What is Barbara Walters’s First Husband Robert Henry Katz Doing Now?

Originally posted on June 21, 2020 @ 3:16 pm

From one-hit-wonder musicians to famous actors who lost their fame overnight, we think of a lot of people who once were famous but now barely exist in our memories. The same logic could apply to the former spouse and partners of prominent celebrities who now seem to have fallen from the face of the earth. Today we crackdown on one of such figures, Robert Henry Katz.

He was the ex-husband of veteran journalist, Barbara Walters but now that Walters is missing from the public eye, we can only wonder what has become of her first husband. Learn about Robert Henry Katz’s net worth and married life here.

Who is Robert Henry Katz?

Robert Henry Katz was a former Navy lieutenant and then a famous business executive. We did not the man’s business exploits in detail, but we think we can still say that in the end, it wasn’t his career that made Robert Katz famous. Robert came to the limelight after his marriage with veteran journalist and TV personality, Barbara Walters.

Image of Robert Henry Katz's net worth and bio

Caption: Robert Henry Katz’s net worth and bio

Robert Henry Katz and Barbara Walters weren’t even Married 1 Year.

You can Google Robert Henry Katz’s name, and the first thing that will show up is the Wikipedia page of Barbara Walters. We cannot emphasize the fact enough that his marital connections to his celebrity wife being the only reason behind public attention towards him.

However, Katz’s time at marital fame was as brief as they come. Katz and Barbara Walters were not even married for almost a year. Robert Henry Katz’s story before his marriage, including his dating life with Barbara, is completely missing from the internet.

Image of Robert Henry Katz's net worth and married life with Barbara Walters

Caption: Robert Henry Katz’s net worth and married life with Barbara Walters

What we do know is that Robert Henry Katz and Barbara Walters married on June 20, 1955. The location of their wedding ceremony was the Plaza Hotel in New York City, New York. After their fabulous wedding, even their friends and family may not have seen their divorce coming just about 11 months later in 1957.

Robert was Barbara’s First Husband & Married History Since

Robert was first of Barbara’s three husbands and many other lovers over the years. She was remarried to her second husband, Lee Guber, on December 8, 1963. Guber was a theater owner and producer of many theatrical plays who chose to divorce Walters in 1976.

Image of Barbara Walters along with the then-husband Lee Guber and daughter Jacqueline

Caption: Barbara Walters along with the then-husband Lee Guber and daughter Jacqueline

Then Barbara Walters went on to marry her third husband, Merv Alderson, in 1981, only to divorce him in 1984. It would not be the last they see of each other as they would eventually reconcile and remarry in 1986 only to divorce again six years later in 1992. Alderson is a co-founder, CEO, and producer at the Lorimar Television, who died in 2015.

Image of Barbara Walters with third husband, Merv Alderson

Caption: Barbara Walters with third husband, Merv Alderson

His Ex-Wife Also Has an Extensive Dating History

Barbara Walters’s love life did not end with her three husbands. She has also had multiple boyfriends and dating life in the past. Roy Cohn was one of them, a lawyer who she was dating in her college days. He even proposed to her before her marriage with her second husband, Lee Guber. Walters was grateful to Cohn for helping with her adoption as well as her father’s legal woes in the past, but she did not think of him that way.

Her dating list also includes Alan Greenspan, a US Federal Reserve Chairman in the 1970s and John Warner, a US Senator in the 1990s. Her autobiography, Audition, she claims to have an affair with US senator Edward Brooke in the 70s who was married back then. Woody Allen, Tom Brokaw, and Robert Neil Butler are some other names she was dating or certainly in rumors of dating.

Robert Henry Katz has No Children with Walters.

Robert Henry Katz did not share any children with Barbara Walters. In fact, Barbara Walters never had children of her own, but she did opt to the adoption of her daughter Jacqueline Dena Guber while she was married to Lee Guber. Her daughter Jacqueline Guber was adopted the same year of her birth in 1968, which makes her 52 years old as of today.

Robert Henry Katz fell out of the public eye as soon as his separation with his wife. So, you will have to forgive us for not being able to keep track of Robert Henry Katz since it was so long ago. It is the reason why we are unable to produce any proper information about Robert Henry Katz’s bio and net worth.

Likewise, we have almost no information about his married life afterward, as well.

Barbara Walters Short Bio

Barbara Walters was born in 1929 on September 25 in Boston, Massachusetts. She was born to a booking agent father by the name of Louis “Lou” Walters and mother Dena ‘Seletsky’ Walters. Her parents are the descendants of Jewish refugees from the Roman Empire. She began her career in The Today Show from 1961 at a time when women journalists were simply starting out in the field.

Image of American broadcaster, Barbara Walters

Caption: American broadcaster, Barbara Walters

She became the “Today Girl” and shot with popularity among the viewers. Then, she began working for the ABC Evening News and 20/20. It was here that everyone saw her skills and talents when it came to interviews. From Prime Ministers and Presidents to Kings and Dictators, Walters took interviews of big names from Fidel Castro to Vladimir Putin. She is among the pioneers of what today goes by the terms “personality journalism and “scoop interviews.”

Barbara Walters’s net worth through such an extensive career like that is what results to a sum of around $150 million.

Where is Robert Henry Katz Now?

Like we have already said, there is nothing out there about Robert Henry Katz’s past, so what makes you think we would have anything about his present and future? It would be really nice to learn about Robert Henry Katz’s bio, especially considering his age. Barbara Walters herself is 91 years old, which means that Robert is also probably around that age, and we don’t even have the information if he is alive or dead.

It is especially crucial considering how Barbara Walters has recently been part of a lot of health problems. We are talking about her open-heart surgery in 2010 and health complications following that, causing her to retire in 2014. We can only think that if Robert Henry Katz is alive than he is suffering a similar fate and thus hope for is health and longevity.

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