Shona Learoyd; Net Worth of Ian Anderson’s Wife & Their Married Life

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Relationships are hard. To manage a good relationship between two lovers, or husband and wife, you have to go through a lot of things such as compromise, for better for worse. But if you are a celebrity and imagine millions of people are watching your every move like taking pictures, videos and more. However, the stars managed their life for years.

But everything ended perfectly when the celebrities date an average person and got married. Likewise, Scottish-born musician Ian Anderson married a non-famous personality Shona Learoyd in the ’70s. Since then, they have been living together.

Shona Learoyd and Ian Anderson Are Married for More Than Four-Decade

Shona Learoyd became a public figure after she got married to Scottish musician and singer Ian Anderson. She met her now-husband while working as a press officer at Jethro Tull’s record label in the mid-’70s.

Image of Caption: Shona Learoyd and Ian Anderson have been married for twenty-four years

Caption: Shona Learoyd and Ian Anderson have been married for twenty-four years

Like other relationships, they fall in love at first sight and eventually started dating. After dating almost for a year, the couple decided to spend the rest of their life with each other and said, “I do” in 1976, in a private ceremony.

According to Rolling Stone, Shona is a beautiful daughter of a wealthy wool manufacturer. Shona and Ian are examples for other couples that love do exist. During their marriage, the duo has faced many ups and downs but never thought to separate.

Shona is the Second Wife of Ian Anderson

Before Shona, Ian was married to ex-wife Jennie Franks. Ian’s first wife is an English photographer, playwright, life coach as well as actress. Ian Anderson and ex-wife, Jennie Franks, were married from 1970 to 1974. His former wife also wrote a few lyrics for his songs. Franks wrote the first couple of verses pf the song, Aqualung. 

However, Shona’s husband hasn’t talked anything regarding his first marriage to the median to date.

Shona Learoyd Has Two Children

Shona Learoyd and Ian Anderson share two children; James Duncan Anderson and Gael Anderson. Like her, both of their children rarely appear in front of the media.

Image of Caption: Shano's daughter, Gael Anderson and grandchildre, Matilda Clutterbuck

Caption: Shano’s daughter, Gael Anderson, and grandchildren, Matilda Clutterbuck

James Duncan follows the footsteps of his father, Ian, and now, he is a musician. He has been playing drums by age 13 and later formed a band, Chequered Rain, but failed to achieve chart success. Then he moved in London and recorded and performed live with many bands as well as an artist.

Image of Caption: James Duncan Anderson, son of Ian Anderson and Shona

Caption: James Duncan Anderson, son of Ian Anderson and Shona

In 2002, James worked with his father on his Rubbing Elbows Us tours. The father and son toured in 2013 on The Thick As A Brick tour in Germany. Shona’s daughter Gael Anderson is happily married to an English actor, Andrew Lincoln, who is well known for his lead role on AMC’s series The Walking Dead. 

Furthermore, she is a grandmother of two grandkids; Matilda Clutterbuck and Arthur Clutterbuck.

Shona Learoyd’s Husband is a Survivor of Deep Vein Thrombosis

The lead singer of the band Jethro Tull, Ian, has experienced DVT while he was traveling between three continents in 2001. Later Anderson went for a treatment, and now, he is right. He has made many announcements to raise awareness of the diseases.

Image of Caption: Ian Anderson is a Scottish musician

Caption: Ian Anderson is a Scottish musician

Learoyd Enjoys Millions in Net Worth

Shano has been living a luxurious life with her husband after marriage. There’s no doubt; she has million of worth that earned by her husband’s music career and other ventures. Before marriage, she studied ballet for ten years and then gained a few years of experience as a press officer, working at Chrysalis Records. Professionally, she is a dancer and performed in many programs.

Although the net worth and salary she earns during her career is still a mystery, in the contrary, Ian Anderson’s net worth is $30 million. Also, her husband, Ian, is an avid businessman. He owns and operates several salmon farms in New England.

Shano Lives in England

Shano and Ian reside in Wiltshire, England. The couple has bought several estates across the United States as well as Switzerland. Anderson and his wife moved to their magnificent, 12-acre estate in 1994. The mansion has eleven bedrooms, which may be a little too much for a small family, but they have no intention of downsizing.

Image of Caption: Shano Learyod and Ian Anderson live in a 12 acres house in the countryside

Caption: Shano Learyod and Ian Anderson live in a 12 acres house in the countryside

At the back of the house, it has a courtyard garden, a spa, and an indoor pool with echoing acoustics. Also, it has a separate music room, 20 treasured Martin guitar line the walls.

Also, the duo has lived in a 16th-century redbrick farmhouse on the 500-acre Pophleys Estate in Radnage, England. Also, they owned the Strathaird Estate on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Additionally, for a short time in Montreux, Switzerland.

Learoyd loves spending Money in Cars

Shano loves spending money on expensive cars and jewelry. She loves driving, but her husband doesn’t drive a car by himself. Shona has two vehicles, iconic to her identity; the energy-efficient Baby Lexus and gas-guzzling Mercedes AMG.

Does Shano have Social Media?

As mentioned earlier, Shano doesn’t appear much in the media. If you are looking for her on social media, then let you know that she is an active user of any social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

However, you can follow her spouse, Ian Anderson, on Instagram.

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