Elaine Starchuk: Where is Tommy Lee’s First Wife Now? Know Her Net Worth

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Some stars not only famous for their work as their personal life as well. Similarly, the early days of rocks icons Motley Crue from their much to their struggles and low points. The musician travel a lot in different cities and countries due to the nature of their work and the circles in the world that they travel

One of the famous musician, Tommy Lee, who left the stamp in the music industry and also better known as his tumultuous love life. Tommy has been married four times in his life and currently living with fourth wife Brittany Furlan, who is 23 years younger than him. Though many of his fans haven’t heard the name of Tommy’s first wife, Elaine Starchuk.

Read on to find more out Tommy Lee’s first wife.

Who is Elaine Starchuk?

Elaine Stachuk is famous as the ex-wife of Tommy Lee. Elaine was born on April 7, 1964, in the city of Vancouver in Canada, to Canadian parents. Elaine spent her childhood and adult life in her hometown. She also attended both school and college in her country.

Image of Elaine Starchuk is the first wife of Tommy Lee

Caption: Elaine Starchuk is the first wife of Tommy Lee

After finishing her education, she moved to the United States to pursue her career in modeling. Later, she permanently resides there.

Elaine Starchuk Started Modeling At Age 18

From an early age, Elaine loves modeling and dreamed of becoming the top modeling in the fashion industry. So, she decided to make her career in the modeling industry and flew to the United States. Elaine began on her journey to model in magazines that led her to Playboy Magazine.

She made her name by herself and became known to the general public. Besides Playboy magazines, Starchuk featured on several magazines, including Penthouse and other various adult magazines, by the time of her teenage.

Elaine Starchuk and Tommy Lee Short-Lived Marriage

The Playboy model and musician Tommy Lee married in the year 1984. Tommy Lee played drums for the metal band, Motley Crue that founded in 1981. The band released several studio albums as well as gained massive popularity through it.

Image of Elaine Starchuk and Tommy Lee were married for a week

Caption: Elaine Starchuk and Tommy Lee were married for a week

When Elaine met Tommy, she was 18 years old and struggling to make a mark in the modeling industry. But the fact, the couple’s married life didn’t last long more than a week. After being husband and wife for seven days, Elaine and Tommy called it quit in 1984, and the divorce became finalized in 1985.

However, Starchuk and Lee were in a relationship for more than two years. Despite the marriage, they weren’t meant to be together.

What was the cause of their divorce?

We don’t know why Elaine and Tommy divorced after a few days of their marriage. According to some sources, she didn’t stay in a relationship for a long time. We are unable to find the cause of their separation.

To date, neither Elaine nor husband, Tommy, talked about the divorce. The two separated in a mutual understanding. Prior to Tommy, Elaine was in multiple relationships. The reputed sources claimed that she tied the knot with Todd Marshall. Like her previous marriage, she divorced from Todd. Further, she dated Anders Erikson for almost five years, but like again, that didn’t last forever.

Do They Have Children?

Well, the couple was married for a week. They didn’t have any kid together. Elaine called off her marriage and then lived separately before getting a divorce. She has not a child from her past relationships.

On the other hand, her ex-husband, Tommy Lee, is the father of two children from his third marriage. After two unsuccessful marriages, Tommy tied the nuptial with Playboy model Pamela Anderson.

They have two sons, Brandon Thomas, born on June 5, 1996, and Dylan Jagger was born on December 29, 1997. She is living a single life and a mom of two fur babies.

Owner of Enlightened Lash

It seems Elaine Starchuk is done with relationships after two unsuccessful marriages. So, she decided to focus on herself and earned a fortune on her own. As a result, Elaine established her won company called Enlightened Lashes. Also, Elaine is the founder and CEO of the company. She created the name and idea behind “Faux Mink ” lashes.

The former model took off the lashes business. When she started the company, there are only three workers in the British Columbia area. She was the first one to teach eyelash extensions in Canada.

The company is steadily expanding the business across the country as well as worldwide, including Asia and Europe. Besides, it is creating opportunities in the lashes industry.

Being a vegan and animal activist, Elaine stopped animal cruelty and came up with the name, Faux Mink. ­The Playboy model also creates awareness concerning animal cruelty, the caging animals for beauty. Today, Enlightened Lashes carry the most elegant Faux Mink lashes on the market.

Does Elaine Starchuk Have Any Plastic Surgery?

If you notice her, Elaine Starchuk had breast surgery two times. At the beginning of her career, the model had breast argumentation surgery in the 1980s. Additionally, she did breast implants due to chest injuries back in December 2013.

Furthermore, some people speculated that she had done a lip surgery. If you compared her old and new pictures, then you can see the difference. In the old photos, her lip is thin, and now, she has a bigger and sexy lip.

How Much is Elaine Starchuk’s Net Worth?

There’s no doubt that the former model makes lucrative money from her modeling career and other ventures. Well, she has a net worth must be in eight-figures. We couldn’t find the exact net worth of Elaine. Hardly, there is no information about her properties and cars.

Is Elaine Active on Social Media?

Elaine does have social accounts on Twitter and Facebook under the name @elaine_starchuk. Though Elaine is not active on Instagram, she creates an account that goes under the name enlightenedlashes, where she promotes her eyelashes business. Also, she has a website on which she talks about her business, and even you can purchase the lashes from there.

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