Big Chief and Precious’s FEUD on Street Outlaws: Real Reason Behind HIS Exit Revealed?

Originally posted on July 26, 2023 @ 5:01 pm

At one time, the name Big Chief was synonymous with the Street Outlaws brand.

He was one of the top racers and the keeper of ‘The List’ on the main show, due to which he was respected by racers not just in the 405 but around the country.

So, it was a shock when he suddenly disappeared from Street Outlaws and all of its’ adjoining spinoff shows.

He initially quit both the Street Outlaws and Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings after 2019.

He did briefly return for the first season of the brand new spinoff, ‘Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings’ but quit that too after a season.

Several reasons for his sudden exit began circulating online, including a rumoured feud with one of the Street Outlaws franchise’s fastest female racers, Precious Cooper.

So are the rumors true? Is there a feud between Chief and Coopers? And is that the reason he left Street Outlaws?

Image of Big Chief and Precious shocking fight exposure

Caption: Big Chief and Precious shocking fight exposure

The rumors go anywhere from suggesting a feud between Precious and Chief to a feud between Precious and Chief’s wife, Jackie Braasch, also a racer.

The rumor was covered by XTR Horsepower that tells that Big Jackie and Precious were involved in the altercation.

Precious was not happy with the new rules set during the first season of America’s List and argued over it with Big Chief.

When Jackie came in between, the fight escalated.

image of Big chief and Jackie Braasch

Caption: Big Chief and his wife, Jackie Braasch

However, that’s all they seem to be at this point; rumors.

There was no evidence ever proving the rumors true, and Big Chief would soon open up about his reasons for leaving the show, and it had nothing to do with a feud with Precious or anyone else for that matter.

Chief posted a video on his YouTube channel on March 1, 2023, speaking in detail about his exit.

In the video, Chief does not even talk about having any problems with any of his fellow co-stars from the shows.

Big Chief issue seemed to be with the production company’s “race your way in” policy, which he tried to take up with them to see if anything could be done about it. According to this policy, the champions of a few preseason races would then be chosen to compete in Street Outlaws.

Big Chief found it particularly problematic that this rule meant that most of the Street Outlaws: Memphis riders except a few would get to participate, making the entire roster a little disproportionate.

Since Precious is part of the Memphis gang makes, it sounds like it could be why she could’ve picked a fight with Chief, but once again, no credible confirmation has been made about the feud yet.

So, we may never know if the feud was also a part of the reason that Chief left, and that too particularly with Precious or the entire Memphis roster.

All we know is it seems not a viable enough reason for the Chief to leave just because the production team wouldn’t change this one small rule.

Perhaps, the truth will come out in the future, but now it will remain a mystery.

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