Alaskan Bush People’s Raiven Brown Reveals Heartbreaking Struggles about Son, Cove

Originally posted on July 30, 2023 @ 5:01 pm

Getting pregnant again after a miscarriage must be a tough experience we can online imagine the pain.
Raiven Brown will certainly understand it well after losing a child between her two successful pregnancies. She is now opening up about the harrowing experience of having her second child after the earlier miscarriage. Raiven is the mother of two sons, River and Cove. We all celebrated her when she announced the birth of both her children, but it is time to support her as she recounts the difficulty before welcoming Cove. Cove was Rain’s rainbow baby, which is a term used for a healthy baby born after a tragic miscarriage, stillborn or neonatal death.

Image of Raiven Brown And Her 2 Son

Caption: Raiven Brown With 2 Son River and Cove (Alaskan Bush People)

A miscarriage automatically makes the next pregnancy a high-risk one which is why the name is fitting for the next child to be born. Things took a turn for Raiven in the third trimester of her pregnancy, as she needed to be put on complete bed rest until the baby arrived. Alaskan Bush People’s Raiven obviously did not take well to that update, given her past, but things were only going to get worse for her. Raiven further opened up in a recent Instagram post about how the doctors then told her that she might no longer hold her older son River while she is in the third trimester of her pregnancy. It was a big shock to the mother, who had been rocking River to sleep every night. She credited Bear Brown for stepping up as a father to help with River while she dealt either pregnancy complications.

With nothing more she could do, she simply “longed for the day my baby would be born and my c-section healed.”
Just when she thought that it couldn’t get any worse than not being able to hold River, some more bad news came knocking. All of her fears came true when she finally did manage to heal and could hold River back again; he no longer wanted to be rocked to sleep. It seems he’d grown out of his phase of being held and carried everywhere. Raiven was heartbroken to have missed out on that important phase in her son’s life.

“I was heartbroken. I have my youngest to rock of course,” Raiven wrote. “But it was the idea I didn’t have any warning I would no longer be able to rock him.”We have to feel for Raiven here as she was losing time and closeness with her older son while dealing with complications of her current pregnancy, and that was too shrouded by the recent miscarriage. Raiven Brown did end the post on a positive note with good news about River’s development.

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All her worries washed away when River finally calmed down and give in to being held in his mother’s arms.
Raiven held each of her two sons in each hand before rocking them both to sleep that night. She recalled that it was the first time River finally allowed her to do so since her second pregnancy making it so meaningful and yearned moment.“My arms feel like spaghetti noodles, but my heart feels full,” she wrote about the tiresome yet wholesome moment. While her journey throughout pregnancy sounded so tumultuous and anxiety-inducing, the birth of Cove seemed pretty normal and peaceful. Raiven had to spend a week on bed rest in the hospital for a few months, but that was about it. Sadly, Bear Brown returned to Washington after Cove’s birth leaving her to alone raise both their sons. She did have family nearby, but she didn’t want anyone to see Cove until he was medically cleared, so it sounds like a lonely experience. Well, at least now, she is finally home and can spend all her time dedicated to her two children and raising them. We wonder if she will keep going back to Bear Brown now that they have yet another child together. What do you think? Will they continue their on-again, off-again status?

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