Kayla Quick: Michael Strahan’s Girlfriend’s Dating Life & History

Originally posted on March 16, 2020 @ 1:53 pm

Talking about the young and beautiful, Kayla Quick, one thing that hits our mind is her confidence and her fair complexion. The blonde beauty often describes herself as a captivating lady. Kayla Quick became famous as she emerged romantically with a former football player, Michael Strahan. Fans of Michael has been pressing questions more about his girlfriend and their love life.

Head down to know everything about the blonde beauty.

How long have Kayla Quick and Michael Strahan been Dating?

Kayla Quick is quite hush-hush about her private life. However, the actual time that they first met each other is still a mystery. According to People, Kayla and Michael first publicly appeared together in May 2015 when they flew to enjoy a vacation in St. Barts, in Caribbean Island.

Image of CAption: Kayla, 31, and Michael, 48, were walking outside the restuarant in 2018

Caption: Kayla, 31, and Michael, 48, were walking outside the restaurant in 2018

Kayla and Michael have two years of the age difference. Their romance made many headlines. Later the duo attended the 2015 Super Bowl. Following that, the two-spotted together on several occasions to date. Although both Kayla and Michael remain quite. Page Six reported that they were photographed on a particular date night in public in 2018. However, her boyfriend, Michael, hasn’t shared a single post on his social media.

Kayla Quick’s Criminal Past

According to police reports, she was arrested for disorderly conduct and grand theft. When Quick was 14, she busted for disorderly conduct in her hometown in Port Charlotte, Florida, after getting into a fight, Rader Online reported.

Image of Caption: Kayla Quick was arrested for disorderly conduct and grand theft

Caption: Kayla Quick was arrested for disorderly conduct and grand theft

At the time, she was minor, and juvenile court records weren’t available that determine the outcome of the case.

In May 2005, she was charged for grand theft after she and her former boyfriend, Justin, allegedly broke her grandmother, Margaret Cox’s house, and stole her jewelry that worth $6000, as per Charlotte County Sheriff. Her grandma discovered the shocking theft after she returns home. The next day, Kayla called police and confession. Once again, Quick’s deed was turned over to juvenile authorities.

Kayla is a Former Stripper

Quick used to work in the strip club. Also, she worked as a waitress at a club in Tampa, Florida. The club is quite popular in Florida and called Thee Doll House.

Image of Caption: Kayla Quick used to worked as a stripper at Tampa Club when she was 18

Caption: Kayla Quick used to work as a stripper at Tampa Club when she was 18

She has a beautiful face and figure and became quite popular among customers. Quick worked in the club in 2005; she was 18 at the time. After some time, she has left the job, but we don’t know what she does for a living now.

Kayla’s Boyfriend, Michael Strahan’s Previous Marriage

A former NFL player has been married twice. He first married to an interior designer Wanda Hutchins in 1992, in Germany. They were married until 1996, but the reason for their divorce still remains undisclosed. Despite the divorce, the former couple has fostered a successful co-parenting relationship.

Image of Caption: Kayla boyfriend Michael first wife Wand Hutchins

Caption: Kayla boyfriend Michael first wife Wand Hutchins

Later, Strahan walked down the aisle with Jean Muggli in 1999. Like his previous marriage, it didn’t last long. Subsequently, they divorced in 2006. Michael’s ex-wife cited physical assault for the cause of their divorce. Additionally, she also claimed that Strahan as gay and ended their marriage.

Image of Caption: Kayla boyfriend Michael with his wife Jean Muggli

Caption: Kayla boyfriend Michael with his wife, Jean Muggli

After two unsuccessful marriages, he dated Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, Nicole Murphy, for years before getting engaged in 2009. But unfortunately, they never walk down the aisle and called off their engagement in 2014.

Image of Caption: Michael and Nicole Murphy

Caption: Michael and Nicole Murphy

Do They Have Children?

The answer to this question is, they don’t have any child together. But Michael has four children from his previous marriage. He is the father of four children. From his first marriage, Strahan has two children, a daughter Tanita, born in 1992, and a son Michael Jr, born in 1995.

Image of Caption: Michael with his daughter Tanita from his first wife Wanda

Caption: Michael with his daughter Tanita from his first wife, Wanda

Furthermore, Michael has twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella, from his second wife, Jean Muggli. The twin daughters are now 20 years old. Michael often shares photos of his four children on Instagram.

Image of Caption: Michael with his twin daughters Sophia and Isabella

Caption: Michael with his twin daughters Sophia and Isabella

How Tall is She?

The alluring lady is quite confident in her looks and figure. She has no problem showing off her curvy figure in bikinis. She even was seen with Strahan on the beaches in bikinis.

Quick has a height of five feet nine inches with a weigh between 55kg to 60 kg. Kayla has maintained her body, going on the gym six days of weeks, and following the healthy diet routine.

Quick’s family has a criminal history

Kayla Quick was born and raised in Florida, but her family has involved in illegal activities in the past. Her problems with the law might be genetic. Rader reported that her father, Gerald Quick, was arrested not one time but 19 times for crimes that include drug possession and assault with a deadly weapon. Sadly, her father passed away at the age of 54 in 2012.

In addition, not only her father but also her sister has some police records. Kayla’s sister, Kara Lee Quick, arrested on drug charges.

How Much is Kayla Quick’s Net Worth?

Kayla used to make considerable money from her past jobs. She spent several months working as a cocktail waitress at a Tampa strip club. Some relevant sources claimed that she knew how to hustle customers and earned around $2,000 a week.

It seems she is making a lot of bucks the most teen her age at the time. On the other hand, her boyfriend, a former NFL player a whopping net worth of $65 million. His wealth mostly comes from his football career.

In 200, Michael’s name listed as a highest-earning football player and got a bonus of over $15,598,000, and his salary was about $5 million. There’s no doubt that Kayla is enjoying a luxurious lifestyle and spending Michael’s money by going on vacations and shopping.

Is She on Social Media?

Well, she is not available on any social networking sites, not even on Facebook. Also, Strahan hasn’t posted a single picture on his social media. However, you can check out Michael’s social media that goes by the name “@mjchaelstrahan.”


What do you think about Kayla Quick and Michael Strahan’s relationship? Will the couple say, “I do”?

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