Breaking Sad News: Jane Kilcher Shared Heartbreaking News about Divorce with Atz Lee Kilcher

Originally posted on July 27, 2023 @ 5:34 pm

Jane Kilcher is quite active on social media, which has been a godsend for fans who want to know more about her and the rest of the Kilcher clan outside of their show. However, fans were in for a rude awakening when Jane recently took to her Facebook profile to reveal some shocking news that nobody could’ve been prepared for. So, check out what it was in this article.

Image of Jane kilcher and Atz Lee

Caption: Alaska: The Last Frontier, Atz Lee and Jane Kilcher

People who follow Jane on Facebook know she is only fairly active, posting once or twice a month at most.
So, we are often pleasantly surprised when she posts most recently about getting a visit from her college-going daughter or her little trip to Europe with Bering Sea Gold star and best friend, Emily Riedel.

Image of Jane and Emily

Caption: Jane Kilcher and Her Best friend, Emily Riedel

However, we may have been negatively surprised by her for the first time when her latest post revealed that she was divorcing her longtime husband, Atz Lee Kilcher!

“Here we go. Atz Lee is divorcing me, and it is very unfortunate, but I cannot control it. Lost my best friend and it hurts, but I guess that is life. It won’t stop me,” she wrote in the caption alongside her usual-angle selfie on July 23.

The casual nature with which he broke the news made it sound like she was kidding, but it is not April 1st, and she’s not one for such jokes. So, we fear she may have meant every word of that post. Her followers were shocked and confused like us but rallied behind her regardless for support.
“When I first read this, I thought it was you reacting to yet another malicious rumor,” one fan seemed to share our suspicions, but he ultimately seemed to realize she meant it.”I’m sorry and pray you both find healing and pray you could somehow unify and work it out,” he added before condemning other commenters trying to slam Atz Lee without understanding anything. “To those that have chosen to trash him, did you not read the part that she is hurting and has lost her best friend? Saying bad things about him isn’t helpful.Wishing you both well!”
Other commenters also reverbed the sentiments.

Image of Jane Kilcher divorce post in Facebook

Caption: Jane Kilcher divorce post on Facebook

“You’re going to be JUST FINE, my dear. You are a strong woman, and although it sucks, hurts, and isn’t fair, you will come out just fine. Just remember, every day you wake up, you’re one day closer to reconnecting with yourself and one day closer to the future that holds so much good for you. Stay strong!” read one, assuring she will be fine either way. The news is truly shocking as Atz Lee and Jane have always seemed to have a good married relationship both on the show and on social media. They have been married since 2006 but share no children together.
They do have a blended family as they raise Etienne Kilcher, Atz’s son from a previous marriage, and Piper, Jane’s daughter from a previous marriage together. You cannot even tell they’re a blended family, and most people are genuinely surprised learning about it the first time. Thus, it is sad that they are splitting up after all this time. We are awaiting more details and updates on their divorce for now.

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