Bella Cuomo – Untold Truth About Chris Cuomo’s Daughter

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We see many celebrity kids follow the path of their parents, but the least choose a different career and make a name for themselves that they are interested in. Bella Cuomo, the daughter of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, became famous through musically app Tik Tok. Besides being a kid of famous journalists, Bella is established as a star.

Bella’s father, Chris Cuomo, tested positive for the coronavirus and working from home.

Bella Cuomo is the oldest Daughter of Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo and Cristina Cuomo’s firstborn child, a daughter, Bella Cuomo, is popular rose to fame through her text-in-video lip syncs app Tik Tok. Bella Cuomo was born in New York on March 12, 2003, and is 17 years old. Her birth sign is Pisces.

Image of Bella Cuomo is the daughter of CNN anchor, Chris Cuomo

Caption: Bella Cuomo is the daughter of CNN anchor, Chris Cuomo

She recently graduated from high school and preparing for her college. Bella loves singing and surfing, yoga, and the beach. She and her family go on vacation or picnic when her parents are not working.

Bella Cuomo has Two Younger Siblings

The Tik Tok star has a younger brother Mario, 14, and a sister named Carolina, 11. Her sister has an adorable nickname, “Cha Cha.” She and her siblings are great outdoors. They love skiing down a mountain and balancing on a surfboard.

Image of Bella is walking with her siblings and mom on the beach

Caption: Bella is walking with her siblings and mom on the beach

Bella’s father once said that her younger brother changed her father’s life via a Twitter account. Chris Cuomo posted a photo of father and son with a caption and hashtags, back in 2016.

Additionally, Mario is a black belt in karate. He has been taking the class of karate for almost six years.

Bella’s youngest sister, Carolina, might be next Simone Biles. Her mother posted a clip on her Instagram and captioned it. Carolina was cartwheeling and tumbling her way from the shore straight to the ocean. She even won first place at her Manhattan Classic Gymnastics meet in January in 2020.

Bella Participated in the National School Walkout

In March 2018, Bella and her classmates walked down to a presidential tower for peace. Thousands of students walked out of high school schools to protest gun violence in response to the Marjory Stoneham Douglas mass shooting. The incident happened in February 2018.

According to Christina Cuomo’s talked about the event, Bella got detention for taking a stand. Cristina shared a throwback photo of her and Bella on Instagram.

Bella Cuomo is a Budding Stage Star

Chris’s older daughter, Bella, is quite different than her parents. She loves acting and performed in a few stage programs. Cuomo has flexed her acting skills in the stage productions of Chicago and Mary Poppins.

She is not shy to show off her talent in the mass people or even on social media. She has such a lovely voice and also performed on the stage as well. Cristina posted a picture on social media on which she was performing in the production of Chicago.

Bella Cuomo’s Relationship Status: Dating or Single?

Nowadays. It’s common to get involved in a romantic relationship. According to some reliable sources, the teen star has an affair with a guy, but his name isn’t revealed. Well, you go on her Instagram; you can see that she seem to be close with a guy.

In fact, the two went to their prom dates as a couple. She looks gorgeous, like always. Could they be lovers or just good friends? To date, the 17 years old hasn’t spoken anything regarding her dating; neither she has mentioned as any boy has her boyfriend.

Some sources claimed that she is secretly dating her classmates, Dylan M, but she hasn’t declared as her boyfriend until now. As of now, Bella is focusing on her career rather than falling in love.

Image of Bella Cuomo is currently single now

Caption: Bella Cuomo is currently single now

Bella Famous as a Tik Tok Star

Social media has become one of the most essential of our day to day life. Some people use it to broaden their friend circle, while others use it to show their hidden talents. Bella Cuomo became famous through lips sync app Tik Tok where she has garnered over 12 million likes and 289k followers.

She is active on the Tik Tok channel under the username “@bellavciomo.” On her Tik Tok Bio, she states, “mom stop stalking my account.” On her videos, you can see her parents as well as two younger siblings and friends. To date, she posts 225 videos of dancing, lip syncs, and more. Further, Bella has featured her dad Chris Cuomo on her Tik Tok channel.

