Shervin Roohparvar Net Worth & Married Life: Facts About Shahs of Sunset Star

Originally posted on March 16, 2020 @ 5:09 am

There is a variety of reality shows that air on many channels such as Ghost Hunters, Life & Hip Hop Atlanta, Jersey Shore, and more. The Bravo’s show, Shahs of Sunsets that air the stars’ drama publicly. The show focuses on the luxurious lifestyle and private life of the cast members, from cheating scandal, divorces, fertility woes, and much more.

The new season Shahs of Sunset has already delivered on the Bravo TV. Since the first episode of Shahs of Sunset season 8, it brought lots of drama. This article attempts to explore Shervin Roohparavar’s net worth. He joined the show in season 5 after Asifa Mirza left.

Shervin Roohparvar was born to Iranian Parents

Shervin was born on 21st August 1980, which makes his age 39. He holds the citizenship of the United States. His parents immigrated from Iran and later settled down in the USA. Shervin stands six feet tall.

Image of Caption: Shervin Roohparvar

Caption: Shervin Roohparvar

You would be shocked to know that the reality star pursued his bachelor’s degree in plastic surgery. Though his passion is rooted in entrepreneur and information technology. After that, he established his own IT Company with his collegemates.

Aside from works, Shervin enjoys traveling, classic cars, collection new, and spending time at the shooting range. Further, he is an avid supporter of the PARS Equality and Aryana Health Care Foundation.

Image of Caption: Shervin has a Mercedes Benz 300SL car

Caption: Shervin has a Mercedes Benz 300SL car

Roohparvar’s a TV personality

Shervin rose to fame after he made his appearance as the cast member in the Bravo reality show, Shahs of Sunset, in season 5. In the beginning, he featured as a friend of Golnesa Gharachedaghi in the season.

Aside from the show, he appeared in TV series, including Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and The Shahs Come Clean with Nadine.

Reza Farahan Unfollowed Shervin Rooharvar on Social Media

Anyone who has watched the Shahs of Sunset drama in the season 8 has heard about Reza Farahan and Mercedes Javid feud. Reza and MJ broke their 30 years old of the relationship after Javid rumored the rocky relationship rumors of Farahan and his husband.

Image of Caption: Shervin Rooharvar and Reza Farahan

Caption: Shervin Rooharvar and Reza Farahan

On the other hand, there is some social media drama between the cast members of the Shahs of Sunset. It not just between MJ and Reza, but Reza has issued with other co-stars; Mike Shouhed, Nema Vaud, and Shervin Roohparvar.

According to Toofab, the four co-stars, MJ, Mike, Nema, and Shervin, went for night out. One of the cameramen declared that Reza Farahan unfollowed a lot of people. Nema told Reza, unfollowed him and other cast members of the show, including MJ, Mike, and Shervin. Shervin refers to MJ as his younger sister.

Are Shervin and Annalise Carbone Still Dating?

Shahs of Sunset Season 6 reunion show, Annalise via video call defended their relationship. Shervin and Annalise have been together for years, and still, they are in a relationship. Shervin’s girlfriend, Carbone, lives in Sydney, Australia, and professionally, she is a model.

Image of Caption: Shervin's girlfriend, Annalise Carbone is an Australian Model

Caption: Shervin’s girlfriend, Annalise Carbone is an Australian Model

However, the duo has still not posted a single photo of them on their social profiles. Further, they haven’t directly said about their relationship with the public. After the season 6 reunion, the two have entirely remained coy about their relationship.

On the reunion show, Annalise claimed that they were in an open relationship. However, they both decided not to be monogamous. During the video, she said, Shervin was free to be with other ladies, and so she wasn’t bothered by people’s claimed that he cheated on her.

He is in a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend, Annalise. However, the two split theirs between Los Angeles and Australia.

Reza Farahan Called Shervi the Biggest Con Artist

In an interview with Andy Cohen, Reza proclaimed Roohparvar to be the fakes human being. Farahan revealed that he tried to have sex with Golnesa’s sister, Leila.

During the show, Farahan implied that he attempts on Leila while he is still in a relationship with Carbone. GG’s sister, Leila Gharache, has made several appearances on Shahs of Sunset.

In the season of GG claimed that actually, Mike Shouded did the deed with Leila the day he proposed to Jessica Parido, who is his ex-wife.

What is Shervin Roohparvar’s Net Worth?

Shervin is an entrepreneur and earns a good income from his profession as well as from the TV shows. He told Braoc, he has two companies in tech space in Silicon Valley and a headphone company in San Diego.

Besides, Roohparvar has a club, a restaurant in Seattle, and signed three leases. It sounds like that it’s going to get more prominent in the future. Shervin’s net worth is yet to be known. However, you won’t be disappointed after you heard that his net worth is not less than a million.  Some reliable sources claim that Shervin Roohparvar’s net worth is about $6 million.

In addition, the reality star has his own clothing boutique. He even promotes his boutique through his social accounts.

Shervin Roohparvar Sued by a Woman for Extortion

Shahs of Sunset star Shervin Roohparver faced a lawsuit from a woman who got injured after using a zip line, as reported by TMZ. The incident has happened in his house. Reportedly, it wasn’t Shervin’s home where the event took place.

He met that lady through the internet in Las Vegas in 2018 and hit it off on social media. In December 2018, they met up in a hotel room and had a drink before he left for a business meeting.

According to Page Six, the lady started shouting obscenities and accused him of slipping her a drug, before leaving the hotel room. However, the cops didn’t take any action against him.

After a month, the Shahs of Sunset got a letter from her agent, asking for $350k. If he refused to give her the amount she asked them, then she’d rat him out of the production companies. After that, Roohparvar sued the woman for extortion.

Social Media Presence

The TV personality is famously known as “Alphasherv” and also active on various social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the same name.

On his Instagram’s bio, he states, “Public Figure @Bravo V with hashtags #Shahs of Sunset.”

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