Dr. Charlotte Brown Wikipedia & Divorce Reason: Facts About Travis Lane Stork’s Ex-Wife

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Marriage doesn’t guarantee that you would be together with your partner forever. From a relationship to transition into marriage, the two people must share the same values and understanding. Many celebrities married to their partner but couldn’t make it last forever. Similarly, Dr. Charlotte Brown and Travis Lane Stork got married after being in a relationship for years but didn’t last long.

Is Dr. Charlotte Brown dating a guy following the divorce from Travis Stork? Take a look at Dr. Charlotte Brown’s net worth, married life, Wikipedia-bio, and also uncovered the cause of the divorce.

Dr. Charlotte Resides In Nashville

Dr. Charlotte Brown became a public figure after she and her ex-husband divorced. Very little is known about Travis’s ex-wife, Dr. Charlotte. She is a pediatrician and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Additionally, the detail of her family background and her early life remains private.

Image of Dr. Charlotte Brown is a pediatrician

Caption: Dr. Charlotte Brown is a pediatrician

Brown received her medical degree from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. She has been in practice for many years. Charlotte is one of the many doctors at Vanderbilt University.

Charlotte Brown and Travis Lane Stork Got Married In 2012

Dr. Charlotte and Dr. Stork exchanged vows on 30 June 2012 after getting into a relationship for a long time. However, the couple’s wedding is not as royal as you thought. The wedded in a private ceremony in front of family and close friends in the hills of Colorado.

Dr. Stork posted about his bachelor days being over in the run-up to the wedding in his social accounts. He took to Twitter and tweeted his thanks for all the well wishes from fans, relatives and friends. They never talked about their marriage to the media.

Furthermore, ex-husband Travis posted at the end of his bachelor’s life that he married his love of life, Charlotte. Like most relationships on the television screen, the couple couldn’t maintain their marital life and split up.

Dr. Charlotte and Travis Stork Marital Life Lasted Only Three Years

To sustain the marriage, you need trust, honesty, and understanding. If one of a thing lacks in your married life, then it hard to keep for a long time. After being married for less than three years, the couple decided not continued their relationship as husband and wife.

The pair agreed to separate and finally divorce on March 25, 2015. However, neither Dr. Charlotte and nor Travis opened up about the cause of the divorce. It is safe to assume that their marriage ended on amicable terms, but none of them took to social media about it.

Some of their followers speculated that she might have an affair with another guy or her husband is cheating on her? Professionally, both of them are doctors and spend most of the time at work. It seemed that they couldn’t manage the time for each other, which might be the reason for their divorce.

How Did Dr. Brown and Travis Stork Meet?

As earlier mentioned, Dr. Charlotte is the better-known ex-wife of Dr. Travis. We are unable to find the info on how and where Brown and Stork met for the first time. Some sources confirmed that they met through a mutual friend.

After being in a relationship for almost three years, Dr. Stork proposed her at a beach during a romantic getaway in Hawaii. Charlotte and Travis even snapped together, holding their hands on a beach at sunset when their engagement announced in 2011.

Dr. Charlotte’s then-husband, Stork Appeared on The Bachelor.

Travis Lane starred on the popular series, The Bachelor in Season 8. The program was filmed in Paris, and he gave the final rose to the school teacher, Sarah Stone. Contrary to other seasons, Dr. Stroke didn’t propose her with an engagement ring.

Instead, Stork proposed her on the show, putting the ring on a necklace. Entertainment Tonight reported that Travis Lane and Sarah Stone called it to quit shortly after the airing of the season finale of the show.

Is Dr. Charlotte Married to Another Guy or Still Living a Single Life?

Following the divorce from Dr. Travis Lane Stork, Brown completely vanished, and none knows where is she now?

We only know that she lives in Nashville. Maybe, Brown found her life partner but doesn’t want to disclose to the media. She has kept a low profile so she could enjoy every single moment.

Image of Dr. Charlotte's ex-husband married to the second wife  Parris Bell

Caption: Dr. Charlotte’s ex-husband married to the second wife, Parris Bell

On the other hand, Travis Lane found love again and eventually got married to his girlfriend, Parris Bell. The couple even expecting their child together. Travis’s current wife shared the good news with an Instagram post in December 2019. She posted a photo with Stork, wearing shirts that read, Beer Belly and Baby Bells.

Travis posted a photo, holding a sign that read, “Stork baby coming June 2020.”

How Much is Dr. Charlotte Brown’s Net Worth?

Charlotte is a doctor and currently works at the Rock Creek Medical Office. Without a doubt, she makes a good fortune for herself and enjoying her life. However, we don’t know how much she makes from her profession. It is safe to say that Dr. Charlotte earns a six-digit salary that increase her net worth every year. Some sources claimed that Dr. Charlotte Brown’s estimated net worth is $500,000.

Aside from that, Brown is an assistant professor of Clinical Pediatrics. Also, she is a board-certified pediatrician in her hometown. For your kind information, Dr. Charlotte is not on social media.

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