Brill Garrett: Facts You Need To Know Jason Garrett’s Wife

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Besides Hollywood celebrities, football players also have lots of fans. Likewise, the former player and current football coach of the New York Giants, Jason Garrett, has spent 30 years in football. In his career, he was part of several teams, as well as earned a significant fortune for himself.

You already know a lot about his professional life, but, have you ever think of his personal life like his wife, kids, family, and more. If you have little to no idea about his life, then don’t worry, we are here for you. We have collected a little about his wife and family. Read our Jason’s wife, Brill Garrett wiki to learn more about her.

Brill Garrett is Originally from Illinois

Brill Aldrige was born to American parents, Jeffery Aldridge and Judy Aldridge, on December 8, 1965, in Illinois. She raised alongside her brother named Jeff Aldrige. Brill studied at Central High School in Hinsdale, Illinois, from 1980 to 1984.

Image of Brill Garrett is formerly known as the wife of Jason Garrett

Caption: Brill Garrett is formerly known as the wife of Jason Garrett

Sadly, her father passed away in November 2019 due to natural causes. Jeffrey was survived by his wife, Judy, and children.

Brill Garrett Married Jason Garrett

Brill Aldrige has been married to her husband, Jason Garrett, since 1994. Before getting married, the two dated for a decade while they both were pursuing their higher studies and working on building their respective careers.

Image of Brill and Jason Garrett got tied the knot after dating for a decade

Caption: Brill and Jason Garrett got tied the knot after dating for a decade

Brill and Jason wedded in a small ceremony, with only family and close friends. She became the player’s wife to coach’s wife. Besides being the wife of the former football player, the couple is still going strong.

Brill Met Jason Garrett at Princeton University

According to online sources, Brill met her husband in a lecture class at Princeton University, especially a geology lecture class that took three times a week. She enrolled at the university to earn an undergraduate degree.

Brill Garrett said, once in a week, they attended a lab class from one to four. At the time, she first noticed him early on. The fact is, when Brill saw him, he left the lab soon, not once but every day. One day, she decided to ask him why he always left the lab early. She has asked, and he replied, he had baseball practice.

Since the beginning, Brill had a crush on Jason Garrett. Like most relationships, their love began with a friendship. Afterward, they started dating and took their relationship to the next level.

Brill and Jason Garrett Have No Children

Despite being together for more than thirty years, Brill and Jason have no children. They have nieces and nephews and also celebrate many occasions with their family, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and so on.

Her husband is one of three sons, reported ESPN. Jason’s brother, John Garrett, is also from the same field. There are many rumors regarding not to be parents. Some people speculated that Jason is gay. Also, it is said that the couple has some problems with them.

First of all, Jason isn’t gay. Neither they have some issues with each other nor have extramarital affairs. Currently, Brill and her husband happily reside in a beautiful home in Dallas.

Brill Garrett is a Literacy Advocate

Mrs. Garrett is an avid reader and believes in the power of education. She used it as a tool to further fuel their future ambitions and learn to think critically. Brill even worked with a former First Lady Laura Bush host to Dallas and Fort Worth Celebration of the Reading event in 2018.

At the event, Jason’s wife commended the former First Lady Bush and thanked her, conveying the tremendous honor it was to help continue the work she began as well as bringing amazing authors to Dallas.

Besides, she gave an insightful radio interview with 5 Points Blue. In the interview, Brill discussed the importance of literacy in people’s live and professional endeavors. She stated that scholarship isn’t just for children but also adults as well.

Apart from that, Brill also engaged with the Cowboys Wives Association. It includes the former players, coaches, team owner, and their families. Additionally, Jason’s wife participated in several reading advocacy programs, such as The Cowboys Association at Gabe Allen Elementary School in South Dallas.

Moreover, Mrs. Garrett involved in reading programs at the school to teach and help the students to learn.

Brill and Jason Founded a Charitable Foundation

The couple established their own foundation called Jason Garrett Starfish Charities in 1997. The foundation aims to help young and upcoming talents at the school and college and also gained their footing in the sports world.

Also, the foundation promotes reading at Gabe Allen by hosting a book club. They gave each student grade-level-appropriate book to read. She also supports various charitable organizations like raising funds.

Jason Garett is a Football Coach and Former Player

Brill’s husband started playing football since high school. He professionally started to football in 1989 after the New Orleans Saints drafted him and then signed as an undrafted free agent.

Image of Jason Garrett, the former offensive quarterback player who became the head coach of the Cowboys

Caption: Jason Garrett, the former offensive quarterback player who became the head coach of the Cowboys

After that, he began playing for the San Antonio Riders and the Ottawa Rough Riders. In 1993, he penned a contract as a free agent with Dallas Cowboys until the late ‘90s. He also played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Miami Dolphins. In 2004, he retired from his position and then focused on coaching.

From 2005 to 2006, Garrett served as a quarterbacks coach for the Miami Dolphins and as an offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys for one season. Later he served as a head coach for Dallas Cowboys for nine years. From 2020, he has been working as an offensive coordinator for the New York Giants.

How Much is Brill Garrett’s Net Worth?

Brill Garrett makes a decent amount of salary as an advocate. However, we couldn’t find the actual salary and net worth of Brill. On the other hand, her husband, Jason Garrett, has an incredible net worth of $18 million.

Furthermore, Garrett makes $6 million of salary annually as a coach. Back in 2008, he earned nearly $3 million as an offensive coordinator. In 2015, Garrett signed a five-year contract with Dallas that worth $30 million.

Brill has Kept a Low Profile on Social Media.

Despite’s her husband high profile football career, she has maintained to stay away from the limelight. She also kept her private life secret. She doesn’t have any accounts on any social media. Brill’s husband doesn’t appear to have an Instagram or Twitter either.

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