Chris Pérez’s Kids: Meet his Daughter & Son with Ex-Wife Vanessa Villanueva

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Christopher Gilbert Pérez, who is famous as Chris Pérez, is a legendary American guitarist, author, guitarist, and songwriter for a renowned brand Selena Los Dinos who married the frontwoman of the band, Selena. He was born on 14th August 1969 in San Antonio, Texas, the United States of America.

Know more Chris Pérez’s new married life, divorce, and everything you need to know about his kids with us.

Who are Chris Pérez’s Kids?

Chris Perez has two kids with his ex-wife, Vanessa. They have two children, a son named Noah Perez and a daughter named Cassie Perez. Cassie is their first child. Get the detailed information about Noah Perez and Cassie Perez with us.

Image of Picture of Chris Perez with his Kids and wife, Venessa

Caption: Picture of Chris Perez with his Kids and wife, Vanessa

Who is Chris Pérez’s Daughter Cassie Pérez? Bio & Age

As Chris Pérez has let out any information about the details of his kids, the information about Cassie Perez’s birthdate and birthplace is hidden too. However, looking at her Instagram profile, it seems like she is recently out of her teenage years. As of now, she lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Image of Chris Perez’s daughter, Cassie Perez

Caption: Chris Perez’s daughter, Cassie Perez

Looking at the Instagram profile of Cassie Parez, we can conclude that she is a dog lover. Her Instagram bio says “Dog mom to the saint,” and she has put her the official account of her dog named, “@officially.saint.anthony “g in her bio too.

Along with posting with the dogs, she posts pictures with her younger sibling in the account. She posted a picture with her younger sibling, Noah Perez, and her dog with the caption, “I love spending time with my uncle Noah. However, I’m not sure he can say the same.” Through the account. Here is what the picture she posted looks like.

Image of Picture of Noah Perez with the dog of Cassie Perez

Caption: Picture of Noah Perez with the dog of Cassie Perez

Dating Life of Cassie Pérez

The beautiful daughter of the well known American guitarist, Chris Perez is now in a healthy relationship. Cassie’s Instagram is filled with pictures of her boyfriend. Right after Cassie Perez got over her teenage years, she started showing her off on the social media platform. She often posts with her boyfriend, Mark Munoz.

The love of Cassie and Mark is intense. She often refers to her boyfriend as the dad of their dog. They celebrate their anniversary on the 4th of July. On Thanksgiving, she posted a cute picture kissing her boyfriend with the caption “Eat a lot of food today, everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! – Mom and Dad,”. Here is the picture

Image of Cassie Perez with her boyfriend, Mike Munoz

Caption: Cassie Perez with her boyfriend, Mike Munoz

Although Cassie is tied into a bond with this young man, she is making sure that her sibling Noah is getting enough attention from her. Her baby boy gets along with her boyfriend, and she is proud of it.

Who is Chris Pérez’s Son, Noah Pérez? Bio & Age

Noah Perez is Vanessa L. Villanueva’s second child and Chris Pérez. He is believed to be born in the early 2000s. However, his exact date of birth has not been disclosed. He is in his teen years now. However, it looks like he was born on 5th April as Chris posted a picture with Noah on the very day with a Happy birthday wish.

Although he is a celebrity child, he has been living a very private life away from media from his childhood. There is no relevant information about his body measurements too. Hence, it is clear that he lives a life that is away from social media and the public.

Dating Life of Noah Pérez

Noah Pérez is still a kid and has not been involved in any relationship yet. As his life is entirely away from social media, it will be tough to find if he gets involved with anyone too.

The Reason behind their Parents’ Divorce

The relationship of Chris Perez and Selena started when they joined the band. The two love birds were too much in love with each other. However, the family of Selena was not in support of their love life. So, they fled. However, Selena’s mother was helping the love birds and approved their relationship. As Selena’s father knew about their relationship, her father threw Chris out of the band too.

Image of Chris Perez’s first wife, Selena

Caption: Chris Perez’s first wife, Selena

Hence, they got married in April 1992. After Selena eloped with Chris, her father referred to Chris as “cancer to his family.” However, the issue settled, and they were living a happy married life. But, happiness could not last long as her employee murdered Selena. Then, Chris Perez remained a widower and did not marry anyone for a long time.

After a few years, he married Vanessa L. Villanueva, the mother of Noah Perez and Cassie Perez. Then, they got married in the year 2001. As Chris was an addict and alcoholic, there arose some sourness in their relationship. Later, they divorced in the year 2008.

Image of Chris Perez with his ex-wife, Venessa Perez

Caption: Chris Perez with his ex-wife, Venessa Perez

Relationship with Father, Chris Perez

The relationship that Chris Perez shares with his kids is fantastic. As we go through the Instagram account of his daughter, we can find the father-daughter love. Also, on Noah’s birthday, Chris posted a picture with his son from his Facebook profile.

Image of Chris Perez’s Facebook post on Noah’s Birthday

Caption: Chris Perez’s Facebook post on Noah’s Birthday

Chris Perez’s Wiki Table

Name Chris Perez
Birth Date 14th August 1969
Age 50 years
Birth Place San Antonio, Texas, the United States of America
Profession Singer
Height 1.73 m
Weight 75 kg
Net Worth $2 million
Ethnicity Mexican-American
Nationality American
Marital Status Divorced



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