Romeo Santos – Facts You Need to Know The Obsesion Singer

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Guys, if you want to make your relationship successful, then keep it a low profile. Similarly, Dominican-American singer Romeo Santos has kept his love life out away from the media. He never talks about his love in public nor on social media because he is a music person and wants to sell music; that’s the only thing he is interested in.

Here are the essential facts about Romeo Santos, who continues to break ground in music.

Romeo Santos is From New York City

Romeo was born as Anthony Santos on July 21, 1982, in The Bronx, New York City, which makes his age 38. He was born in a middle-class family. His father is Dominican, and his mother is Puerto Rican. From age 10 or 11, Romeo started listening to music like bachata, salsa, merengue, hip-hop, and always wanted to try something different.

Image of Caption: Romeo Santos is the lead singer of the Bachata group, Aventura

Caption: Romeo Santos is the lead singer of the Bachata group, Aventura

One day, he started singing his cousin and received excellent comments from the people like you have a beautiful voice. But the one fact, he is a timid person.

At the age of 13, he joined a church choir and started taking vocal classes. Growing up, he attended many great shows and learned more about music. In his teenage, he formed a band called ‘Los Teenagers’ and started performing in the streets.

Romeo is the Lead Vocalist of Aventura

Romeo is introduced to the band member Lenny through a mutual friend in the 90s and eventually worked together on songs. The band members are Romeo Santos, Lenny Santos, Henry Santis, and Max Agenda Santos. Aventura is one of the most influential Latin bands of all time.

The band’s breakthrough hit, 2002’s Obsesion, topped in Italy for 16 consecutive weeks. It was certified platinum by RIAA and sold one million copies to date.

Image of Caption: Rome Santos lead vocalist of Aventura

Caption: Rome Santos lead vocalist of Aventura

Along with his band, he released five studio albums, spawning several tops hits like Un Besi, Los Infiles, Dile Al Amor, and among others. The group split in 2011 due to their projects and reunited in 2014. Again in 2016, the group split and joined in late 2019. Santos posted a video stating, Aventura is going on tour across the country and in 2020 called ‘Gira Inmortal.’

Santos Reales his First Solo Album ‘Formula, Vol. 1’ on May 9, 2011

Romeo left the band to pursue his solo career in April 2011. After his success as a songwriter and lead singer, Santos released his debut album Formula, Vol. 1, that charted on the Billboard Top Latin Albums and Billboard Tropical Albums. The album was certified three times platinum, selling 328,000 units in the US.

In 2014, his sophomore album Formula Vol. 2 that features artists like Drake, Nicki Minaj, Kebin Hart, and Carlos Santana. It became the best-selling album of 2014. After that, he dropped two more albums; Golden and Utopia.

Roman Santos’s Hollywood debut in Furious 7

Aside from his music career, he tried his hand in Hollywood and played different roles in a few movies. He made his first appearance as himself in the 2007 Dominican film Sanky Panky along with his fellow band members.

Then he made his debut in the seventh highest-grossing Hollywood movie Furious 7 that released in 2015. He played a powerful man, Armando, a friend of Dom alongside Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, and the late actor Paul Walker.

Check out the video below.

Further, you can also see in the film adaptation of the video game Angry Bird. 

Romeo Santos: Single, Engaged, or Married?

Your singer doesn’t like to share information about his love life on the camera. He once said that he is a very private person, not the interview type. Romeo is a famous singer, but his love is still a mystery, and he makes his fans keep guessing about his relationship status, whether he is single or married.

In 2016, the Latin singer sparked dating with an unknown lady and, subsequently, engagement. According to People En Espanol, Santos and his unidentified girlfriend got engaged, and soon they will be heading down the aisle.

Image of Caption: Romeo and Francelys his girlfriend

Caption: Romeo and Francelys, his girlfriend

The photo of the bachata singer and his girlfriend was shared on Instagram proves that they were engaged during the vacation in St. Barths. In the photo, Santos’s lover can be seen resting her left hand on his chest. People are not just talking about their embrace but also about the diamond ring on her finger.

Is Romeo Gay?

Considering the singer’s relationship status, it’s natural that people would label him a closeted gay. His followers even called even speculated that he may be gay.

However, he hasn’t a problem with this when people called him gay. Because he knows who he is and doesn’t need to prove to others about him because it is his life and does whatever he likes. As earlier mention, he is very secretive. He once said that he doesn’t want to show his girl – it’s his lady.

Romeo Santos is a Proud Father of two Children

The 38 years old Latin singer has two sons from different women. The New York-born artist is the father of two children. Romeo has a teenage son and a toddler. Back in 2019, he welcomed his child.

The Eres Mia singer shared the good news via his social profiles. He posted a black and white photo, which showed his newborn baby’s feet resting on the top of his fourth album Utopia. 

Image of Caption: Romeo Santos posted a black and white photo, which showed his newborn baby's feet resting on the top of his fourth album Utopia.

Caption: Romeo Santos posted a black and white photo, which showed his newborn baby’s feet resting on the top of his fourth album Utopia.

He captioned the photo,

Mis Dos Nuevos Bebes Ano with hashtag, #UT? PIA2019” 

However, he has removed the post from his Instagram. On Father’s day, he took to social media and shared a cute picture, which shows, the baby is holding a finger of Romeo Santos. In the caption, he wrote,

“Baby Valentino and I wish you a Happy Father’s Day ?

Romeo is a Protective Dad

Santos has a teenage son named Alex Damian Santos with his ex-girlfriend, but he has shielded him from the glare of the limelight. When his son was born, he was young, and the only thing necessary is his music career. In the beginning of his career, people didn’t know he had a kid. Romeo’s son came to the limelight when the father and son featured on the cover of the July 2011 issue of People en Espanol.

Image of Caption: The world got of the glimpse of Romeo's son, Alex Damian Santos for the first time in 2011

Caption: The world got of the glimpse of Romeo’s son, Alex Damian Santos for the first time in 2011

Romeo is protecting his son from the media so, he never got into the controversies. Alex is so competitive in sports but isn’t interested in music. Santos and his son love playing basketball together.

How Mush is Romeo Santos Net Worth?

Romeo Santos has both fame and fortune from his contributions to the world of music. The Heroe Favorito singer earns his wealth from his music career as well as other ventures. Romeo Santos has an amassed net worth of $30 million in 2020.

Image of Caption: American singer, Romeo Santos net worth

Caption: American singer, Romeo Santos net worth

Besides, Santos won multiple awards and nominations for his albums and singles, which also added to his assets. In 2014, Santos sold out two shows at Yankee Stadium, about 50,000 seats for a concert. Further, he hasn’t opened about his properties that include his home, cars, and other luxuries.

Romeo Santos is Active on Social Media

Santos loves keeping updates about his works to his fan followers. Whenever he goes on a tour or launches a new album, first he posted on his social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He has a social account under the name “@romeosantos.”

Apart, he has a YouTube Channel where he has over 200 million subscribers. In his music video, “Propuesta Indecente” alone has over 650 million views.

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