Who is Letesha Marrow – Rapper Ice-T’s Daughter? Her Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Son

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LA’s hip hop gangster Ice-T is one the best-known rappers of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. The rapper has done it his own way. Real name Tracy Lauren Marrow burst onto the LA in the mid-80s gangster rap peers N.W.A.

Rapper Ice-T is a man that has come from a troubled environment and became a successful actor and musician. Aside from that, he is a doting father. He is a father of three kids from different women. Read ahead to find more about Ice-T’s daughter, Letesha Marrow.

Letesha Marrow is the Oldest Daughter of Ice-T

Letesha Marrow is the firstborn child of rapper Ice-T. She was born on March 20, 1976, to parents Ice-T and Adrienne. When she was born, her parents were in high school. As of now, Letesha is 44 years old.

Image of Letesha Marrow is the daughter of rapper Ice T and ex-girlfriend, Andrienne

Caption: Letesha Marrow is the daughter of rapper Ice-T and ex-girlfriend, Andrienne

Letesha’s name is derived from the Latin word ‘Letitia’ which means joy and gladness. However, her parents never got married. Letesha’s mom and dad separated a few years after her birth. She was a little kid when her parents split up.

It is unknown whether she is still connected with her mom or not. Most of her childhood info is still missing. Similarly, the detail of her education qualifications like school, college, and university are not revealed.

How Many Siblings Does Letesha Have?

Letesha Marrow has two half-siblings; Tracy Marrow Jr and Channel Nicole Marrow. Ice Tracy Marrow was born in 1992. He is the daughter of Ice-T and ex-girlfriend Darlene Ortiz. Tracy’s parents met on the set of Breakin’ in 1984. The two started dating but never took a relationship to the next level. Ortiz featured on the covers of Ice-T, Rhyme Pays and Power.

Image of Channel Nicole Marrow’s sitting nicely with her brother, Ice Tracy Marrow

Caption: Channel Nicole Marrow’s sitting nicely with her brother, Ice Tracy Marrow

In addition, Letesha has a half-sister named Channel Nicole, born on November 28, 2015. Channel is the Ice-T youngest child of rapper Ice-T. She is four years old. The little girl followed her mom and became a child model. Channel is a little fashionista. She has her own social accounts. Channel has an Instagram page under the name “@babychannelnicole,” where she has over 450k followers. Her parents manage her social accounts.

One more thing, Letesha’s sister is an animal lover and has two bulldogs. Her Instagram accounts fill with lots of pictures of herself as well as her family. She even shared a lovely picture of her little sister and stepmom, Coco, on her Instagram account. She captioned the photo stating,

“Looked at my babies” with a love sign.


Like Father Like Daughter

Letesha and Ice-T have a good relationship as a father and a daughter. She was raised by her father, and like her father, she is a multitalented person. The father and daughter have an amazing bond.

Image of Letesha shared a photo of herself and her father on Father’s Day in 2019

Caption: Letesha shared a photo of herself and her father on Father’s Day in 2019

Letesha took to Instagram and posted a throwback picture of her father. In the caption she wrote, it’s her father’s birthday, and she can’t express how much she loves him.


Everyone around the world having a tough time due to pandemic COVID-19 and living away from friends and family. Her father, Ice-T, posted pictures of Letesha and her half-younger brother on his Instagram. He captioned the photos that read; he posted many pictures of his little daughter Channel and wanna sent love to his another daughter Letesha and son, Lil ICE with hashtags; #quarantinelife and #priorities.

Letesha Has a Son, Elyjah Marrow

The 44 years old is the mother of a grown-up son named Elyjah Marrow. But sadly, she hasn’t mentioned any single info of Elyjah’s father. We don’t know who is the father of her son. Looking at her social profiles, it seems she raised her son by herself.

Image of Letesha Marrow became a mother of a son, Elyjah at the age of 18

Caption: Letesha Marrow became the mother of a son, Elyjah at the age of 18

Letesha gave birth to her son when she was 18 years old. Elyjah Marrow was born on March 10, 1994, is 24 years old. On March 10, 2020, Letesha wished a warm birthday to her son through social media. He also has an account on Instagram as “ @fgg__flyguy.”


Back in 2014, Ice-T’s grandson was arrested in Marietta, Georgia, after he accidentally shot his roommate. At the time, he was 19 years old. According to police, Elyjah mistakenly shot his friend, Daryus Johnson, in the chest while handling a stolen gun. Johnson was good at her son.

Later Johnson was taken to hospital, but unfortunately, he died. Further, Marrow’s son was charged with several other crimes like possession of marijuana, firearm, and reckless conduct. Elyjah Marrow currently lives with his mother in Marietta, Georgia. Additionally, Letesha’s appeared regularly in the reality show with his grandfather on Ice Loves Coco.

How Much Does Ice-T’s Daughter, Letesha Make?

Letesha is a multi-faceted person. She is an actress and host. Being a daughter of rapper Ice-T, she has a heck of a luxurious life. Letesha is the host of ‘The Street is Talking’ on BE100Radio. Moreover, Ms. Marrow is the CEO and host of T-Tea-V. She has made her appearance in a few projects, but the exact net worth is still under the wrap. Some sources claimed, Letesha Marrow has an estimated net worth is $2 million.

On the other hand, Grammy award-winning rapper Ice-T earns an enormous sum of money for his work in the music industry over the years. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ice-T is worth a whopping $40 million. Also, he’s the founder of gangsta rap. In addition to his career, he is an actor and works in a few movies and televisions, as well as voice acting.

Letesha Marrow is Online on All Social Media

Letesha only becomes famous because she is the daughter of Ice-T. Though you can easily found her on social networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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