Marguerite Whitley Wikipedia: Where Is O. J. Simpson’s Ex-Wife Now?

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In the 90s, O.J. Simpson became famous, not because of his football career. More than twenty years ago, O.J. Simpson was the prime suspect in the murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and waitress, Ron Goldman. Nicole was murdered outside her home in Brentwood, California.

O.J. Simpson was acquitted in a high profile criminal trial but was found liable for their deaths in civil court. Before all of that, O.J. Simpson married his first wife, Marguerite Whitley. After the divorce from Simpson, Marguerite is disappeared from the spotlight. Where is she now? Take a closer look to know everything O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife, Marguerite Whitley, her net worth, biography, and wiki.

Hold Old is Marguerite Whitley?

Marguerite Whitley was born in Los Angeles, California, on March 20, 1949. The other facts of her ethnicity show that she is African American. Marguerite is now 71 years old, but we don’t know where she resides though nothing much is known about her parents, siblings, and others.

Image of Marguerite Whitley is the first wife of O.J. Simpson

Caption: Marguerite Whitley is the first wife of O.J. Simpson

Details of about education and other background are still under the wrap. She graduated from Galileo High School and then went on to attend college.

Marguerite Whitley is the First Wife of O.J. Simpson

Whitley met O.J. Simpson in February 1967 when she was 18. By the time she was dating a guy named Al Cowlings, who is Simpson’s best friend. The two met when Simpson helped Cowlings drop off his girlfriend at her house.

But Cowlings got upset when Whitley and Simpson began dating, the three eventually reconciled. Marguerite and O.J. tied the knot in 1967 in Los Angeles, California when she was 18 and he was 19. Sadly, Whitley and Simpson’s married life ended in divorce in 1979.

The true cause of Whitley’s divorce from O. J. was his growing celebrity status. During the marriage, her husband was struggling to make his career in football.

In a 1979 interview with People Magazine, O.J. Simpson disclosed that his growing celebrity became a problem in his marriage to Marguerite. Simpson said, “the price of fame was our biggest problem.” He continued, his wife was a private person, yet we can’t walk down the street without causing a commotion.

What Happened to Marguerite Whitley After She Divorced Simpson?

According to N.Y. Times, a few years later, divorcing Simpson, Whitley married twice. Marguerite didn’t stick with him; instead, she moved on with another guy.

Whitley got hitched to a transit supervisor named Rudolph Lewis in 1986, and they divorced in 1991. Then, in 1992, Whitley tied the nuptials with a guy named Anthony Thomas, a furniture sales representative. To date, there is no confirmed news on whether or not the couple is still together.

Whitley and Simpson Have Three Children

The former couple has three children, Arnelle L. Simpson, Jason Lamar Simpson, and Aaren Lashone Simpson. She gave to their first child, Arnelle, in 1968, who is now 52 years old. Arnelle has been the biggest supporter of her father when he stood trial murder in 1994.

Image of Marguerite and O.J. Simpson 's kids, Jason and Arnelle in the court

Caption: Marguerite and O.J. Simpson ‘s kids, Jason and Arnelle in the court

They were blessed with a second child, Jason Lamar, in 1970, who is 50 years old. When Whitley was pregnant with a third child, Aaren Lashone, O.J. Simpson has an affair with a waitress, Nicole Brown. Whitley lost their youngest daughter, Aaren, in 1979. Aaren drowned in the family’s swimming pool, a month before her second birthday.

O.J. Simpson is a Former Football Star

O.J. Simpson is an actor, broadcaster, and former NFL football player. O.J. Simpson was a college football superstar at USC and even won the Heisman trophy in 1968. Simpson later records setting career in the NFL and also earned tremendous popularity among his fans.

After his retirement from professional football in 1979, O.J. later became a sportscaster. In addition to his career, he tried his hand in the film industry. Simpson appeared in 1974 film The Klansman and 1988’s The Naked Gun. Additionally, he worked for Monday Night Football as a commentator.

Simpson was arrested by the cops in Las Vegas and charged with felonies of armed robbery and kidnapping in 2007. In October 2008, Simpson was convicted and sentenced to 33 years of imprisonment with the possibility of parole after nine years. He released on parole on October 1, 2017.

O.J. Simpson Civil Trial

The former NFL football player was brought back to court for a civil trial. In February 1997, a civil jury in Santa Monica found him for the wrongful death of his wife Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. Ron’s family filed a civil lawsuit against him.

Image of O.J. Simpson was hauled back to court for a civil trial

Caption: O.J. Simpson was hauled back to court for a civil trial

Later the court ordered him to pay their families $33.5 million in damages. In February 1999, an auction of O. J’s Heisman Trophy and other netted around $500,000, which went to Ron’s family. The same year, he moved to Florida in large part due to a state law that prevented him from being seized to help cover the civil damages.

Marguerite believed Simpson Was Innocent.

Whitley trusted Simpson that he was innocent and didn’t murder of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. She even watched her first husband stand trial for murder along with their children.

According to Whitley, she was married to O.J. Simpson, but he never physically abusive to her. In a 20/20 interview in January 1995, she told Barbara Walters that Simpson never hit her during the time together. She said, “If he did, he would have got a frying pan upside his head.”

How Much is Marguerite Whitley’s Net Worth?

As you already know, she is a private person and prefers to live away from the limelight. More than twenty years ago, she took O.J. to court when he refused to pay a divorce settlement of $26,000. Now, Marguerite Whitley is a successful businesswoman and living a luxurious lifestyle. Although the exact net worth of Marguerite is still under review, it seems she has over million-dollar net worth.

On the other hand, Simpson’s net worth was $3 million in March 2018. Moreover, he receives a yearly pension of $300,000 from the NFL.

Where is Whitley Now? Is She Dead or Alive?

After the divorce from Simpson, she vanished from the limelight. People around the world asked the question about Simpson’s first wife that she is alive or not. Well, she is alive and living a healthy life with her two kids.

She last appeared in the media was on a 20/20 interview. At the time, Marguerite spent the time during the murder case sitting next to her kids in court. Whitley lives in Fresno, California. She is active on any social media.

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