James Murray Net Worth in 2020. Is he married to Melyssa Davies after divorce with Jenna Vulcano?

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James Murray is an American Comedian, Producer, and Author. He is best known from the reality show, Impractical Jokers. James, together with his group, The Tenderloins have featured together in other shows such as Damned, Say Whaat, and The Misery Index. Read to know if Impractical Joker James Murray is married to Melyssa Davies.

The group has also written a book together. James Murray teamed up with Darren Wearmouth and wrote three books: The Brink, Awakened, and Obliteration. In this article about James Murray, we are going to focus our eyes on James Murray. We are going to find out his Net Worth, relationship status, career, and other facts you may not have known about him.

James Murray Net Worth.

Murray is estimated to have a net worth of $5 Million. We know that most of this is from his career on Television. In Impractical Jokers, James gets $15k in each episode, and he charges $20k for producing the show. Let us not forget the books he co-published.

Image of Comedian-James Murray net worth

Caption: Comedian-James Murray net worth

Awakened: A Novel- the book was published on 26th June 2018. The Hardcover copy of the book is sold @$25.

The Brink- it was published on 18th June 2019 and written by Murray and Wearmouth. The book is sold $25.99 on the market.

Obliteration: An Awakened Novel- this Thriller Horror and Urban Fiction Novel were published on 23rd June 2020. The hardcover copy costs $27.99 while the Audio CD goes @ 34.99.

Impractical Jokers- this book was published by The Tenderloins in 2014. The Paperback copy is sold at $22.99.

Before his career on Television, James Murray had been the VP of a Tv Company for 11 years. We are certain that during all those years, he saved up a lot. Being a Vice President of a Company is a big deal and a big position.

Married to Jenna Vulcano. Reason for Divorce

Jenna Vulcano and James Murray tied the knot in 2014. The ceremony took place in church, and family and friends were present. Funnily enough, their wedding only lasted 24 hours before they filed for a divorce. This is the shortest marriage ever. But wait for it, the wedding was real, but at the end of the day, it turned out to be a prank.

Image of James Murray with his ex-wife Jenna Vulcano

Caption: James Murray with his ex-wife Jenna Vulcano

Why did they Divorce? For starters, the wedding wasn’t meant to be. James only wanted to prank Jenna’s brother Sal for making him do a crazy dare of skydiving out of the Plane. It was surprising that Jenna Vulcano agreed to be part of a prank. Aren’t first weddings supposed to be a big deal?

James Murray is Dating Melyssa Davies. Their marriage Plan.

It is true that James Murray is engaged to Melyssa Davies. We are not certain when they began dating. Murray has not disclosed that information yet. However, last year on 30th August, he proposed to his girlfriend. James proposed to her outside their new home.

In an interview, Murray said that he had set up a picnic at their backyard. His initial plan was to propose when they were on their vacation In Turks and Caicos. Unfortunately, their trip got canceled, and he had to improvise. It was beautiful and straightforward, and Melyssa said yes.

James Murray and his wife-to-be Melyssa Davies have not set a date for their wedding yet. You must be wondering how the two met. James met Melyssa at his launch party for his book, Awakened. He then confessed how happy he was to have written the book.

Image of James Murray dating with Melyssa Davies

Caption: James Murray dating with Melyssa Davies

James Murray Is Not Gay.

The rumors of James Murray and Sal Vulcano being gay began in 2014. It was Sal who confessed publicly at first. However, it was to support his friend James so that he would be able to come out as well without being ashamed. Sal then admitted that he was straight and not gay.

The thing that has gotten the fans confused is about James Murray’s dating life. Is he gay or not? His confession of being gay was also false. It must have been one of their dares. Some viewers must not have been pleased with them joking around with their sexuality.  He is happily engaged to his beautiful girlfriend.

Wiki Bio Age and Facts.

Full name James Murray
Age 44 years old
Date of Birth 1st May 1976
Place of Birth Staten Island, New York, United States
Profession Comedian, Producer, Author
Net worth $ 5 Million
Girlfriend Melyssa Davies
Kids N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Parents Unknown

James Murray is currently 44 years old and engaged to the love of his life. Going through his Instagram account, you can see a couple of pictures of Melyssa. The couple even has a cute puppy together, Penelope (penny). His social media handle is @therealmurr.

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