Joe Gatto: Facts About The Impractical Jokers’ Star

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You can’t stay away from the people who have a good sense of humor. As well all know, making someone laugh is the hardest job in the world, but sure this individual is doing great work. Joseph Anthony Gatto Jr, aka Joe Gatto, is one of the members of a comedy troupe, The Tenderloin. Joe is well known for his work on the reality series, Impractical Jokers.

Joe came to fame after he joined The Tenderloins and then casts in Impractical Jokers. Though Gatto is only Joker, who is married, he does have two children. Let’s disclosed the story of Joe Gatto from rise to spotlight. Also, have a look at the below facts.

Quick Facts.

Name Joseph Anthony Gatto Jr
Famous As Joe Gatto
Birthdate June 5, 1976
Birthplace Staten Island, New York
Age 44
Parents Joseph Sr and Gerri Gatto
Profession Comedian, Actor, Producer
Net Worth $500,000
Spouse Bessy Gatto
Children Two
Nationality American

Joe Gatto is a Comedian

Joe Gatto was born as Joseph Anthony Gatto Jr on June 5, 1976, on the same island as the rest of the crew. He has got an undergraduate degree in accounting from LIU Post. As a kid, Gatto enjoyed old-school hip-hop, Top 40 radio jams, and Vanilla Ice while binging on television shows like The Wonder Years, Knight Rider, and Growing Pains. Joe’s favorite movies were Star Wars and E.T.

Image of The Tenderloins

Caption: The Tenderloins

After holding a degree as an accountant, he started his acting career in 1999, along with Mike Boccio, Sal Vulcano, and James Murray and then eventually their old friend, Brian Quinn. They initially got fame through social networking sites such as Metacafe, YouTube, and MySpace.

In 2011, The Tenderloins appeared in TruTV’s hidden camera prank reality show, Impractical Jokers, and eventually, bringing considerable name and fame to Joe Gatto.

Gatto Has True Passion is Food.

In addition to comedic pranks, Gatto loves making different recipes. As per his Italian ethnicity and background, there’s always an open-door policy for meals. The Scoopski Potatoes skit became popular on Impractical Jokers. One of his favorite childhood memories when he pranked on his nephew.

His nephew was sitting in a highchair, double fisting tiny cannolis, and one of the tops fell off. He didn’t want to lose his Italian treat, so he plopped his on the table and ate the cannoli top.

Joe Gatto’s Net Worth

Joe has been working in the television industry for more than two decades. Comedy is quite a difficult job, and the least amount of people can make. However, Joe has done an excellent job and also garnered a decent salary from it.

The actual salary of Joe Gatto is under review. It is safe to say that Gatto makes hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary from his profession in a year. In addition to that, he is involved in many charities and causes. He often conducts fundraisers for an organization called the Daniel Music Foundation.

Further, he also supports a group of animals, such as rescuing dogs. He has worked with the RoundTable Hero. Other than that, he co-hosts a podcast called PBR, an acronym for Pizza Beer Revolution. All of that put together results to Joe Gatto’s total net worth at around $500,000.

Joe Gatto and Bessy Gatto Married in 2013.

Gatto is a loving and supportive husband. There are no details on how and when the two met for the first time and fell in love. Joe and Bessy Gatto tied the nuptials on September 2, 2013, in an outdoor ceremony. It’s been almost seven years that the couple has been married.

Image of Joe Gatto and his wife, Bessy Gatto

Caption: Joe Gatto and his wife, Bessy Gatto

Like other celebrities couple, the two doesn’t shy to express their love on social media. Joe posts numerous photos of them and his family in social accounts. When Joe isn’t working, he spends time with his wife and even tour together.

Joe Gatto is a Loving Father.

Joe and Bessy have two adorable children, a daughter Milana Francis and a son named Remington Joseph Gatto, aka Remo. His daughter, Milana, was born on May 7, 2015, and now, she is five years old. Milana jus looks like her mother, and her smile melts our hearts.

Remo was born in New York, on July 31, 2017, which makes his three now.

Image of Joe was celebrating Halloween with his family in 2019

Caption: Joe was celebrating Halloween with his family in 2019

His children made frequent appearances on his social media. His daughter loves dogs so much and also enjoys reading books as well as the toy.

Joe Gatto is an Animal Lover.

The Impractical Jokers star loves dogs and has six dogs in total. All of their names are; Spumoni, Tartufo, Biscotti, Cannoli, Napoleon, and Pignoli. Joe refers to his dogs as The Gatto pups.

Joe Gatto has a Childhood Toy.

The comedian has a toy named Winnie the Pooh, which he got when he was three years old. Joe said that he slept with his Winnie every night until he was 17 years old. It is a friend to him and has got him through the toughest of times.

Gatto said his father passed away when he was 19 and slept with this beat to comfort him. Below the post, he shared a picture of Winne and Lily. On the left is little Lily, which he brought for his daughter, and then the two quickly connected.

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