Everything You Need to Know about Anela Kinsey’s Daughter Isabel Ruby Lieberstein

Originally posted on April 15, 2020 @ 3:15 pm

These days the children of celebrities are the center of attention and effortlessly the talk of the town. Some of those kids include Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia, famous rapper Jay-Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy, and a lot of others. 

But we’re not here to talk about any of them. Today we will take a look at the celebrity daughter sensation, Isabel Ruby Lieberstein. In addition, Isabel is the daughter of the famous actor Warren Lieberstein and actress Angela Kinsey.

Let’s jump straight into her bio, and we’ll have a depth discussion about Isabel’s parents. 

Angela Kinsey’s Daughter Isabel Lieberstein. 

Born as Isabel Ruby Lieberstein 2008, the girl belongs to a caucasian ethnicity. As of 2020, soon in May 3rd, she’s going to be the age of 12. Similarly, as she was born in the United States of America after she reaches the legal age of holding citizenship, she’ll catch one of American Nationality.

Moreover, she was born to her the multitalented actor & producer father, Warren Lieberstein, and the gorgeous actress, mother, Angela Kinsey. Furthermore, Kinsey gave birth to her daughter Isabel at around 12:50 PM with a weight of 6 lbs and 14 oz.

Image of Angela Kinsey with her newly born daughter Isabel Lieberstein

Caption: Angela Kinsey with her newly born daughter Isabel Lieberstein

As Isabel’s parents are long divorced, she is the only child to her parents. However, Isabel does have half-siblings. As of her education, since she’s not even 12, we assume she must be in a primary school. 

Isabel’s Famous Mother, Angela Kinsey. 

Talking about Isabel’s mother, her name is Angela Kinsey. As mentioned above, all thanks to her mother Angela, Isabel came to limelight at such a young age. Kinsey is seen in many TV shows such as Blacked Out, The Office, and Tripping Forward. Similarly, she made her debut in a 1997 series named King of Hills and has spent over two decades in the industry. 

Image of Mama Angela Kinsey Preggers with Baby Isabel.

Caption: Mama Angela Kinsey Preggers with Baby Isabel.

A fun fact about Kinsey is that Youtube is her side hustle and is active there. And you can call her the crazy cat woman, or a woman with a great heart. Because of her obsession over cats, which has led her to be a part of the Aley Cat Allies & other more non-profit organizations. 

Caption: Angela Kinsey on Her Daughter Watching “The Office” 

Isabel’s Multitalented Father Warren Lieberstein

Isabel’s father, Warren, is a famous actor. In fact, he’s not just an actor but also a television writer and a producer. Similarly, Warren is considered one of the most influential celebrities in the entertainment industry. And yes, Isabel takes over the surname of her father, not her mother. 

Moving on, just two years earlier than his former wife Angela, Warren made his debut in 1995 with the drama named Sleepover. 

Image of Caption: Isabel’s Father, Warren Lieberstein

Caption: Isabel’s Father, Warren Lieberstein

Why did Isabel’s Parents Got Divorced? 

Angela and Warren Married in the 2000s and after almost a decade of being together. In 2006, Angela filed for divorce, but it was finalized only in 2010. Similarly, the couple seemed to be living happily, but a year after their baby girl’s birth, the two split officially. However, the reason still seems to be unknown. 

Besides, both of Isabel’s parents have moved on and are living with their new partners. Angela is happy with her partner Joshua Snyder. Moreover, as of Warren, he married his new partner Audrey Wauchope. Thanks to the fact that the former partners still are good friends, Isabel has good relations with her step-siblings Sadie and Hazel. Angela is a stepmother to two of Josh’s sons. 

Image of Caption: Angela's Wedding with Joshua

Caption: Angela’s Wedding with Joshua

What is Isabel Ruby’s Career?

As mentioned above, Isabel turns 12 this May and is still in Primary School. So it becomes hard for a child this young to decide what she wants to do when she grows up. But it is for sure that it won’t even take a decade for her to ultimately realize what is that she loves and wants to do. 

Since a lot of children of celebrities have walked through the paths that their mom or dad has. So, maybe Isabel might go to the entertainment world. Or she might find something else that interests her. Don’t you think she resembles her mother a lot? If her thoughts match Angela as her appearance does, after some years, we might see Isabel’s debut.

Image of Angela Kinsey with Daughter Isabel Ruby.

Caption: Angela Kinsey with Daughter Isabel Ruby.

Isabel Ruby Liberstein – Net Worth

It is hard being the daughter of a celebrity. Most of the time, people assume they work as a child actor and earns. However, it is not so in Isabel’s case. She is just a child who is not even a teenager yet. And since she is focused on studying, she doesn’t earn a bit. 

Nevertheless, she does have a multi-million mother with a net worth of 12 million. As of her father, he is said to have a net worth around $500,000. 

As Angela has Isabel’s custody, she promises to give her daughter the best of everything as a millionaire mother. 

Image of Baby Isabel with Mother Angela on the Beach

Caption: Baby Isabel with Mother Angela on the Beach

Is the 12 Year Active in Social Media? 

Sadly, the answer to this question is no. Of course, lots of children, especially those who are famous, have their own social media account. At least an Instagram. However, Angela disagrees with the fact. She has not created any account for her baby girl and is trying hard to raise her as an average child and not a celebrity child. 

However, if you want to check out Angela’s account, you can see a lot of pictures there with her daughter Isabel. And with time, Isabel will have her accounts. So until then, we will have to wait and look at Angela’s posts about Isabel on Instagram. 

View this post on Instagram

Morning porch chats. ❤️

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Caption: Angela Kinsey’s Instagram Account. 

If you’re not just a fan of Isabel and one of her, you can check her Twitter account too. She is a woman filled with slight humor with beauty. And we think Isabel is going to be the same as her mother as well. 

Caption: Angela Kinsey’s Twitter Account

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