Francesca Hetfield Wikipedia/Biography: Net Worth & Children of James Hetfield’s Wife

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When it comes to the genre of metal music in the music industry, which faces do you think first? The first band you think of is Metallica, right? And from the group, we first think of James Hetfield. Moreover, James is a renowned American Heavy Metal vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, and co-founder of Metallica

Furthermore, what kind of woman might this rockstar have in his life? It always makes us wonder. In addition, some of you might have heard James Hetfield’s wife’s name, Francesca Hetfield. But, you guys might know a minimal amount of her information. 

Hence, today we will take you on a trip to James Hetfield’s wife Francesca’s Wikipedia biography, net worth & children. 

Francesca Hetfield Wikipedia-Bio; Education & Early Years

In Rosario, Argentina, James Hetfield’s wife, Francesca Hetfield was born on January 27th, 1970. You might have already guessed that her zodiac is Aquarius, and she holds Argentinian nationality. Moreover, we cannot inform the names of her parents. However, we can tell you that Francesca’s father worked at a factory while her mother didn’t have a job, aka a housewife.

Image of James Hetfield’s Wife, Francesca Hetfield

Caption: James Hetfield’s Wife, Francesca Hetfield wiki-bio

Furthermore, Francesca graduated from Overland Highschool in Colorado. Those were the end of her educational years as she never enrolled at a university or a college. Likewise, after her school days, Francesca started working as a waitress that’s located a few blocks away from her home. Moreover, talking about her family, we already gave you the details on Francesca’s mother and father, and we don’t know if she was raised with a sibling or not. 

Francesca Hetfield Net Worth: How much is James’ wife worth?

Since Francesca didn’t go to college and got a degree, you all might be wondering what work she might be involved in. Don’t worry, that is why we are here, to clear your doubts! Notwithstanding, no Francesca is not a housewife, and yes, she has her career. In fact, at the age of 23, Francesca started working as a costumier

From that day till now, Francesca works as a costumier, and that is her source of income as well. Besides, though we don’t know what Francesco’s net worth is, we can tell you what her husband, James Hetfield, earns. Again, James has a net worth, which is said to be around $340 million

James and Francesca currently reside in a home costing $922,000 in Vail, Colorado. Hence, they certainly are living a luxurious life, after all. Now, let’s move to another topic and fill us in with more information. 

Image of James & Francesca Hetfield’s Net Worth

Caption: James & Francesca Hetfield’s Net Worth

James & Francesca Hetfield- Married Life

In 1997, on August 17th, James Hetfield got married to his then-girlfriend and now wife. Together they have three children, and the couple lives together with no rumor or gossip. 

Though they have been married for over two decades, they are still genuinely in love, and we love that the most about this couple. Furthermore, yes, Francesca came into the limelight after her marriage with James Hetfield. But every time we get our eye on this couple, we are just left with awe.

Image of James Hetfield with wife Francesca Hetfield

Caption: James Hetfield with wife, Francesca Hetfield

One time in an interview, James shared that his wife Francesca was the only one who stayed with him during the hardest time of his life. In addition, he said that before Francesca, he had anger management issues at an extreme. Similarly, in the end, once Francesca told him that if he doesn’t try to put himself together, she’ll leave with her children. 

However, she has always been there from him since they met, married, and until today. Moreover, we cannot be so sure if we will have to witness their divorce, but we hope that doesn’t happen at all.

Image of James Hetfield and wife Francesca at 2014 pre grammy

Caption: James Hetfield and wife Francesca at 2014 pre grammy

How Did They Meet?

This is a question you might be the most eager to know about, right? Similarly, now the wait is over. If you didn’t realize the Metallica superstar James Hetfield yet met his girlfriend and started dating her back in 1993. However, this doesn’t solve the question of how did they meet, right? 

Well, here’s the answer to that. Do you remember that we mentioned Francesca’s career above? Yes, since she started working as a costumier, she worked as one for Metallica. Therefore, James Hetfield met the love of his life there. Moreover, before getting married, they dated for like four years and exchanged their vows. Consequently, Francesca and James love spending time with their kids and watch late-night movies together. 

An advantage of having a husband like James is that you can travel all around the world just like Francesca. Furthermore, they’ve been to different parts of the world. And, Paris, France, and Miami are three destinations that the two love to go a lot. 

Image of How Francesco and James Hetfield met

Caption: Here’s how Francesco and James Hetfield met

Francesca and James Hetfield’s Children

Firstly, after a year of James and Francesca’s wedding, the couple welcomed their first child. In June 13th in 1988, Francesca delivered their first baby girl, and they were ecstatic to have her. Similarly, the first daughter is well known by the name Cali Tee Hetfield. Also, Cali is as good of a singer as her father is. We had even seen them perform together back in 2015. 

Caption: James Heathfield & his Daughter Performing

Two years after their first child, they welcomed their second child, who has turned out to be a dashing man. On May 18th in 2000, James and Francesca gave birth to their only son and a second child, who is well known by the name Castor Virgil. 

Lastly, their third child came in their life on January 17th in 2002. She is named Marcella Francesca, an honor to her mother.

Image of James Hetfield with wife and children

Caption: James Hetfield with wife and children

Social Media Update

In this century, it is hard to believe that anyone out there is not fond of social media. Well, Francesca is not a social media person. Moreover, we don’t have details on her Facebook account, Instagram account, and also her twitter account. 

If she ever decides to have one in the coming future, then we will surely be the first to inform you, so don’t forget to stick with us. 

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