Is Kountry Wayne Already Dating New Girlfriend or Is He Still Married?

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People often have a dream, but they rarely can make it come true. It’s not always that a man finds resolve when it comes to ideas or passion. You may want to be one thing but instead, end up doing another. It’s a common courtesy, so we can’t complain about what happens in our life.

The same is the case with the internet sensation and comedian, Kountry Wayne. The man was all about music not so long ago, and now things have completely taken a different direction.

The king of comedy is on a mission, and he tends to make all of his fans laugh with his hilarious standups in social media. In this article, let’s have a brief insight into his personal life, relationships, affairs, wife, children, net worth, biography, and many more.

Who is Kountry Wayne? Rapper to Comedian Career

There’s a saying that a good laugh is all you need to brighten your day, and it’s very accurate as well. Kountry Wayne is doing this for a long time, and we admire his efforts to brighten our lives. The comedian had a completely different dream to be a rapper. He invested all of his time and efforts on his musical career but found no success at all.

In the midst of this devastating fall, Wayne began his fascinating journey as a comedian. Ever since his first comedy video on Facebook, he has been on the constant rise. It’s funny how Wayne found his real ability, the hard way. He also invested every ounce of his money and drowned in despair.

So, he had to start fresh from ground zero, and now, he is on tour to make people laugh. Also, the comedian operates several businesses in South Georgia, Millen. He has millions of followers, all thanks to his hilarious yet profound videos on social media.

Kountry Wayne Age & Biography

Kountry Wayne was born on December 9, 1987, in Waynesboro, Georgia. The former rapper is 32 years old as of 2020 and a Sagittarius.

Talking about his education, he graduated from Jenkins County High School, and that’s all we know about his early life. The details about his siblings and family are still under wrap, so we will have to wait until we receive more information.

Image of Kountry Wayne

Caption: Kountry Wayne

Kountry Wayne Married Gena Colley; Are they Divorced?

The comedian is married to Gena Colley, aka Gena Renee, who is a famous Hollywood actress and model. She is famous, to say the least for appearance in an American drama film named In Country.

The couple tied the knots back on June 20, 2017. They dated for a long time before jumping into a marital relationship. Well, you must understand what kind of person you’re going to live with. The lovely couple had authentic vibes of real chemistry and love, but it all came tearing apart in recent times.

There are rumors about Kountry’s several affairs with several women. He is truly a showstopper when it comes to women. However, the exact details about his affairs cannot be traced back at all.


Kountry Wayne’s Affair with a New Girlfriend, Jess Hilarious

Things were looking great between Kountry and Gena until the unfortunate happened. The comedian started dating Jess Hilarious since January of 2019. Well, no one could have expected such a change in his life.

There were no signs of disputes or any conflicts between the married couple, but we might have assumed wrong. The man established a soothing relationship with his new girlfriend while still being married to his wife.

Gena had no idea about this sudden change whatsoever. She accused Jess of being a homewrecker and posted her marriage certificate in social media to prove that she is still married to Wayne.

Image of Kountry Wayne and Jess Hilarious

Caption: Kountry Wayne and Jess Hilarious

As things progressed, the tables turned on Jess instead. Kountry started to flaunt his relationship with Gena on social media despite dating his new girlfriend. They had a moment of reconciliation, but it all came down crashing. It’s a fact that Kountry and Jess had a romantic bond, but they called off their relationship in April of 2019. So, the four months were downright confusing for both women.

Now, Jess and Kountry have left off on a good note, and they are still friends after their breakup. Also, there’s always the question of whether he is married to Gena or not? Well, the answer is yes. Neither of them has filed for divorce, so they’re technically married to his day.

Kountry Wayne’s Children

Kountry Wayne is the father of nine children. He first became a father at the young age of seventeen. Wow, I don’t know if I should be flattered or shocked. I mean, it can’t be any worse, right? As you know, the standup comedian had several affairs in his past, so he has a total of seven kids from his unknown relationships.

Besides that, he has two children with his wife, Gena. The couple has two daughters named Melissa Colley and Honest Dream Colley. However, the pair tend to keep their children out of the limelight for the moment.

Image of Kountry Wayne and his children

Caption: Kountry Wayne and his children

Kountry Wayne’s Net Worth in 2020

Kountry Wayne is an Internet sensation and more than just a standup comedian. The man has gathered an enormous fortune over the years. Despite his failed career in the music industry, he has managed to compensate for his losses through his career in laughter. Now only did he earn decent money, he also earned fame.

Today, he is known all over the globe and has millions of followers on social media, including Facebook and Instagram. He has an average salary of $100,000 as a comedian while he earns a hefty sum of money from his youtube videos. So. Kountry’s net worth is a massive amount of $1 million as of 2020.

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