Bella’s Dad tested Positive for Coronavirus

Bella’s father, Chris Cuomo, has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and is working to continue working from home. However, the CNN anchor feeling well and broadcasting to CNN is a program “Cuomo Prime Time” from his basement where he is self-quarantining.

He took to Twitter and tweeted he tested positive coronavirus and had fever, chills, and shortness of breath on March 31, 2020.

The newscaster spoke to his brother Andrew Cuomo, who is a Governor of New York and admitted his biggest fear is passing the virus to his wife and three kids. His wife, Cristina, and three children are tested negative.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke about he fears for his brother Chris who is battling with coronavirus in a press conference.

Bella’s mom is the founder of the Purist

Bella’s mom, Cristina Cuomo, is an entrepreneur and runs a business from home. She founded an online magazine, ‘The Purist,’ that focuses on optimum overall health. It is a wellness magazine with both print and digital editions launched in 2017.

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Our cover star @oprah began a nationwide tour of wellness and here are some memorable quotes I noted from the day-long inspirational workshop, performances and interview w @michelleobama (who wrote the #1 best-selling memoir of all time) at Barclay’s Center, #brooklyn : ….. ….. ????????‍♂️Mister Rogers: “the most important gift you can give your children is to just be present.” …. ????????Practice mindfulness. Be in the moment. Live in the now, not the when. ….. ????Toni Morrison: “What your children really want is for your eyes to light up when they enter the room.” ….. ????Practice validating people by letting them know that you are listening. ….. …. ???? @mariannewilliamson : “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate; our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” ….. ????Believe #mayaangelou : “Phenomenal woman, that’s me.” ….. ???? Live in the rhythm and flow of your own life by growing deeper and more fully into yourself. ….. ????‍♀️ @ladygaga : “I have come to radical acceptance of who I am right now.” ….. ????What’s your 2020 word? Mine is unapologetic! ….. ???? There is no life without a spiritual life—discover what that is—develop the spiritual muscle to gain spiritual strength and stay spiritually grounded. ….. …. ???? Access the quiet in you. ….. …. ???? Line up some realistic intentions. ….. ????????‍♀️ Michelle Obama: “When they go low, we go high.“ ….. ????‍♀️ Get rid of people who suck your energy. ….. ????Luke 12:48: “To whom much is given much will be required.” ….. ???? Be proud to say your name: w-o-m-a-n! #oprah2020

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Additionally, she owns a website and describes her magazine. She wrote, The Purist is the place where you will find strength, equilibrium, peace of mind, laughter, and loves.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, she has been publishing content full of quarantine cuisine. Before Purist, Bella’s mom worked as an editor-in-chief for Manhattan and Beach Magazines. Also, she has worked with Gotham and Hamptons magazines.

How Much is Bella Cuomo’s Net Worth?

Bella Cuomo is a social media influencer and made her name by herself as well as earning a good fortune. Thus the actual net worth is still under the wrap. The Tik Tok star is enjoying the combined net worth made by her parents.

Her father, Chris Cuomo, has a tremendous sum of money from his professional career as a journalist. Chris’s net worth is $12 million, whereas his wife, Cristina’s net worth is said to be above $1 million. As a New York-based magazine editor, Cristina Cuomo earns a salary of $60k annually.

Furthermore, Bella makes a pretty good income from her social media post. However, she hasn’t the amount to her fans.

Is Bella on Instagram?

Yes, Bella does have an Instagram account under the name “@isabellaacuomo,” where she has over 2k followers. She is a fun-loving girl. She fills her Instagram with numerous pictures of herself and often posts with her friends and family.

Bella shared a throwback photos with her siblings on National Siblings Day, and all of them look adorable.

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happy national siblings day????

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We pray for her father, Chris Cuomo, who has been battling with coronavirus. Despite that, he is still working from his home. We hope her family is doing well and taking care of each other.

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