Hang Knighton – 8 Things About Zachary Knighton’s Ex-wife

Originally posted on January 22, 2020 @ 3:18 pm

Many people around the world are nowadays developing their interest to know the celebrity who became popular after marriage, divorce, or relationship with famous personalities. One name that you rarely hear is Hang Knighton, who is mostly renowned for being the ex-wife of Zachary Knighton.

Hang and Zachary Knighton were together for about a decade, but no one knows why the couple ended their married life. Here’s what you need to know of Zachary’s ex-wife, Hang Knighton.

Hang Knighton Married Zachary Knighton in 2008

Hang Knighton is known for having shared a married life with CBS’s Magnum P.I. Actor Zachary Knighton. It is said that they dated many years before getting married. Hang and Knighton exchanged wedding vows in 2008. Although, the couple neither revealed the wedding date nor the venue where they got married.

Hang Knighton and Zachary Knighton

Caption:- Picture of Hang Knighton and Ex-husband Zachary Knighton

The pair didn’t disclose their private life publicly. Similarly, Hang is a secretive person and has spoken nothing about their marriage and dating. Hang rarely made her appearance in the events with her husband. By this, it is well known that she prefers to stay away from the limelight world.

Why Hang Knighton Divorce Husband Zach?

Like most other relationships in Hollywood, Hang and Zachary’s marriage lasted for eight years only. Everything was going smoothly in their life, but suddenly, the couple decided to end their marriage after being together for a long time. But why?

Hang and Zachary Knighton got divorced in 2015. However, the duo has not opened up the reason for their divorce to date. According to our speculation, Hang’s ex-husband extramarital affair might be the reason for their divorce.


At the time, Zachary was rumored to be dating an unidentified lady. Later he confirmed his relationship via social media posting the pictures of the two in 2015. Zachary got married to his girlfriend turned wife in 2018. He even shared a wedding picture with his current wife, whose Instagram goes by ‘incredibly.

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How is this possible @incredibetsy ?

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Zachary has moved on in his life, but does his ex-wife, Hang Knight? What do you think?

Hang Knighton is the Mother of a Daughter

Hand and ex-husband Zachary have shared a daughter named Tallulah Knighton together. She was born on September 21st, 2011. Hang’s daughter turned nine in 2019. Zachary shared an image of a father and daughter on his Instagram and stated in the caption,

“This legend turned 9.”

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This legend turned 9 today

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Going through the Instagram of the Magnum P.I. Actor, he posts numerous pictures of daughter Tallulah since she was an infant. This little cutie pie enjoys hanging up with her stepmother and a half-brother.

Image of Caption: Hang and Zachary's daughter Tallulah Knighton

Caption: Hang and Zachary’s daughter Tallulah Knighton

What is the Net Worth of Hang Knight?

Hang’s career information and about what she does for a living and her sources of income are remaining undisclosed. We surely say that she got impressive alimony or spousal support from her ex-husband and enjoys a good life.

On the other hand, Zachary makes an incredible salary from his acting career. As of 2020, we came to know that Mr. Knighton has a whooping net worth of $8 million.

Hang Knight’s Ex-Husband, Zachary is an Actor

Zachary Knighton is widely known for his role in the critically acclaimed comedy-drama series ‘Happy Endings.’ Recently, he is playing the lead role as Orville ‘Rick‘ Wright on CBS’s series “Magnum P.I.”

Also, the Magnum P.I. appeared in the recurring role of Paul on the Netflix series, “Santa Clarita Diet.” The 41 years old actor made his appearance in many series, including Weird Loners, Parenthood, House of Lies, Law & Order, and in the biographical TV film “Sally Hemmings: An American Scandal.

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His film credits include Big Bear, Ashby, Believe Me, Hot, Surfer Dude, and the dark horror remake “The Hitcher.” No only on-screen, but Knighton also appeared in several theatrical productions. Some of his stage credentials are The Pumpkin Pie Show, Endgame, and Equus.

What is Hang Knight’s Ethnicity?

As you already, she is only known as the ex-wife of Zachary Knighton. But she is still an ordinary person like us and does whatever she likes; none says nothing to her. Many people are googling her name to know her biography, including her birth date, family background, and much more.

However, we able to find out the date and place she was born. Hang was born on 22 May 1980 in New York City, New York, which makes her age 40. But we don’t know if she attended university after her high school graduation.

Also, there is no detail about her parents and siblings. She holds the citizenship of America and is of Asian heritage.

Is Hang Knighton Active on Social Media?

Zachary’s ex-wife, Hang, is a private person and loves keeping things to herself. So, she is not active on any social media. You can follow Zach Knighton on Twitter and Instagram

Her Ex-Husband Already has a New Family

Hang Knighton may not be very active from a social media viewpoint, but that does not go for her actor husband, Zachary Knighton. Only looking at his IG, we can narrate his entire life story. We do not know if he is married or not. His Girlfriend, perhaps even wife, has, however, dedicated compilation as a whole of their IG stories, the title of ‘Husband’ so they may be married. We also have this picture where Betsy looks like she is in a wedding dress so, they might already be secretly married.

Image of Caption: Zack and Hang are living like a husband and wife

Caption: Zack and his girlfriend are living like a husband and wife

Married or not, they sure are living like a husband and wife. They gave birth to their son, Bear Analu Knighton, on October 26, 2019.

Image of Caption: Zack with her son Bear Analu Knighton

Caption: Zack with her son Bear Analu Knighton

Ever since that both Zachary and his girlfriend, Betsy hasn’t stopped gushing over their son or family life. They keep posting pictures of each other, and we love each one. Keep them coming, guys.

As of Hang Knighton, she has utterly vanished off the radar. You are free to research her from elsewhere, but we doubt you will find any valuable information that we have not already noticed. But we will still keep tabs on her and provide you with any new updates we might hear from her. So, make sure you come to check with us in the future.

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