Laura Giaritta Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Children of Vanilla Ice’s Ex-wife

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Rapper Vanilla Ice has been married twice. Vanilla Ice was married to ex-wife, Laura Giaritta. Laura Giaritta is famous for being the ex-wife of rapper Vanilla Ice. But how many of you know about Vanilla Ice’s wife?

Unlike other celebrity couples, Laura and Vanilla Ice married life ended in a bitter divorce. In this article, we’ll let you all everything about Vanilla Ice’s former wife, Laura Giaritta, including her wiki-bio, age, and net worth. Do they have children? Before heading to her wiki-bio, take a glance at the below facts.

Laura Giaritta Quick Facts

Name Laura Giaritta
Date of Birth October 18, 1970
Place of Birth USA
Age 50 years old
Profession Businesswoman
Net Worth N/A
Spouse Vanilla Ice
Children Dust Rain Van Winkle, Keelee Breeze Van Wrinkle

Laura Giaritta Was Married to Vanilla Ice for 16 Years

Laura Giaritta and Vanilla Ice met in 1995 on the 4th of July party. The two celebrated the independent day together. At the time, Vanilla Ice was going through a rough patch in his life. Reportedly, a year before, he attempted suicide through drug overdose, but luckily he survived.

Image of Laura Giaritta filed for divorce after 16 years of their marriage

Caption: Laura Giaritta filed for divorce after 16 years of their marriage

Vanilla’s career was dwindling as well as his relationship. Before Laura, Vanilla has just broken up with her ex-girlfriend and even tattooed of her. When Laura met Vanilla Ice, she was 24. Laura and Vanilla Ice dated for a couple of years and, consequently, tied the knot on March 30, 1997.

The wedding ceremony took place at Star Island mansion in Miami Beach after the couple got their marriage license. Sadly, their love turned something huge and became sour as time passes. As a result, the couple separated after being together for years.

Laura Giaritta Filed for a Divorce from Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice’s wife, Laura, filed for divorce. Following 16 years of marriage, Laura decided to quit on their marriage. It all began after the birth of their second child when he stopped being supportive.

Vanilla Ice was arrested two-time for domestic violence. He was first arrested in 2001 when he pulled hair from Laura’s head to stop her jumping from his truck while arguing.  The rapper pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was sentenced to probation and ordered to attend family therapy sessions.

Later, Vanilla Ice arrested by police in Palm Beach County for allegedly kicking and hitting wife, Laura. However, Laura forgave her husband and lived together. Laura reported that Vanilla transferred a portion of their money into his company’s name, Van Rap, LTD.

Laura Giaritta is a Dedicated Mother

Vanilla Ice and Laura Giaritta have two daughters, Dust Rain and KeeLee Breeze. Dusti Rain was born in 1998 and is 22 years old. She pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree from Full Sail University. Dust is also a realtor and living with her love, J Kyle Christoffers.

Her other daughter, KeeLee Breeze, was born in 2000, and now, 20 years old. She is currently focusing her studies so she could stand on her feet. KeeLee Breeze lives in Wellington, Florida, and she is also dating a guy. Laura has full custody of both children.

Laura Accused Vanilla Ice of Hiding Millions of Assets

On the other hand, Vanilla Ice didn’t share any of his fortunes with his estranged wife. When the divorce battle heated up, Laura also filed an injunction against him. She said, the rapper sold and transferred some of his assets to his company, Van Rap LTD. Additionally, her ex-husband didn’t turn over all pay stubs and other names.

Laura Giaritta is Hailed Form Pembroke Pines

Laura Giaritta was born to Thomas and Elaine Giaritta on October 18, 1970, in Pembroke Pines, United States. She is 50 years old and holds the nationality of the United States.

Laura has an older sister named Renee. The fact is, she is an adventurous person and travel a lot. In her free time, she loves reading books and cook a variety of food items.

How Much is Laura Giaritta’s Net Worth?

After divorce, she took their children with her and lived in Wellington home. Luara is a businesswoman and earns a good fortune for herself. However, there is no specific detail of her profession and worth. Furthermore, the net worth of Laura Giaritta is still under review.

While she was married, she used to work with her husband. Laura used to work for at the store ‘2 the Xtreme’ located in Miami Beach. On the contrary, Vanilla Ice has a net worth of $12 million.

Is Laura Giaritta on Social Media?

Laura is only active on Twitter. She tweets photos and videos of herself as she is living her best life. She hasn’t tweeted a single post of her daughters. It seems like she is putting them away from the limelight.

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