Is Tom Oar Returning to Mountain Men Season 12? His Health Struggles & Retirement Dilemma Unveiled

Originally posted on July 28, 2023 @ 5:47 pm

Mountain Men season 12 has been confirmed to be airing at the end of August, around exactly a month from now.
While fans are happy at the news, there is still an unsatisfying sensation in their hearts as they worry about the uncertainty of their beloved cast member, Tom Oar returning in the new season. Fans’ worries are understandable, given all the uncertainty surrounding his return, even in the latest season 11 before it aired and what transpired in Tom’s health when he did show up. What happened to Tom Oar? Learn about his health struggle before, during, and after season 11 to find out if he will be returning for season 12. Tom Oar pretty much declared his exit from ‘Mountain Men,’ citing his old age and health problems to be the main cause. His longtime wife, Nancy, also wanted them to retire to a much warmer and comfortable life in Florida.

Image of tom and nancy from mountain men

Caption: Tom Oar with his wife Nancy (Mountain Men)

They were also particularly not fond of the stardom they received from being on the show, as the hundreds of fans showing up to their rural mountain homestead was cramping up their style. So, everyone was pleasantly surprised when Tom returned in season 11 with his wife, Nancy. However, we would soon learn how severe Tom’s health conditions really were, prompting him to think and almost take his retirement from the show and his wild lifestyle in general. The fourth episode of season 11, titled ‘Heart and Soul,’ majorly revolved around his health problem and the medical help he was seeking to ail it.”Tom Oar struggles with heart problems but refuses to give up his way of life,” read his storyline in the episode’s meta-description.

The episode reveals that Tom woke up in the middle of the night after facing difficulty breathing, leaving Nancy concerned for her husband’s life.”I’ve never had any health problems,” Tom said. “I’ve always been very healthy all my life.”They visited the cardiologists, that conducted multiple tests on Tom’s heart and were able to immediately point out that it wasn’t functioning properly. The cold high altitude was causing fluid to settle in his lungs. They sent him home with a bunch of medications hoping they will be enough to strengthen his heart.

Image of Tom Oar Mountain Men

Caption: Tom Oar (Mountain Men)

They’ve also taken extra precautions and made him wear a heart rate monitor to keep a watchful eye on his heart. Knowing that Tom and Nancy’s cabin lies 80 miles from the nearest health clinic, they also made sure Tom wears a defibrillator vest for the worst-case scenario. The episode ends with Tom and Nancy receiving the diagnosis of all the tests and a follow-up check-up at a Libby clinic nearest to their home to see whether the medications are working; otherwise, they may need to do surgery for further treatment.

It was Tom’s such decline that must have made them want to give up life in the first place, but they mostly thought it was Oar’s age naturally catching up to him. Born in 1943, he is already “pushing 80 pretty soon,” as he said back in 2022. Whatever the reason may be, the fact is Tom will need to take better care of his health regardless of the test results. Tom continued on for the rest of season 11, but his availability for season 12 still remains uncertain.

Maybe he will take the retirement he spoke about.”It’s just Nancy and me and an old Dodge pickup and 30-foot chain. We can’t keep doing this forever,” he said. “I keep telling Nancy, one of these days you’ll probably just find me stretched out dead over the fleshing block.” We will have to wait and find out.

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