Libby Offutt – Everything About Ex-Girlfriend of Former NFL Player Randy Moss

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People judge others by their appearance so quickly. If a male and female are having a conversation, then that doesn’t mean they are a couple or dating each other. In the case of Rand Moss, a former NFL player is having a proud dad moment at a game while his wife goes completely out of notice from the media. It is one thing to not know his wife, but to mistake her for someone else is unacceptable.

Randy is married to wife Lydia Griffith Moss for a long time. Moss is the father of five children born from his previous relationship, Libby Offutt. Reportedly, the couple never married. But most people have still mistaken that Libby as Randy’s wife. Here we will shed more light on Randy’s ex-girlfriend.

Libby Offutt is Hailed from Virginia

Libby was born on November 1, 1975, that makes her age 45 now. Offutt spent most of her childhood and adult life in Albans, West Virginia. Most of the reader thought Libby is her real name, but it’s not. Her birth name is Elizabeth Offutt.

Additionally, she and her two sisters, Jennifer and Angela, were raised by their parents, Margarette and Frank Montgomery Offutt. Libby’s dad worked for the Board of Christian Education as the Chairman. Also, in his free time, he coached the church’s girls’ basketball team along with his wife, Margarette.

Libby’s father, Frank, passed away from a rare degenerative disorder called a pure autonomic failure on November 28, 2012, and survived by her mother and sisters. She belongs to white ethnic background and holds the citizenship of the United States.

She went to Saint Albans High School in West Virginia and later transfer to DuPont High School. During her school days, she played several sports such as basketball, badminton, and so on. Also, Offutt was an excellent swimmer.

Libby Offutt and Randy Moss Were High School Sweethearts

Offutt and Moss met while studying at DuPont High School. Eventually, they started dating each other. She often faced criticism for her relationship with her classmates and bullied them with racial comments.

Image of Caption: Libby and Randy met at DuPont High School where their love story began

Caption: Libby and Randy met at DuPont High School where their love story began

However, the couple was still together after high school. Randy and Libby even went on a prom party with their first child. She shared a throwback picture of their prom with the first baby.

Why Did Libby and Randy Split Up? What the Caused of Their Separation?

Libby and Randy were so much in love and going everything well between them. The former NFL player had some fair share of controversies in his past. He was involved in some ugly brawl and accusations during his career.

Back to date in 1996, Moss and Offutt made headlines when they were arrested for domestic violence. According to Inquisitor, the duo had a heated argument that later turned into a physical. During their fight, Randy threw hot water at her that marked the end of their relationship.

Then they departed their ways, and Randy Moss went on to marry a lady name, Lydia. Since then, he has been living a happily married life with his wife.

Mother of Five Children

Libby Offutt and Randy Moss shared five children; Sydney, Senali, Thaddeus, Sylee, and Montigo. Libby became pregnant with Moss’s first child while studying at DuPont High School.

Image of Caption: Libby Offutt and Rady Moss are the parents of five grown-up children

Caption: Libby Offutt and Rady Moss are the parents of five grown-up children

She gave to their first child daughter, Sydney Nikale Moss, on March 6, 1994. She was in her senior year of her daughter’s birth. Sydney, 26, is a talented basketball player. Additionally, her oldest daughter won two times WBCA Player of the Year and NCAA DIII All-American.

Offutt and her parents raised Sydney while Randy’s was busy in making his career in football. Their second child, Thaddeus, was born on May 14, 1998. Now, Thaddeus plays for the LSU Tigers as a football tight end. He was drafted for the 2020 NFL.

The pair welcomed blessed with their child, a baby girl, Senali, on March 24, 2004, with 9 lbs, 2 oz, and 21 inches long. She is also a basketball player like her older sister.

Image of Caption: Senali is a basketball and is taking after her big sister, Sydney

Caption: Senali is a basketball and is taking after her big sister, Sydney

The couple’s youngest son, Montigo Moss, aka Tigo, was born on June 28, 20002, and is now 18 years old. Also, he loves sports and showing off his interest in football to become like his father and brother in the future. Tigo graduated from high school in 2018, and now he is in his senior year. Further, he does have an Instagram account under the name “@tigo_moss.”

Image of Caption: Libby and Randy's youngest son, Tigo

Caption: Libby and Randy’s youngest son, Tigo

Libby gave birth to their fifth child, a daughter named Sylee Milan Moss, who was born on October 29, 2008, at 2:04 am. She is 12 years old and doesn’t feature much in her parent’s social media yet.

Libby worked as a Waitress

Back in 1990, Moss and former girlfriend, Libby, got in a shouting that resulted in the domestic battery charges against the couple. At the time, Libby said that the police that they were just arguing in Moss’ new home in Eden Praire, Minnesota.

Northernmost Outputs reported, Offutt, who is white, has been misidentified as Moss’ Nanny. Later Libby claimed that she wasn’t their nanny, but she is the mother of their children.

Image of Caption: Libby worked as a waitress at Hooters

Caption: Libby worked as a waitress at Hooters

Further, she used to work as a waitress at Hooters. Also, she worked as a cashier at a 7-Eleven and later joined as a sales associate at Home Goods. Now, Libby returns to St. Albans and living a happy life with his kids.

What is the Net Worth of Randy Moss’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Libby’s left her jobs to become a full-time mom. In the past, the mother of five, Libby worked in different places and even accumulated some money. After returning to her hometown, she focused on raising her children. Although we don’t know how much net worth does she have now, we are pretty sure that she received some money from her ex-boyfriend Randy as well as child support.

In addition to her career, she is an entrepreneur. Going through her Instagram page, she runs a shop where she sells apparel, bags, and different accessories such as phone cases, toys, and more.

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On the contrary, Offutt’s ex-boyfriend is a retired football player who has a net worth of $25 million. He is one of the 50 Vikings in the American National Football League. Most of his net worth contributed from his football career and earned an average salary of $7 million.

Libby Struggled with Drug-Related Issues in the Past

Offutt is addicted to drugs in the past, but she has been sober for years. Back in late 2016, Randy Moss criticize Libby Outfit via a Twitter account that she spent $4 million on drugs and sent to rehab. During the time, Moss’s ex-girlfriend refused to get treatment for drug addiction to see her kids.

In early 2017, Libby denied all the allegations, claiming that Randy and his wife attempted to keep her from seeing her children. She added, she went to rehab ten years ago and has been clean ever since.

On the other hand, Randy said he retired from his football career for the sake of five children.

Libby Offutt is a Dog Lover

Libby loves the dog so much, and even she has three dogs; Polo, Zoro, and one dog’s name are unknown. The former waitress shares numerous pictures of her dogs on her social media. Additionally, she goes on a walk with her dogs every day.

Is Libby on Social Media?

As you already know, she is most famous as Randy’s ex, but most people mistook her identity as his ex-wife. If you are searching her on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, then she does have accounts in all pages. Her username is “@libbyoff5.”

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My brown babies #myheart #myworld #myEVERYTHING

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On Instagram’s bio, she states, “Proud momma of five, who love my God, my fam, my fitness, my creativity, my kife, and so much more.” Also, she posts several pictures of her five kids, quotes, as well as promotes her business through it.

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