Hazel Moder: Facts You Need To Know About Julia Roberts’ Daughter

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Some kids make their names in the Hollywood industry at an early age through their roles, but they tend to be under the shadow of their celebrity parents. Hazel Moder is a celebrity kid who has grown up a bit different than other celebrity kids.

Hazel Moder is the daughter of actress Julie Robert. The film industry has been an essential part of her life. If you are still unknown, then we dig deep to collect a database of the charming lady Hazel. How she looks now? And also know her net worth.

Hazel Moder Age is 15

Julie Roberts and Daniel Moder’s daughter, Hazel Moder, was born on November 28, 2004, in Los Angeles, California, along with her twin brother, Phinnaeus Moder. She studies at Our Lady of Mercy School in Los Angeles and also participates in various sports in-school programs.

Image of Hazel Moder took selfie with her family

Caption: Hazel Moder took selfie with her family

Hazel is one of the hardworking students and also taking acting classes. This talented girl has a strong relationship with her siblings.

Moder also has the youngest brother named Henry Daniel Moder, born on June 18, 2007, who is 13 years old. Her mother, Julia Roberts, is an actress and father is a cinematographer in the Hollywood industry. Additionally, her uncle Eric Roberts, aunt Lisa Roberts Gill and cousin Emma Roberts are all actors and appeared on several televisions and movies.

Image of Hazel and her brothers were spotted in Malibu with Emma Roberts in 2018

Caption: Hazel and her brothers were spotted in Malibu with Emma Roberts in 2018

How Long Have Been Hazel’s Parents Together?

Hazel Moder’s mom and dad have been married for 18 years. Julie Roberts and Daniel Moder met on the set of her film The Mexican Ithat released in the theatre in 2000. At the time, Roberts was dating Benjamin Bratt. After the break up with Bratt, the two began dating and eventually wedded on July 4, 2002, in Taos, New Mexico.

Image of Julie Roberts and Daniel Moder have been together for more than two decades

Caption: Julie Roberts and Daniel Moder have been together for more than two decades

Julie and Daniel celebrate their anniversary on July 4 every year. Roberts and Moder both were married to their previous partner. When Julie met Daniel, he was still married to ex-wife, Vera Stemberg. Also, Julie was married to country singer Lyle Lovett from 1993 to 1995.

Hazel Moder is a former child Actress

Moder is still in her teenage and is enjoying it with a strong will. Like her mother, she is in the show business and appeared in several movies and televisions. Hazel is a star kid and believes in making it on her won.

She starred in romantic comedy film Mother’s Day that released in 2016. She appeared as Cartwheel Kid along with her two brothers Finn and henry Moder. Finn played the role of Ring Bearer Dominic whereas, her youngest starred as Cartwheel Kid. Additionally, her mother, Julia, appeared as Miranda Collins alongside Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Timothy Olyphant.

Image of Former child actress, Hazel Moder

Caption: Former child actress, Hazel Moder

Beyond this, she appeared in a tv series VH1: All Access with her twin brother, Finn, in the episode of ’20 Cutest Celebrity Babies’ in 2001. It is unknown if she intends to follow the path of her mother and becomes like a famous actress like her. There’s no doubt she will be featured in more upcoming projects.

Where is Hazel Now?

Hazel is a child actress, and she has rarely seen in the public except for occasional outings with her family. She is going. She grew up as the daughter of an actress Julie Roberts. Her mother kept her away from the limelight for now. Roberts knew that Hazel might want to get into acting in the future. As of now, she is making sure that her studies didn’t get affected.

Hazel’s mother, Julie Roberts is an actress

Julie Roberts, 52, is best known or her in a romantic comedy film Pretty Woman. She won three Gloden Globe Awards for her role. Additionally, Julie received the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in 2000’s biographical film, Erin Brockovich.

Image of Hazel’s mom, Julie Roberts is recognized for role in hit movie Pretty Woman

Caption: Hazel’s mom, Julie Roberts is recognized for role in hit movie Pretty Woman

At one time, she was one of the most bankable actresses in Hollywood. Her notable films include Steel Magnolias, Sleeping with the Enemy, Nothing Hill, and Money Monster. Not only that, but she also voiced the wise spider in the 2006 film adaption of Charlotte’s Web. Further, she also featured in the Prime Video psychological thriller series, Homecoming.

What is the Net Worth of Hazel Moder?

Hazel Moder has appeared in both movies and televisions, and most of our readers are curious to know how much she makes money from her acting. Well, there is no clear information about the child artist online.

On the other side, her mother, Julie’s net worth is $140 million, and all of it earns from her acting career. The Pretty Woman actress was one of the highest-paid actresses in the 1990s. Julie got paid $300,000 for her role in the 1990’s film Pretty Woman. Back in 2017, Roberts’s net worth was $170 million.

Does Hazel Moder Have a Boyfriend?

The pretty young girl seems to be single. Well, there is no news about having a boyfriend on the internet. As her mother told, she is a private person and doesn’t like to reveal the info personal life to the public.

But is Moder dating someone then we hardly have any idea about it. At the moment, she focuses more on her career rather than getting involved with any boy.

Does Hazel Moder Have a Social Media?

Like most young celebrities, Hazel is not active on any social media accounts. Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts didn’t let her children use social media. Being a strict parent, she limits the time of television to her kids.

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