Let’s Talk About Alex Trebek’s Daughter Emily Trebek Net Worth, Bio, Dating Life

Originally posted on April 15, 2020 @ 2:23 pm

Emily Trebek is the daughter of a famous TV game host of Jeopardy Alex Trebek. Just like her father, Alex Trebek’s daughter Emily Trebek walked into her father’s, i.e., became a successful woman. Now since you might know who Alex it, you surely do want to know about his daughter Emily. Moreover, we assure you she is a fun personality as well, and we just need to know about her. 

Furthermore, we will inform you of everything you wish to know about Emily. Though the lady owns most of her fame, all thanks to her famous dad Alex Trebek she has her charm that people love. So let’s get to know what Emily’s wiki-bio, net worth, and relationship, all in all, her personal life. 

But wait, do you think that’s all? Well, no, there’s more on this article, so follow us till the end. The full journey on the life of Alex Trebek’s daughter Emily!

Image of Alex Trebek’s Daughter Emily Trebek.

Caption: Alex Trebek’s Daughter Emily Trebek.

Early & Formative Years

Born in 1993, Emily Trebek is 27 years old in 2020. Similarly, as a private person, Emily’s date of birth exactly not known. However, we are still looking into it. Moreover, Emily grew up alongside her older brother, who is known as Mathew Trebek. 

Also, the siblings have a three years old gap, which means that Emily’s brother Mathew is 30 in 2020. Moreover, Emily holds an American nationality as she was born in Southern California and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.

Image of Emily Trebek’s Formative Years

Caption: Emily Trebek’s Formative Years

Furthermore, as of her education, we can inform you that she graduated from Loyola Marymount University. Can you guess what was the major she got a degree in? Well, it is two, she graduated from obtaining two degrees, one in Psychology and the other in Philosophy. 

Family with Talent- Parents

Talking about Emily’s parents, you already know who her father is. The Canadian – American TV host who ruled the game show Jeopardy Alex Trebek. Emily’s father Alex is seen in other game shows that include Battlestars, Double Dare, To Tell the Truth, and also High Rollers. Likewise, Emily’s father’s full name was George Alexander Trebek, born on the 22nd of July in 1940. 

Caption: Alex Trebek’s Kids

Emily’s grandparents were emigrants who came from Ukraine and Lucille Lagacé. 

As of Emily’s mother, her name is Jean Currivan Trebek. Similarly, Emily’s mother, Jean, is a successful businesswoman, and so is her brother Matthew. See why we called this family talented, makes sense right!

Image of Alex Trebek with Daughter Emily and Family.

Caption: Alex Trebek with Daughter Emily and Family.

Profession and Career of Choice

The LA-based real state agent Emily graduated with a different major during her university years. So why did she not go to the related field and decided to be a real estate agent? Well, only Emily herself can answer us on that. Furthermore, after all this talk, you certainly know that her chosen path of career is a Real Estate Agent. 

Anyway, Alex and Emily’s father-daughter bond is powerful, and there are times where both of them have shared to be proud of being one another’s father and daughter. With that being said, yes, Emily’s biggest inspiration is her father and also her mother. She might not have walked the same rad her parents took, but thanks to growing up looking at successful parents, Emily chose to be something of her own. 

Image of Real Estate Agent, Emily Trebek

Caption: Real Estate Agent, Emily Trebek

Net Worth, Salary

Since her Graduation, Emily is involved in buying and selling homes as a real estate agent. Now, this might not relate to what we are talking about right now, but Emily loves cooking when she is not working. 

Okay, enough of the talk, let’s get to know what her net worth looks like after all. At the age of 27, Emily already earns a considerable sum of money and salary, of course. But her salary is unknown. Likewise, so is her net worth. However, we are looking into it, so we will inform you when we get our hands on the information. 

Talking about net worth, Emily’s father Alex has a massive amount of net worth, which is around $52 million. Right now, Emily resides in Sherman Oaks, California, with a luxurious lifestyle.

Image of Emily Trebek’s Net Worth, Salary

Caption: Emily Trebek’s Net Worth, Salary

Does Emily Have a boyfriend? – Personal Life

As mentioned multiple times above, Emily is a private person, so she shares a few amounts of information online. However, after digging deep down her social media platforms, we got to know that she is happily living with her boyfriend. 

Moreover, information on Emily’s boyfriend is almost n on existential. However, we’ve got our hands on a picture of her with her boyfriend through Facebook. Likewise, since Emily and her partner graduated together, we assume they knew one other since college days. In addition, we cannot assure if Emily is engaged to her husband because she kept the information really low profile. Nevertheless, we are trying our best to look onto it, so do come back and visit our article to get added information later on.

Image of Emily Trebek and boyfriend on their Graduation

Caption: Emily Trebek and boyfriend on their Graduation

Emily Trebek’s Social Media Update

Emily Trebek is active on all social media platforms. She uses Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Moreover, Emily has 257 followers on Instagram. She seems to be quite secretive about herself since her Instagram is kept private. 

Maybe she wants her personal life to be kept secret, and we respect her decisions. Similarly, her Instagram bio straightforwardly tells that she is a part of an interior design company at E&S Interiors. 

Moreover, she also shares some exciting and informative news on her twitter and tweets her thoughts on that particular news. In addition, Emily seems to be interested in the ongoing story and likes to share her opinions on the current issues around the world.

Lastly, she likes to post pictures of her and her boyfriend on her Facebook account. She also takes her time and wishes her father on father’s day on her Facebook account.


Caption: Emily Trebek’s Facebook Account

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