Michel Stern Wikipedia: Unknown Facts on Lisa Kudrow’s Husband

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In Hollywood, we’ve seen lots of marriage broken down after a period of time. Though they seemed to be in true love, the love somewhere dies in the between. But, the couple we are talking about today is completely the opposite. This couple is known for having a strong bond even after 20 years of marriage and still have a growing love today. 

Since all of you might know Lisa Kudrow really well, today, we will give you some information on Lisa Kudrow’s husband, Michel Stern. We’ll let you know how beautiful Michel Stern’s married life with his wife Lisa Kudrow is. Similarly, we will be looking into his net worth, children, in his biography.

Michel Stern- Wikipedia Biography

Lisa Kudrow’s husband, Michel Stern, was born in 1958. Similarly, Michel’s precise date of birth is unknown, and so is his exact place of birth. However, he was born somewhere in France. Similarly, he holds both American and French nationality. Moreover, he grew up in France with his parents. Likewise, in the late 80s, their family moved to America. Therefore, after Stern’s family move to the U.S.A., he met his wife Lisa there. 

After he graduated from one of the high schools in Paris, he then went to a college/university in the 1980s, where he graduated and claimed his degree. Not much is known about Michel Stern as he rose to fame and is well known for being married to Lisa Kudrow. 

Image of Lisa Kudrow’s husband Michael Stern

Caption: Lisa Kudrow’s husband, Michel Stern

Furthermore, we will make sure to inform you more details on Michel Stern after we get our hands on more information on him that is yet to reach the public. So, make sure to come back to us and receive the latest information time and again. 

Michel Stern Net Worth; how much is Lisa Kudrow’s husband worth?

Talking about Michel Stern’s career, not much is known about him. Similarly, Stern is a really private person, so he doesn’t really share much about himself on the internet or should we say to the media. However, what we can inform you about is his work. Moreover, Stern is involved in the media as well. He is working in the United States as an Advertising Executive. 

Apart from that, we don’t have much information regarding Michel Stern’s career. Moreover, as he works as an advertising executive, you might be wondering about his net worth/salary, right? Well, though we cannot inform you about his salary, we know bits information on his net worth. 

According to some sources, we’ve got to know that Michel Stern’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.1 million. Well, that’s a huge amount and enough to live a lavish life, right? Talking about net worth, when F.R.I.E.N.D.S. was on the run for the tenth season, Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe, was one of the highest-paid actresses with 1 million dollar salary per episode. 

Image of Lisa Kudrow & Husband Michael Stern’s Net Worth/ Salary.

Caption: Lisa Kudrow & Husband Michel Stern’s Net Worth/ Salary.

How Did Lisa & Michel Stern Meet?

Michel and Lisa met back in the late 80s. Michel was dating Lisa’s French roommate at that time, and he had also just moved to America. Of course, he didn’t know much about the place and also the people. 

Similarly, when Lisa met Michel, he was dropping by Lisa and her roommate’s apartment to pick her up for a date. Luckily, Lisa was at the apartment, and when she saw Michel, she was right away attracted to him. But, unlike her character Phoebe at FRIENDS, Lisa is a shy girl. So, she hid her feelings for the sake of her friend. 

Let’s see how Lisa tells the adorable little story of her falling in love with Michel Stern. “I was living with a French girl and he had just moved here and they were dating when we first met. But I’m freakishly polite, so I saw him and went, “Well, he’s the perfect man and it’s all ruined because now they’re together and I can’t (make a play for him). I thought that that’s not nice to flirt. But the minute I saw him I went, “Well, that’s it, there he is.”

Image of Lisa Kudrow & Michael Stern’s Unusual Meeting

Caption: Lisa Kudrow & Michel Stern’s Unusual Meeting

Moreover, she adds, “When he’d come to pick her up, he’d say, ‘Oh hello, Lisa,’ and I’d say, ‘Hi,’ and I’d go and leave the room and he thought I was a freak. They went out for two and a half months, and six years later I met him again at her birthday party and we just never stopped. We’re still friends.”

However, the meeting was really unusual, and at the wrong time and place. But it turned out to be so perfect at the end, after all. Just like in the movies, her life’s a fairytale come true!

Michel Stern’s Married Life with Lisa Kudrow- Personal Life

Phoebe from the famous sitcom FRIENDS is a really lively girl. Similarly, this series started in 1994 and ended their last episode in 2004. Likewise, a year after FRIENDS started airing, in 1995, on the 27th of May, Lisa married her husband, Michel Stern. The wedding was taken place in the oceanic city of Malibu, California, U.S.A. 

Similarly, after two years of their marriage, while she was filming the fourth season of she got pregnant. Now, if you are a fan of FRIENDS, you know that Phoebe was pregnant during the 4th and 5th season, right? Well, she was pregnant in real life too! Finally, in 1997 on the 7th of May, Lisa and Michel welcomed their first and only child Julian Murray Stern in 1997. However, Lisa’s son Julian ever since he was small, asked his mother Lisa and father, Michel, for no siblings. 

Caption: Lisa Kudrow’s Gift of No Sibling

Social Media Activities

As we’ve mentioned a lot of times above, Michel is a really private person. Therefore, he is not active i any kind of social media. But it is understandable that you might want to know about him. So, here’s a small piece of information. You can follow Lisa Kudrow to know information about him. 

Caption: Lisa Kudrow’s Instagram Account

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