Julian Murray Stern, Wikipedia of Lisa Kudrow’s Son including his Dating Life

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Being born to famous parents has their own pros and cons. From social highlights to problems in privacy, one has to deal with a lot. We have often seen this happening when it comes to the television industry. In this article, let’s talk about a similar case as we look at Julian Murray Stern and his life so far.

Julian was born in a wealthy family, and thus, he became the talk of the time during his birth. So, let’s have a look at some fascinating facts about Lisa Valerie Kudrow’s son. Also, find out everything about his relationship status, age, biography, and many more.

Who is Julian Murray Stern? Meet Lisa Valerie Kudrow’s Son

Julian Murray Stern is the only son to Michel Stern and Lisa Kudrow. He comes from a celebrity lineage as both of his parents are famous personalities in the television world. You might have already heard of Lisa, who portrayed Phoebe in the American television series, Friends.

She received the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series back in 1996. Also, she was nominated twelve times for Primetime Emmy. Talking about Julian’s father, he is a successful French advertising businessman.

So, Murray himself is a famous personality, and he is a full-grown boy as of this day. However, he tends to keep his private life under wraps. He has always been pretty camera shy, so there’s not much information about him on the internet.

Additionally, Lisa stated that Julian had no intention of having a sibling. He never wanted a brother or sister. Besides that, he is pals with the Beckhams. We have often seen him hand out with Romeo, Cruz, and Brooklyn at the Los Angeles Skate park.

Image of Julian Murray Stern

Caption: Julian Murray Stern, Lisa Kudrow’s son

Caption: Lisa Kudrow talking about her son not liking the Sitcom FRIENDS

Julian Murray Stern’s Bio; Age & Birthday

Julian Murray Stern came into the spotlight since the very beginning of his birth on May 7, 1998. Lisa Kudrow’s son grew up in Los Angeles, California, and has been a media icon for a long time. As of his bio, Murray’s zodiac sign is Taurus. He is an American with white Caucasian ethnicity.

Just recently, he celebrated his 22nd birthday on May 7 of this year. From being a mysterious young chap from a celebrity family to no longer remaining a little boy, Murray has made quite the progress in his life.

Julian Murray Stern’s Education & College

Julian Murray Stern has wealthy parents, so he has no problem getting a proper education. Lisa herself has a BS in Biochemistry, so it’s no wonder he is a brilliant student.

He graduated high school from Crossroads in Los Angeles. He does not like to flaunt his lifestyle, and so he tried to be a normal kid at school. The boy even participated in his school’s cultural events.

Talking about his college life, Stern studies at the University of California. He belongs to the class of 2021. However, there was a time when Lisa and Michel toured around universities in Boston for their son. After a long search, Julian finally got enrolled in the University of California. Also, you can find his junior thesis named Mind Made Up on Youtube.

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Is Julian Murray Stern Dating? His Relationship Status

Julian Murray Stern is not married. He has no wife and children as of 2020. Lisa’s son is living a single life while he never had a girlfriend to this day. Well, he might have had relationships that we don’t know about.

Despite being the prominent feature on the pages of tabloid and magazine, he has maintained to stay away from social media. So, there’s a chance that we don’t know anything about his affairs or girlfriends. He has a charming personality and quite handsome for his age. So, he might have someone special in his life.


Julian Murray Stern Parents: Meet Lisa Kudrow and Michel Stern

Lisa Valeri Kudrow is an American actress, writer, producer, and singer who got her big break from her remarkable role in Friends. More than that, the actress has featured in numerous television shows and films.

Talking about Michel Stern, he is a French advertising businessman. Julian is more interested in his father’s business rather than acting. He even helps his father by giving new ideas and techniques to promote the products effectively. The boy is more like a personal adviser or assistant to his father.

Image of Lisa Kudrow and Micheal Stern

Caption: Lisa Kudrow and Micheal Stern

Unlike Julian, his mother is quite frank about her private and personal life. Lisa and Michel had a small private wedding on May 27, 1995. They only had their close relatives and friends during the big day.

Lisa met her future husband in the late ’80s while he was still dating her roommate. Michel broke up with his ex-girlfriend and went on to his separate way. After six long years, the two met each other again. It seemed more like a coincidence rather than fate, while the two started having an affair.

Now, they have been husband and wife for over two long decades. The marriage has been healthy since day one with now scandals, controversies, or affairs. Also, the couple will celebrate the silver jubilee of their wedding this month.

Julian Murray Stern is an heir to a Massive Fortune.

Julian has wealthy parents, and by wealthy, we mean wealthy. His parents are both successful in their respective fields and have gathered a massive fortune over the long course of their careers.

So, Murray is kind of a lucky guy to be born as a celebrity rich kid. However, he is still in college and working his way through. He has not been involved in any professional career as of this day.

Despite that, Julian helps his father in his advertisement business. He might even consider following the footsteps of his father in the future. Besides, Lisa Kudrow has a massive net worth of around $90 million as of 2020.

Also, Michel has a considerable amount of earnings, and his total net worth is around $1.1 million from his business. So, Julian has yet to decide his future and many possible career paths ahead. However, he will undoubtedly make his family proud and be successful in whatever he does.

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Social Media Updates

Julian is living a low-profile life. Julian is active in social media, including Instagram, but most of his accounts are private. He does not want to reveal his personal presence to the public, unlike his mother. Lisa is active in various social media platforms. She often shares about her private life, including her husband and son on Instagram and Twitter.

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