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Well, Nikita Dragun is a famous transgender lady. She is a model, a makeup artist, a vlogger, and a YouTuber. Nikita is mostly known as Mama Dragun. She has been successful in inspiring many young people through her videos, her makeup ideas, and her beauty hacks. Well, Nikita seems to have a lot of fan following. She seems to be a Disney princess and barbie doll in her social media.

Scroll below to know more about Nikita Dragun and her life. You would also want to know about her journey to being transgender. Also, get some idea about her viral video titled “I am a transgender.” Well, Nikita’s video is very emotional and has inspired many people. Know more about Nikita’s career and her net worth. Also, don’t miss the updates on her relationship and her body measurements.

Who is Nikita Dragun? Wiki, Bio

Nikita Dragun was born on the 31st of January 1996. She was born in Belgium. Being born on the 31st of January, she holds the zodiac sign of Aquarius. She is an American but has ethnicity tracing back to Mexican and Vietnamese heritage. As her mother comes from a Mexican household, and her father is Vietnamese. Nikita is 24 years old.

Image of The famous transgender lady Nikita Dragun

Caption: The famous transgender lady Nikita Dragun

We do not have any information regarding her family and her parents. However, we know her siblings. She has three siblings, out of which two are her sisters. The name of her brother is Vincarlo Nguyen, and the name of her sisters are Allegraph Capri Nguyen and Talia Nguyen Marriott.

Nikita Dragun’s Journey on becoming a Transgender

Well, Nikita Dragun was born as Nicholas. Her parents raised her as a boy. However, she was interested in a girl’s kind of stuff than boys. She felt very comfortable in doing makeup. When she was eight years old, she knew about a documentary, and she learned about transgender people.

Image of Nikita Dragun before and after her transition

Caption: Nikita Dragun before and after her transition

Thus, after she completed her high school, she collected a lot of guts and told her truth to her parents. Well, her parents seemed very comfortable with this and supported her through her entire journey.

Moreover, Nikita kept her being transgender a secret. However, in December of the year 2015, she disclosed her identity through a very emotional video. Her video, named “I am a transgender,” got viral and was trending all over social media. Some people criticized her, but her family and her fans highly supported her. This support seems to have brought confidence in her. In addition to this, Nikita raises her voice and supports transgender people.

Caption: Nikita Dragun went viral for her “I’m a Transgender video.”

Take a Look at Nikita Dragun’s Career

Soon after Nikita Dragun completed her high school, she became engaged in social media. She opened her Youtube channel in February of the year 2013. Her youtube channel has a lot of subscribers. To be more specific, she has more than 2.4 million subscribers.

In addition to this, she started her journey as a makeup artist and a vlogger. Her youtube channel contains challenges, inspiration videos related to her transition, her lifestyle, makeup tutorials, and vlogs. Over these years, she has earned huge respect and reputation as an LGBT activist and a feminist.

Moreover, she has also worked in various cosmetics and various famous brands. However, she was always interested in becoming a Youtuber. After she put her reality under shadows for many years, she collected her confidence and spoke about it on a public platform. Her words and her video went viral for many days.

How Rich is Nikita Dragun? Know her Net Worth

Talking about Nikita’s lifestyle, she seems to be living a lavish life. Her main source of income is from Youtube. Being a famous Youtuber, she makes a hefty amount of money from it. In addition to this, she also makes a huge amount of money from modeling, Instagram, and by getting featured in various brands.

However, Nikita doesn’t seem to have not disclosed her exact salary or net worth. But, looking at her lifestyle, her followers, her subscribers, and her fan base, we can analyze that she makes a huge amount of money.

Know more about Nikita Dragun’s Relationships

Currently, Nikita Dragun seems to be single. However, she seems to have been involved with many handsome hunks in the past. But, there is no evidence to prove that she was involved with those actors and models.

Well, Nikita was once in a relationship with a guy named Oscar Utierre. Oscar seems to be a fashion designer and a model from Los Angeles. Nikita and Oscar seem to be in a relationship before her transition. However, the couple managed to keep their personal life away from the media and the public for many years. The couple made their relationship public after Nikita’s transition. Thus, Nikita mentioned “Ex-Boyfriend Does My Makeup!” in one of her vlogs.

Image of Nikita Dragun and her ex-boyfriend Oscar Utierre

Caption: Nikita Dragun and her ex-boyfriend Oscar Utierre

Body Measurements: Height, Weight, and Her Tattoos

Nikita is a gorgeous transgender lady. She flaunts her barbie doll type looks every time. Talking about her height, she seems to be 5 feet and 3 inches tall. Also, she weighs about 51 kg. After Nikita’s gender transition, Nikita looks very beautiful and extremely sexy. Well, she looks just like other natural-born ladies. Her black eyes add charm to her beauty. Also, her light brown hair makes her look incredibly gorgeous.

Talking about Nikita’s tattoos, she has beautifully decorated her body with three tattoos. She has drawn a big tattoo of a dragon on her bag. Also, she has drawn a small tattoo of a dragon on her sternum. In addition to this, she has an inscription in the Arabic language of the word dragon. This Arabic language tattoo is in her Wrist.

Image of Nikita Dragun's biggest red-inked tattoo on her back

Caption: Nikita Dragun’s biggest red-inked tattoo on her back

Nikita Dragun Wiki Table

Name Nikita Dragun
Birth Date 31st January 1996
Age 24 years old
Birth Place Belgium
Profession Model. Youtuber. Vlogger, Makeup artist
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Weight 51 kg
Net Worth Unknown
Ethnicity Vietnamese-Mexican
Nationality American
Marital Status Unmarried
Spouse Unmarried
Social Media Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

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