changed her life with hashtags; #stayhappy, #staystrong, #notaweddingring

Image of Caption: Rainy post a pictured on instagram with caption This little dude has changed my life

Caption: Rainy post a picture on Instagram with caption This little dude has changed my life

Rainy Brown has a little Dog, Jackson

In 2019, she got a tiny Pomeranian named Jackson Maine Brown. She shared several photos of her dog on her social media. She also has two rabbits and called it; Frankie and Thumper.

On February 16, 2020, she posted a picture of her black dog. She added Jaskon is growing up. Rain via her social profile, she wished happy first birthday to Jackson Maine on January 25, 2020.

How Much is Rainy Brown Net Worth?

Rainy Brown made her appearance on Discovery’s show Alaskan Bush People at the age of 12. With her charming and cute smile, she melts the heart of millions of fans.

Although the little girl has grown and makes a pretty impressive salary from the show, reportedly, the reality star earns between $8,000 to $15,000. However, the actual net worth of her is still under wrap.

Social Media Presence

If you are a fan of Rainy, aka Rain Brown, then you can follow her on Instagram as “@heroofkirrwell.” On her Instagram, she gave a brief intro about herself.

She states, “member of  @alaskanbushppl family, mother to Jackson and Bardum, child of God, inspirational writer, and a full-time warrior.”

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