Everything on Albert DePrisco. Know His Net Worth, Height, First Wife 2020 UPDATE

Originally posted on April 7, 2020 @ 4:00 pm

Starting from the late 70s to the 80s and 90s was a really memorable and really beautiful time for the entertainment industry. A gem for the film industry Albert DePrisco along with many other talents are the discoveries of that time. 

Similarly, this man is not just a hugely talented actor but also a jeweler. However, his limelight increased after his marriage which we will look onto a little later. 

So, let’s find out everything you wish to know about Albert DePrisco shall we? From his biography to his net worth and married life. 

Who is Albert DePrisco? 

Though Albert is aged well he still is as handsome as ever. Similarly, he was born back in 1955 on the 30th of August in Massachusetts, United States. As of 2020, Albert will be 65 years old in the coming August. 

Image of Actor & Businessman Albert DePrisco

Caption: Actor & Businessman Albert DePrisco

Moreover, as of DePrisco’s educational background, we are still looking for it. He is a really secretive person when it comes to his personal life so Albert has refused to portray information on his personal life. But when we find more information we will inform to you foremost. In addition, he is not just an actor as we mentioned above, Albert is a man with a huge interest in the business. Similarly, he owns a jewelry business that goes by the name A.M. DePrisco. 

Early Life- Parents and Siblings

The first thing you need to know about Albert’s childhood is that he is the child of a wealthy businessman’s family. Since he was brought up in that environment Albert has always been interested in the business field so more than the acting career he always focused on his family business more. 

However, that does not mean Albert was any less when it comes to acting. He surely is one of the best we’ve seen. Anyway, Albert was born to his parents, mother Marie DePrisco and father Francis DePrisco. Since the family jewelry business was well off as much as we know, we think he grew up in a decent family with no worries about his needs.

Furthermore, Albert grew up alongside his sibling named Donna E. DePrisco. This is all we can inform you of his early days for the time being. But we will make sure we can update you further in the future.

Image of Albert DePrisco’s Sister Donna DePrisco 

Caption: Albert DePrisco’s Sister Donna DePrisco

What is DePrisco’s Net Worth? 

Knowing about how famous this man is and how much fame Albert has gained from his career as an actor and businessman you might be wondering about his income. The Boston born actor surely has a huge amount of net worth and salary. 

Okay, let’s not delay too much and straight let you know what his net worth and salary look like. It is a bummer to let you know that Albert has not revealed his salary just yet and we are looking in t it. Just like how we are looking at other information on DePrisco he hasn’t yet informed.

Image of Alber DePrisco’s Net Worth, Salary

Caption: Albert DePrisco’s Net Worth, Salary

Moreover, his source of income is what he with his career as an actor. And most of the part is played by his jewel business for sure. So as of his net worth, it is said to be around $40 million. That surely is a huge amount. 

Looking at his net worth we can tell he loves a really lavish lofe with his wife. Talking about Albert’s wife, let’s get to know her a bit. 

Albert DePrisco’s Wife Lisa Niemi

Currently, Albert is married to his wife Lisa Niemi. After a real hurtful death of her ex-husband, Albert came in her life to heal her broken heart and soul. Anyway, we will get into their happily married life later. First, let’s get to know who Lisa is. 

Image of Lisa Niemi, Albert DePrisco’s wife, actress, writer & dancer

Caption: Lisa Niemi, Albert DePrisco’s wife, actress, writer & dancer

Born on May 26, 1956, Lisa is a really well known American actress, dancer and also a writer. According to celebrity net worth, Lisa too has a net worth similar to her husband which is $40 million. 

Caption: Lisa Niemi on 10th Annual Dirty Dancing Festival

Sunshine After Broken Marriages. Lisa and Albert’s married Life

As everyone knows, the American actor is a married man. He is happily married to his beautiful wife Lisa Niemi. The couple got married on May 25, 2014. Even after 6 years of marriage, the couple’s bond is going strong. Similarly, it is said that they met each other through a mutual friend.

Image of Lisa & Albert DePrisco’s Married Life

Caption: Lisa & Albert DePrisco’s Married Life

Moreover, Lisa was first married to Patrick Swayze, who unfortunately died due to pancreatic cancer. After that, Lisa was devastated and heartbroken. Later when she met Albert in 2012, they two soon started dating, followed by the news of the marriage

Till this date, the couple doesn’t have any children of their own. It is really sad to inform you that Lisa miscarried her baby in her womb before marrying her ex-husband, she, unfortunately, lost her baby leaving her utterly devastated.

Similarly, Albert and Lisa make a very adorable couple together. Moreover, we wish nothing but the best for them in the upcoming days and we hope to see this relationship grow for a long time.

Image of Albert DePrisco with Wife Lisa Dancing on Wedding Day

Caption: Albert DePrisco with Wife Lisa Dancing on Wedding Day

Social Media Update

It may come as a surprise to some readers and fans that unfortunately, Albert DePrisco does not use any social media site. He is a very secretive person and does not as his personal life opened to the media. Of Course, we do understand his decisions for not being on social media. 

However, he manages an Instagram account for his jewelry shop which is named ‘AM DePrisco Wellesley’ which has 339 followers. The account posts some beautiful pictures of the amazing jewelry they have in stock. The recent post shows the picture of a beautiful diamond ring.

Caption: A.M. DePrisco- Instagram Account

Although it is unfortunate that he doesn’t own any social media site, we are here to respect his decisions.

Image of DePrisco’s Original Jewelry Website 

Caption: DePrisco’s Original Jewelry Website

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