Meet Dave Chappelle’s Daughter, Sonal Chappelle with her Net Worth

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Well, if you know the great actor and comedian of America, Dave Chappelle, you must be aware of his star daughter, Sonal Chappelle. Sonal Chappelle is a pampered celebrity kid as she is the youngest and the only daughter of Dave Chappelle and Elaine Mendoza Efre.

Scroll below if you want to know more about Sonal Chappelle’s life, her celebrity parents, and of course, her siblings. Also, know more about her celebrity dad and a little about her appearance on the screen.

Who is Sonal Chappelle? Wiki, Bio

Sonal Chappelle was born in the year 2009. She was born in the famous place of the USA, Ohio. However, the exact birthdate of the celebrity kid is still unknown. The name of her mother is Elaine Mendoza Erfe, and the name of her father is Dave Chappelle. Thus, she is the only daughter of her parents.

Image of Dave Chappelle's daughter Sonal Chappelle

Caption: Dave Chappelle’s daughter Sonal Chappelle

In addition to this, she grew up alongside her two brothers named Ibrahim Chappelle and Sulayman Chappelle. She has an American nationality. However, her ethnicity is mixed as her mother is Asian, and her father is African-American. Moreover, Sonal’s pet name is Sanaa.

Sonali Chappelle’s Parents and Siblings

Sonal’s father, Dave Chappelle, married her mother, Elaine Mendoza Efre, in the year 2001. Her mother belongs to Filipino ethnicity. Moreover, this couple seems to be very patient. They were in a relationship for many years. In addition to this, they wanted to take things slow and waited very long before getting engaged.  Thus, it has already been 19 years since her parents, Elaine and Dave tied the knot.

This beautiful couple seems to live very happily with their three kids. Before her parents’ marriage, in the year 1998, her father converted into Islam and also asked her mother to do so. However, her mother refused. In addition to this, both of her parents respect each other’s thoughts and religions, and the family is living happily with each other.

Image of Sonal Chappelle's parents Dave Chappelle and Elaine Mendoza Efre

Caption: Sonal Chappelle’s parents Dave Chappelle and Elaine Mendoza Efre

Sonal Chappelle’s parents are blessed with three kids. They have two sons and a daughter. Sonal, their daughter, is the youngest of the three. Her two elder brothers, Ibrahim Chapelle and Sulayman Chappelle, also seem to be doing fine in their life.

Sulayman is the eldest child in the family, and Ibrahim Chappelle is the middle child. Being the youngest of all, her family seems to pamper her a lot. She seems to have both of her parents wrapped around her fingers.

Furthermore, her brothers, too, are wrapped around her fingers. She seems to have a very sound relationship with every member of her family. Her relationship with her brother is insane yet beautiful. They don’t seem to hesitate to punch any man’s face who will break their lovely sister’s heart shortly.

Image of Sonal Chappelle parent Dave and Elaine with brother

Caption: Sonal Chappelle parent Dave and Elaine with brother

How Rich is Sonal Chappelle? Know Her Net Worth

Sonal Chappelle seems to be enjoying her teen days nowadays. She is just a teenager and doesn’t seem to earn money. Even though she doesn’t make money, she has been living a lavish life. Her lifestyle seems to be a dream for many people. Sonal’s family has been providing her everything she wants and has been fulfilling her every wish, giving her the perfect lifestyle.

Her mother, Elaine Chappelle, seems to be a wife and a full-time mom. She was interested in being a chef. However, due to some reasons, she couldn’t fulfill her dreams and starting looking after the family. She seems to have no income but looks after her family and husband quite well.

Her father, Dave Chappelle, seems to have earned a significant amount of money from his career as an actor and a comedian. In general, we can say that Sonal’s father’s net worth is $50 million. Moreover, we cannot ignore the fact that Sonal’s father has also signed a comedy show on Netflix. This unique comedy deal pays him $20 million per release.

Moreover, he has made his appearance in in hit movies like Corn Air, which has a box collection of $224 million. Sonal’s father also owns many houses in Ohio, where they reside in recent days. Currently, this child is living in the dream house with her family in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Their place of residence is on 65-acres land near Antioch College. Antioch College is the same college where Sonal’s grandfather, William David Chappelle, taught music.

Image of Dave Chappelle's 65-acre farm property

Caption: Dave Chappelle’s 65-acre farm property

Her Father, Dave Chappelle’s Short Bio

Sonali’s father, Dave Chappelle, is an American actor, writer, stand-up comedian, and producer. Dave has received many awards, including two Grammy Awards as a Mark Twain Prize and two Emmy Awards. He holds the ability to make millions of people laugh and be happy through his show, ‘The Chappelle Show,’ starred on Comedy Central Channel. Dave seems to have started his career in the year 1993.

He first appeared in the movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Ahchoo. Thus, his first job as a producer and a writer was in the film Half-Baked in the year 1998. Although his first movie was a failure at that time, it has now been a cult classic. He has appeared in many films. Furthermore, he has made his appearance alongside famous actors like John Cusack, Nicolas Cage, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, and Bria Murphy. Therefore, he has been very well in his career.

Image of Sonal Chappelle's father, Dave Chappelle

Caption: Sonal Chappelle’s father, Dave Chappelle

Sonali Chappelle’s Appearance in the Screen

Sonal is a very adorable girl. She has been traced with her family at the Miami Heat basketball game in the MIA. She has also marked her appearance in the show, Saturday Night Live. Sanna claimed, “Her father told that Donald Trump would stop and frisk her cat.”  Furthermore, this child mentioned that she had a black cat in her home.

Wiki Table

Name Sonal Chappelle
Birth Date Unknown
Age 11
Birth Place Ohio, USA
Profession Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Net Worth Unknown
Ethnicity African-American and Asian
Nationality American
Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse Unmarried
Social Media Unknown

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