Dennis Quaid’s Ex-Wife Kimberly Quaid’s Marriage, Divorce & Children Wiki

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We often see a divorce getting more attention than the actual marriage, and it’s quite common in the television industry. As we can see, there are a lot of women who rise to prominence only because of their marriage to a famous icon.

Well, Kimberly Quaid is among those women who made the headlines more than just once. She was the third wife of actor Dennis Quaid, but then the couple divorced. So, instead of talking about Dennis, let’s focus more on his ex-wife, Kimberly, her marriage, divorce, and children.

More than that, find out everything about her net worth, controversies, career, wiki, and many more. So, shall we begin?

Image of Kimberly Quaid and her husband, Dennis Quaid

Caption: Kimberly Quaid and her husband, Dennis Quaid

Who is Kimberly Quaid? Find out about her family and biography

Kimberly Buffington Quaid was born on October 17, 1971. She grew up in Austin, Texas, and is 48 years old as of 2020. She was born to Thomas B. Buffington (father) and Delia Dowell Buffington.

Kimberly has a total of three siblings named Blake Buffington, Robin Banister, and Dow Wright. They all grew up in Texas while their father was a real estate owner as well.

Thomas is the chairman and founder of Buffington Homebuilding. Also, he owned the largest real estate company in Austin. However, he passed away in January of 2019. After his death, Kimberly took over the position of the chairman at the company.

Talking about her education, she graduated from Hyde Park Baptist High School. Later, she went to the University of Texas to pursue her education while she graduated in Estate management.

Kimberly Quaid is a Real Estate Agent

Most of you might have known that Kimberly is a real estate agent, and she is quite popular in Austin. Talking about recent times, she works in Buffington Signature Homes.

She started her career as a realtor from an early age. It was all thanks to her father, who taught her all about this business. She decided to continue her family trait as a realtor, and now she has over 25 years of experience in this field.

Quaid is a licensed agent in California and Texas. More than that, she has other work experience from her past works like design officers, advertising, marketing, and sales.

Kimberly Quaid marriage with Ex-Husband, Dennis Quaid, and Twin Children

Kimberly married to Dennis Quaid as his third wife. It is still not sure since when they started dating or how they got together? Despite all the controversial problems in their love life, they seemed to be the perfect partners at the time.

They tied the knot back on July 4, 2004. The wedding took place at a ranch owned by Dennis, which is named Paradise Valley Montana. Their family and close friends were the only ones to attend this event while the wedding was private.

It’s a fact that the two had a massive difference in their ages, but despite that, they managed to share the wedding vows. Adding to their happiness, the couple had twins in November of 2007.

Kimberly gave birth to Zoe Grace and Thomas Boone in Santa Monica. The delivery was quite complicated for the mother and children, but they came out of it safely.

Image of Kimberly's twin children with Dennis

Caption: Kimberly’s twin children with Dennis

Only after ten days, the hospital staff made a huge mistake when they injected the twin with a high dosage of heparin. It’s is said that the dosage was a thousand times higher while compared to a standard one.

Amidst this disaster, Dennis sued the company, Baxter Healthcare, while the drug manufacturing company was accused of confusing packaging.

Kimberly Quaid’s Divorce

Kimberly and Dennis Quaid were having the most fantastic time of their lives until they started having internal conflicts in their relationship. It all began in 2012 when Kimberly filed for divorce.

Well, the actual reason for their divorce claimed that they had several differences in their personalities. However, only after two months of the filing, the mother of two withdrew the case while the couple moved to California at the time.

Despite having called off the divorce, they could not mend their broken fences. Just a few months later, they went their separate ways again. It was Dennis who filed for divorce, the second time.

The actor forced to have physical and joint custody over their twin children. Soon after this, they got back again in September of 2013. They finally seemed to have settled their differences only to get divorced in June of 2016.

Image of Kimberly and his ex-husband, Dennis

Caption: Kimberly and his ex-husband, Dennis

This time, it was the real deal, while the case was accepted back in April of 2018. Now, Kimberly had the joint legal custody while she claimed the full custody of her children with Dennis.

Regardless of the fact, Kimberly is single at the moment, but Dennis married for the fourth time in his life. Now, the mother of two is under the radar, and her only focus is her children.

Kimberly Quaid’s Net Worth: How much did she receive from Dennis?

Kimberly Quaid is a real estate agent, and she is carrying on her family business at Buffington Signature Homes. Well, she is mostly known for her marriage with actor Dennis Quaid, but we can see that she is quite skilled as a realtor.

There is no doubt that Kimberlin earns a massive fortune being an agent, and on top of that, she also a hefty sum of money from her ex-husband. It’s a fact that she received $2 million from Dennis after their divorce.

As per the agreement, the actor has to pay for child support, which adds up to $13,750 per month. Besides that, he has to add extra if his annual income exceeds $1.3 million.

Also, she received over $1 million while having the agreements on their property settlement. So, her net worth is an outstanding figure of over $3 million as of 2020. She is still in the real estate business, so she can easily add more to her fortune.

Kimberly Quaid is not active in social media

With all the controversial divorce and marriage problems, Kimberly Quaid is quite tricky to track because she is not active in any social media. However, her husband, Dennis Quaid, is a famous icon in these platforms.  You can check him out on Instagram.

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