Al Sharpton Net Worth & Salary. His Married Life with Wife, Weight Loss Update

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Being an activist, you often have to put your causes before your personal life. It may be the reason why we know so little about the married and dating life of even the most popular of activists today like Al Sharpton. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that their causes are much bigger than him, but we just can’t let that slide.

As one of the most significant prominent activists of today, let us learn Al Sharpton’s net worth and biography. Also, check out his very less known married and dating life. Is he having an extramarital affair? Did he go through a significant weight loss? Find out here

Who is Al Sharpton? Early Life

Al Sharpton is a civil rights activist but also a politician, talk show host, and a Baptist minister. Sharpton was born on October 3, 1954, which means he is 65 years and turning 66 years as of 2020. He was born and brought up in New York City as Aldred Charles Sharpton Jr. His father was Alfred Charles Sharpton Sr. and mother, Ada Sharpton (née Richard.)

Image of Al Sharpton's net worth and bio

Caption: Al Sharpton’s net worth and bio

Sharpton has specific Cherokee ethnicity to his background. He grew up meticulously religious preaching his first sermon at the age of 4 and then touring with gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. His father left his mother in 1963 to start a relationship with his half-sister.

After being left by her husband, his mother took a job as a maid, but it was not enough to support his family. So they had to move to the projects in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Brownville from their middle-class residence in Hollis, Queens. He attended Brooklyn College after graduating from Samuel J. Tilden High School. However, he dropped out of college in 1975 and was working as the tour manager of James Brown from 1973 to 1980.

Image of Al Sharpton touring with James Charles

Caption: Al Sharpton touring with James Charles

Al Sharpton’s Career in Activism & Politics

Al Sharpton started gaining fame as an activist in 1984 after his activism works against Bernhard Goetz, who shot and killed 4 African-American men who were allegedly trying to rob him. Before that, he already held a certain weight from being the youth director of NYC’s Operation Breadbasket and the founder of the National Youth Movement in 1971.

Since then, Al Sharpton went on to become a part of several other civil rights protests from events like the 1986 Howard Beach assaults to the Crown Heights Riot of 1991. He spoke for the number of African-American victims of police brutality and racism like Amadou Diallo, Tyisha Miller, and Sea Bell. He also had considerable work done against George Zimmerman and in support of Eric Garner.

Caption: Al Sharpton speaking about Eric Garner

To this day, he still is active and even speaking up for the recent killing of George Floyd, which is still having an International public outrage. He also gave a eulogy at George Floyd’s funeral. He ran for office as the Democratic nominee for the 2004 Presidential election but lost.

Al Sharpton’s Net Worth & TV Career

Al Sharpton also holds an impressive TV career, which adds further to Al Sharpton’s. He began with his daily radio talk show, ‘Keepin’ it Real with Al Sharpton‘ since 2006. The 2-hour long morning radio show airs on Radio 1 nationally. Since August 29, 2011, Sharpton also began hosting PoliticsNation for MSNBC. His career in TV is undoubtedly a huge contributor to his net worth.

Image of Al Sharpton with Donald Trump

Caption: Al Sharpton with Donald Trump

Al Sharpton’s net worth is approximately $500,000 as of 2020. It might be surprisingly low if we consider his fame, but unlike everyday actors and musicians we write about, Al Sharpton is an activist and Baptist minister. There were also reports that Al Sharpton has a troublesome financial struggle in his pasts.

According to some sources, Al Sharpton’s business was back over $4.5 million in back taxes on the state and federal levels. Furthermore, it says that he personally holds a debt of $3.7 million withing than amount. We don’t know where these reports came from, but we were not able to verify them. It is likely unlikely for them to be correct, or else Al Sharpton’s net worth would be in the negative figures.

Al Sharpton’s Married Life; Is He Having an Affair?

Al Sharpton was married twice in his life, and both of them did not end well. His first wife was Marsha Tinsley. Not much is there to know about his first marriage or his first wife. He would then marry his second wife, Kathy Jordan, in 1980. He met his second wife in 1971 while he was touring with James Brown. She was one of the backup dancers for Brown.

Image of Al Sharpton with wife, Kathy Jordan

Caption: Al Sharpton with wife, Kathy Jordan

The two led quite a happy marriage for a while and even gave birth to two beautiful children. His daughters are now fully grown. The younger one’s name is Ashley, and the older one is Dominique, who recently married as well to Dr. Marcus Bright. However, Al Sharpton’s marriage could not survive, and they separated in 2004.

Image of Al Sharpton with daughters, Dominique and Ashley

Caption: Al Sharpton with daughters, Dominique and Ashley

Sharpton, since then, was seen with multiple women, from actress Lisa McCoy to singer Foxy Brown but he never did accept he was a relationship with anyone. He has yet to officially divorce his wife, Kathy Jordan, and thus, they are technically still married. However, he has also been seen a lot with 35-year-old Aisha McShaw.

When New York Daily News in July 2013 asked Aisha about her relationship with Sharpton, she would drop a bombshell that she was his girlfriend. So, it is pretty official that Al Sharpton is dating the stylist and designer who is 20 years his junior.

Image of Al Sharpton is dating girlfriend Alisha McGraw

Caption: Al Sharpton is dating girlfriend Alisha McGraw

Al Sharpton’s Weight Loss & Height

Many will remember Al Sharpton for his lean and this physique, but some of you will remember, Al Sharpton wasn’t always this thin. In fact, he used to be quite obese back in the day. Al Sharpton follows a strict diet and exercise regimen, which were the contributing factor behind his weight loss.

It was a four years period lasting until October 2014, where he made the most success, losing over 150 pounds. Al Sharpton went from being 300 pounds or 140 kg in the past to being just 130 pounds or 59 kilograms in weight. Sharpton’s weight loss was partly due to exercise. He makes sure to exercise at least three times a week, only staying on hotels with gyms when he’s traveling.

Image of Al Sharpton's weight loss before and after pictures

Caption: Al Sharpton’s weight loss before and after pictures

However, it’s his dietary plan that was almost a decade in the making. Sharpton throughout his day only eats a banana, a salad, and three slices of seven-grain toast and a lot of juice. He also cut out eating chicken more than ten years ago and only eats fish once a week. With a diet like that, no wonder the 65year-old was able to have such a drastic weight loss. Now, he looks fitter than ever with that weight complimenting his height of 1.78 meters or 5 feet and 8 inches.

Al Sharpton’s Wiki Table

Full Name Alfred Charles Sharpton, Jr.
Birthplace New York City, New York
Birthdate October 3, 1954
Father Alfred Charles Sharpton, Sr.
Mother Ada Sharpton
Profession Activist, Politician, Baptist Minister, radio & TV host
Net Worth $500,000
Salary Under review
Marital Status Separated
Wife Marsha Tinsley

Kathy Jordan (1980-separated 2004)

Girlfriend Aisha McShaw

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