Is Alaskan Bush People Season 15 Canceled Or Renewed? Big Announcement

Originally posted on July 20, 2023 @ 7:13 am

Alaskan Bush People season 14 has wrapped up, and we got to say it was yet another exciting season.
The dynamics of the show have come a long way and continue to evolve as the Brown family grows and evolves.

Image of Alaskan bush people

Caption: Brown Family (Alaskan Bush People)

Fans certainly can’t wait for the show to return with a new season 15, but is there even going to be a season 15?

In this article, we discuss if the show will be renewed or cancelled. No formal announcement has been made by Discovery Channel regarding the Season 15 return of Alaskan Bush People, but it’s a safe bet that the Browns will be back for at least one more season, if not more. According to TV Show Case, Alaskan Bush People has a 98.3 percent demand share for all reality TV programs. This indicates that there is a greater demand for the program than for 98.3% of other reality TV programs in the country. Even after the season concluded, it had 9.5 times the demand of the typical American TV series during the previous month.

Due to the overwhelming demand, it appears that the Brown family’s vociferous trolls and critics on social media are either a small minority or that viewers actively avoid the program when it airs. Whatever the reason, Discovery Channel should continue broadcasting Alaskan Bush People as long as it continues to be so popular. The fact that Alaskan Bush People continued to air after Billy Brown’s passing is what strikes me as most astounding. Some viewers may have tuned in to watch how the family dealt with his passing, but throughout the 14th season, siblings like Noah Brown, Birdie Brown, and Rain Brown kept viewers riveted as they all dealt with significant challenges in their lives. With her sister Birdie at her side, Rain plans to establish her new mining enterprise there on the mountain and begin searching for gold. Birdie’s future intentions can be the subject of other narratives.

Image of Alaskan bush people

Caption: Noah Brown and his siblings like Birdie Brown and Rain Brown

She discovered she had two tumours this past season and decided to have babies rather than have her ovaries removed. But for Birdie, cancer is never far away. Bear and Gabe both started construction on homes for their family during the season that was officially documented, but they never finished. It could be crucial that Gabe completes his house. Raiven recently left Bear; therefore, it’s impossible to predict how that tale will turn up. In order to make the ranch lucrative for their future on the mountain, Bam and Mother Ami have finally sold their first cattle from it.

Image of Brown Family

Caption: Ami Brown cherishing moments with her beloved Children

Let’s not forget the Brown family also discovered there is gold in the mountain in the season finale. So, there is a lot of stories still left incomplete and left at cliffhanger for the next season. We certainly think that there is a strong chance that there is a season 15 in the making, but the official announcement usually happens quite late for the show; thus, all the fans should just be patient and wait. What do you think? Will it be renewed? Tell your thoughts in the comments, along with what you want to see next season if it is renewed.

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