Timothy Olyphant Wife Alexis Knief’s Bio, Early Life, Education, Love Story, Divorce Joke

Originally posted on April 7, 2020 @ 4:32 pm

There are lots of people who touch the height of fame, all thanks to their famous spouses. One of those well-known personalities is Alexis Knief, who came to the limelight after marrying her husband, Timothy Olyphant. Of course, that means that before she married Timothy, it was unknown who Alexis Knief is. 

Timothy is not new in the drama series world. And people who are addicted to those shows will definately know who Timothy is. So, you should know who he is married to the right? There have been some rumors about their divorce, too, so we will get to it after we finish up knowing about Alexis, including her biography and married life. 

Who is Alexis Knief? 

Alexis was born in January 1 in 1970, in the United States of America. As of 2020, Alexis is 50 years old, with a height of 5 ft and 8 inches. The blondie completed her higher education from the University of Southern California. Similarly, she met her husband, Timothy, during her university days. Likewise, her zodiac sign is Capricorn. 

Before getting married to her husband, Timothy, there was no information regarding Alexis. However, after her relationship with Timothy, not much, but still, some parts of her information can be obtained. Therefore, we would like to inform you that we do not have much information regarding her early days. But, we are looking into it, so we hope we can notify you in the future. 

Image of Timothy Olyphant’s Wife, Alexis Knief

Caption: Timothy Olyphant’s Wife, Alexis Knief

Career and Net Worth

Talking about Alexis’ career, it seems like she is a housewife looking at some information we found online. But as per other sources, it is informed that she has a net worth of around $1 million. 

Image of Alexis Knief’s Net Worth

Caption: Alexis Knief’s Net Worth

Similarly, with that information, we can tell you that Alexis has refused to reveal what her career is as she stays away from the fame and glory. Since we do not know what work the famous superstar’s wife Alexis does, it is hard to give you the correct information. So, do stay tuned to us and come back and recheck the article so that you will be the first one to get informed when we get our hands on the information. 

Moreover, Alexis’ husband Timothy has a net worth of around $20 million and is known as one of the highest-paid actors from the film industry. A surprising fact about Alexis is that the only tie we can spot her in public is when she accompanies her husband, Timothy, in some kind of event. 

Caption: Alexis & Timothy at Golden Globes, 2017. 

Knief’s Husband Timothy Olyphant 

As you all are aware, Knief and the Hollywood star Timothy Olyphant are married. Timothy is well known for his works in Deadwood and Gone in 60 seconds. Similarly, Timothy and his wife reside in Westwood, Los Angeles.

Image of Actor Timothy Olyphant 

Caption: Actor Timothy Olyphant

Moreover, he was born in 1968, May 20, as Timothy David Olyphant. Besides, Timothy made his acting debut in the Off-Broadway theater back in 1995. He acted in The Monogamist, which gave him his first sward, Theater World Award right after his debut. However, the role that took him to the peak of fame is when h portrayed the role of sheriff Seth Bullock in Deadwood, which aired from 2004 to 2006. 

How did Timothy and Alexis Meet? 

Alexis met her husband, Timothy, when they were students in the University. First, they started as friends. And after they got to know one another for a long time, they thought that it was time they take their relationship further. Therefore, this love bird decided to get married back in 1991 and have been living peacefully with one another since. 

Image of Alexis with Husband Timothy Olyphant

Caption: Alexis with Husband Timothy Olyphant

Since they are together for 30 years, it makes us wonder what might be the secret behind their long-lasting married life without any glitch, right? Notably, we are aware that actors these days are divorced at least once, but, Timothy and Alexis are different. Once in an interview, Timothy mentioned, “choosing the right person who is willing to do the work and”make it happen.” So we guess, that is the secret behind their still blooming romance.

Who are Alexis and Timothy’s, Children?

Since we mentioned Alexis and Timothy had had a perfect marital life since they married in 1991, you might be wondering they surely might have a kid. Yes, Alexis and Timothy share three children who are all still really young. 

Moreover, eight years after the couple got married, Alexis gave birth to their first child in 1999, June 20. Similarly, the eldest daughter is named Grace Katherine, who becomes 21 years this coming June. 

Moving on, after two years of giving birth to her first child, Alexis and Timothy go pregnant with their second child and gave birth to a dashing son Henry in 2001. Likewise, in 2020, Henry’s age is 19 years old.

Lastly, Alexis gave birth to her third child, a daughter. The youngest in the family is Vivian and she is also the favorite of all. As of 2020, she is 14 years old. 

Image of Timothy, Alexis, and their 3 Kids

Caption: Timothy, Alexis, and their 3 Kids

Moreover, as mentioned above, all of the children are pretty young and are studying for the moment. The kids are also as laid back as their mother is and wants to have a private life. 

Alexis & Timothy’s Divorce Rumors

No relationship is successful without tackling challenges in the way. Similarly, Alexis and Timothy too have faced a lot of those problems. But of course, nothing was strong enough that it could break them apart. 

However, back in 2011, we spotted Timothy making a joke about how he would have left his wife if he got an Emmy Award that year. As he was nominated for the drama series Justified in Outstanding Lead Actor. However, yes, it was a joke, but that made the fans wonder if he is thinking about a divorce. 

Moving on, some time passed, and in some occasions, we spotted Timothy again wearing his wedding ring on the wrong hand. He wore his wedding ring in the right hand, but it should have been on the left from the start. But, it is true that he is really happy to have Alexis as Timothy’s wife by his side. However, he just likes wearing hs bring on the right hand and has always worn that way. 

Social Media Update

We have already mentioned it a lot, but let us do it once again. Alexis’ husband Timothy has paparazzi all over him. However, besides for her husband being the media star, Alexis is a laid back woman. 

Yes, Alexis is not the social media kind of person. But we still hope to find more information in the future.

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