Meet the Parents and Siblings of India Rose Hemsworth

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You probably know the famous ‘Thor‘ and ‘Avengers‘ actor, Chris Hemsworth, and his wife, Elsa Pataky, the famous model who made her appearance in ‘Fast and Furious.‘ Then how come you don’t know much about their first child, India Rose Hemsworth. This beautiful child is just eight years old but has been able to draw the world’s attention towards her. She is adorable and appears alongside her parents in many paparazzi images.

Scroll below to know more about India Rose Hemsworth, her celebrity parents, and her grandparents. Also, know more about her age, family, siblings, and her lifestyle with us.

Who is India Rose Hemsworth? Wiki, Bio

India Rose Hemsworth, a celebrity child, was born on the 11th of May, 2012. Being born on May, she holds the sun sign Taurus.  This child is just eight years old and has been able to leave her mark all around the world. She was born in London, United Kingdom.

The name of her father is Chris Hemsworth, and the name of her mother is Elsa Pataky. She has two younger siblings. Further, she is the first child of her parents. She has two younger twin brothers. The names of her twin brothers are Sasha and Tristan. India holds Australian nationality. Moreover, her ethnicity is dutch.

Image of India Rose Hemsworth

Caption: India Rose Hemsworth

Early Life & Family

The family of India Rose Hemsworth is therefore marked as a perfect family. Her parents tied the knot in December of 2010. After two years, in the year 2012, Chris and Elsa’s first child, India, was born. Moreover, they gave birth to twin sons after some years.

The Parents’ Reaction to India Rose Hemsworth’s Birth

Thor actor Chris claims that he is pleased after his daughter’s birth. He confessed to his fans that he almost cried after looking at his daughter the first time. Moreover, he says that the moment he took the blue-eyed just born baby girl in his hands, he was the happiest man alive.

He also mentions that his wife Elsa, too, was thrilled to become a mother for the first time. However, she seemed to have stuck between career and family. She always wanted to stay beside her daughter, but at the same time, her career was on her mind. Finally, this actress made her appearance in “Fast and Furious 6.”

Rose is no more a little girl. She is eight years old and is a school pupil for now. The 8-year-old stays with her mother and father in Australia and is already bilingual, speaking not only English but also Spanish. As Spanish is her mother’s first language, she speaks fluent Spanish.

Why is Her Name India Rose Hemsworth?

India’s father, whose name is Chris Hemsworth, claims that the country India holds a marked place in his heart. Thus, this famous actor was traced to shooting in India. He says that it was an intimidating yet exciting experience and that he feels like a rockstar.

In an interview with IANS, he said, “Elsa Pataky, my wife spent a huge amount of time in India and therefore, his daughter’s name, India Rose Hemsworth came from there.”

How Rich is India Rose Hemsworth? Know Her Parent’s Net Worth

Well, talking about the wealth and lavish lifestyle of India Rose Hemsworth, her primary source of wealth is her family. India comes from a celeb family and is living a very generous life. The lifestyle of this eight years old child is the dream for many. Therefore, her mother, the successful model, has also gained a lot of fame, marking her appearance in the Fast and Furious franchise.

Hemsworth’s father is an Australian actor who has earned massive fame in recent days. If you have seen Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, you must remember the “Thor.” Therefore, Chris has left his mark in the film industry by giving a noteworthy performance in the movie. Moreover, India’s father’s net worth is estimated to be $130 million.

Image of India Rose Hemsworth's parents Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky

Caption: India Rose Hemsworth’s parents Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky

India Rose Hemsworth’s Lifestyle

Well, we all are aware of India Rose Hemsworth’s parents. The great celebrity parents are giving the best life to their three kids. India, who is their first child, is living her best life. Her lifestyle looks like a dream to many. This child is seen in many paparazzi photos alongside her parents.

Therefore, this child seems to appear in the limelight because of her celebrity parents. The two celebrity couples have done a lot to give their child the best life. Thus, Rose is living a very lavish life.  Through her father Chris and mother Elsa’s Instagram accounts, we can get some idea about the lifestyle of Hemsworth family.

Know about India Rose Hemsworth’s Grandparents

India’s grandfather and, therefore, Chris’s father currently lives in Australia. His name is Craig Hemsworth. Her grandparents don’t live far from their grandchildren, son Chris, and daughter-in-law Elsa. Chris’s father seems to be a social worker. He also served as a social counselor for many years.

India’s grandmother, and thus, Chris’s mother looks very young. Chris seems to be very attached to his mother, Leonie, posting pictures with his mother in his social media very often. Leonie raised three boys and worked at a local school as an English teacher. Later, after she retired, she joined her husband and assisted in his work at the Australian Childhood Foundation. India’s father Chris says that his mother is his role model and his inspiration.

Image of India Rose Hemsworth's father with her grandparents

Caption: India Rose Hemsworth’s father with her grandparents

Wiki Table

Name  India Rose Hemsworth
Birth Date  The 11th of May, 2012
Age Eight years old
Birth Place  London, United Kingdoms
Profession Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Net Worth Unrevealed
Ethnicity Dutch
Nationality Australian
Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse Unmarried
Social Media Unknown

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