Is Ashley Morrill Pregnant? Meet her Maine Cabin Masters Co-star & Husband

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Being the only woman in a specialized team is pretty hard, but it comes with a massive return. We have seen some brave examples of such people who make great efforts for their team despite the difference in gender. We often see this is different sectors, and the television industry is among them.

Of course, we are talking about Ashley Morrill. She is an American television star known for her generous contribution in Maine Cabin Masters. She is a specialized designer when it comes to renovating some old cabins into a majestic new home.

She appears alongside her brother, Chase Morrill, in the DIY network’s popular show. Today, let’s find out some fascinating facts about Ashley’s married life and pregnancy rumors. Also, find out everything about her brother, net worth, wiki-bio, and many more.

So, let’s begin!

Who is Ashely Morrill? Her family, age, and wiki-biography

The lady star of Maine Cabin Masters, Ashely Morrill, was born in January 27, 1976. She grew up in Augusta, Maine, along with her younger brother, Chase Morrill. She is 44 years old as of 2020.

Ashley was born to Peggy Morrill (mother) and Eric Morrill (father). Unfortunately, her father died due to cancer back in 2014. Eric had a prolonged battle with cancer, and he ended up in a tragic loss. Now, Ashley is working with her brother to carry on the family business.

Talking about her education, Morrill graduated from the University of Maine-Orono. She, along with her brother and husband, serve as professional constructors in renovating the old and classic Maine properties.

Image of Caption: Maine Cabin Masters cast Ashley Morrill

Caption: Maine Cabin Masters cast Ashley Morrill

Ashley Morrill starring in Maine Cabin Masters sinceĀ  the first season

Ashley Morrill is a professional designer in Maine Cabin Masters. She has been on the show since the television series aired back in 2017. The designer has been designing the old cabins into charming homes. We can say that she is the mastermind behind the entire team of the cabin masters.

It’s her unique ability to decorate those cabins while her brother and husband are professional builders in the show. The team of 5 professionals is working in the Pine Tree State, and they have continued this for a total of 3 seasons.

The 3rd season of this show had massive success over the years while having a total of 3.5 million viewers. The 3rd season was aired in December of 2018 while it even topped the charts in the DIY network with its first season.

Image of Caption: Maine Cabin Masters

Caption: Maine Cabin Masters

We can see that Ashely and her team are reviving the lakeside cabins and old cottages from the pristine shores as per the owner’s requests. They are doing a great job converting a wasteland into a place where people live.

Ashley is the only female member of the cast, and she has done some pretty good job about this. If we think about it, women are more capable of managing things than men. Also, she does not back out from making her hands dirty with the other guys.

You will undoubtedly agree if we say that she was like the team mascot. Morrill tends to brighten up the mood when they’re having a hard day. So, Ashley, Chase, and Ryan work together to renovate cabins uniquely. They have worked in numerous buildings across Maine.

Ashley Morrill is Married to Co-star & Colleague Ryan Eldridge

Ashley Morrill is a married woman. She tied the knots with her co-star and colleague from Maine Cabin Masters, Ryan Eldridge. However, there are no details about their wedding dates or destination.

It’s been a couple of years since the two started dating, and now they are happily married. Ryan popped the question while he proposed Ashely to marry him. Now, some of you might be wondering how exactly that happened.

Well, they went to see Willie Nelson’s show, and that’s where Ryan popped the questions. Talking about Ashely’s husband, he is a regular in the popular television show. He has a similar passion for Ashely and works as a builder in the show.

Ryan is a brother-in-law for Chase, but more than that, Morrill is a friend and a member of their team.

Ashley Morrill’s Brother, Chase Morrill is also a Maine Cabin Masters Cast

Ashley might be the big brains behind their renovative work, but Chase is the big hands on deck. He is the leader of the team, and we can say that it was his idea to come up with the business plan. Chase is a popular television personality, which has led his team to success over the years.

He earned decent money, all thanks to his stint in the television show. More than that, he has managed to operate their company named Kennebec Cabin Company in Maine. The team established a new headquarters for the company in Washington Avenue, Manchester, which is near to Maine’s capital.

Chase gathered a vast fortune over the years, while his net worth is $600,000 as of 2020.

Image of Caption: Chase Morrill

Caption: Chase Morrill

Ashley Morrill has no children, but they have two Labradors

Ashley and Ryan have no children to this day. However, they have two Labrador retrievers, and they treat their pets like their children.

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The white one is named Sadie, while the black one is called Gus. These two pets have been together with Ashley for a long time, and they are like family. Also, she refers to them as her best buddies as well.

Is Ashley Morrill Pregnant?

Many of you might be wondering if she is pregnant, but the answer is no. Ashley is active in social media, so if she were to be pregnant, then we would have already known about it. As far as the rumor goes, there have been no signs of pregnancy to this day.

Image of Caption: Ashley with her husband, Ryan

Caption: Ashley with her husband, Ryan

However, she did make a hint about one of her friends who was pregnant. Maybe the rumors just related to this post and nothing more. It’s a fact that she has gained some weight in recent times, but that does not mean that she has a bun in the oven.

How much does Ashley Morrill make from Maine Cabin Masters?

Well, it’s the one thing that you must be desperate to know. Being an interior designer is hard, but she is quite skilled at her job. She has worked on several projects while each has an estimated budget of $30,000.

It’s obvious, Ashley has gathered a massive fortune over the years. Her net worth is an outstanding figure of $250,000 as of 2020. She is a rising star, so that will help her add more to her fortune in the coming times.

Ashley Morrill is active on Instagram, so feel free to check out on her personal and professional life on social media.

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