Marney Hochman: Dating Life and Children of Jason Nash’s Ex-wife

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There is really less possibility with you not knowing who Jason Nash is, am I right? The famous comedian, YouTube star and actor was married to gorgeous Marney Hochman. Marney, in fact, rose to fame and gained her limelight after she was linked with Nash.

So since their divorce as a fan of Jason or just a curious person, you might be wondering if she’s moved on and has been dating or in a relationship with someone. 

So in this article, today, we’ll inform you of details about Jason Nash’s ex-wife Marney. Do they have any kids, her kids? What is her net worth? Find out in her wiki, bio, and career.

Image of Caption: Marney Hochman- Jason Nash’s Ex-Wife

Caption: Marney Hochman- Jason Nash’s Ex-Wife

Marney Hochman’s Biography and Family

Daughter of (father) Ronnie Hochman Marney Marney spent her early days growing up with her father and mother in Los Angeles, California. Marney’s mother’s name is not yet disclosed, but we are sure that her parents created an excellent living environment for her and her siblings. 

Image of Caption: Marney with her Dad and Jordana Ives

Caption: Marney with her Dad and Jordana Ives

The first-class University of California graduate Marney was born with American nationality in 1973, making her 47-years-old in 2020. Similarly, a fun fact about Hochman is that besides from her busy schedule, she still enjoys photography and loves capturing some really unusual things when she’s traveling around. 

Marney’s Career Development

Though Marney got her rise of fame after the relationship with her former husband Jason Nashshe’s not really such an ordinary woman herself. 

She started from the scrap, and now Hochman is an excellent American producer and entrepreneur. Moreover, not only that, but Jason Nash’s ex-wife is a partner of the Ryan Mankind Production Company, the executive producer of The Last Resort, Mad Dogs, and an Instagram famous.

Image of Caption: Marney in Mad Dog’s Screening

Caption: Marney in Mad Dog’s Screening

Similarly, Hochman is also a part of the famous American series, Terries and The Chicago Code. She shared a youtube channel with her ex-husband, who was named Jason Nash and Family; however, due to er request, the channel was taken down. She wanted the kids to grow up a normally and not as some YouTube stars.

Meanwhile, Marney is doing great in her work and has her hands full, which is an income source of her.

What’s Hochman’s Salary & Net Worth?

Marney is famous for being the producer of the TV show Timeless. The white Caucasian descent woman surely does earn a lot from her work. Talking about her income, Hochman’s salary is not really known as she has decided to keep it private.

Caption: Jason Nash and Family

But we can plainly inform you about her net worth. According to some sites, we’ve got to know that Marney has a net worth, which is estimated to be around $1.3 million by some sources, while others place it at approximately $2 million. 

Image of Caption: Marney Hampyon’s Net Worth

Caption: Marney Hampyon’s Net Worth

Now since she has not informed about her house and cars, all we can notify you is that as a wine and coffee lover, Hochman has a massive collection of coffee mugs. But, we’ll surely update it to you once we get our hands-on information about her cars and house details you’ll be the first to know. 

Marriage and Divorce with Ex-husband Jason Nash?

Jason Eric Nash and Marley Hochman were happily married for like ten years. Or at least we thought she was. Marney and Nash met in their university days and started dating then tied their knot together. Their marriage brought two adorable children in this world. 

Yes, Hochman is the mother of two, but you can say three, too, as she doesn’t consider her extremely adorable golden retriever less than her own kid. 

In 2017, unfortunately, the couple decided to split and officially filed a divorce. The mother of two, Charley Nash and Wyatt Nash and her former husband Jason, are co-parenting their children now. 

Image of Caption: Jason Nash with His Children

Caption: Jason Nash with His Children

If you do not know yet, then you should check out the video of Nash and Hochman getting handcuffed together after their divorce, which they both agreed was awful at the end. However, Nash’s fans still think that he is still in love with Hochman despite whatever they have gone through. 

Caption: Jason and former wife Marley Handcuffed together.

Is Hochman In a Relationship with a New Boyfriend?

Currently, Hochman seems to be quiet busy in her work, which means she is not engaging in any kind of romantic relationship. But she might be keeping it a secret too; you never know what’s going in a famous person’s life really well after all, huh.

Marney Hochman Social Media Update

Marney does not hesitate to show her love towards her kids and her pet dog in her Instagram at all. As she loves traveling and capturing pictures. She adores dogs and has excellent humor, and all of it can be seen in her Instagram account.

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Caption: Marney Hochman’s Instagram

As of her other social media accounts, she is not as much active elsewhere, as she is on her Instagram. In fact, she does not really update every day in her Instagram either. So there is no recent news from her Twitter too.

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