Larry Bird’s Adopted Daughter, Mariah Bird’s Net Worth & Biography

Originally posted on April 13, 2020 @ 4:03 pm

There are lots of children famous as their parents are an outstanding personality. But this time, we will see a similar nature. But the difference is that she is not the biological daughter of that celebrity. 

You all may know who Larry Bird is. Larry Joe Bird is a former American basketball player. He also served as an executive who was the president of the Basketball Operations in the National Basketball Association and Indiana Pacers. Talking about Larry, he has an adoptive daughter named Mariah Bird, who is a successful event manager. 

Today we’ll take a peek at the life of famous former NBA player’s daughter Mariah Bird. Her biography until today and her life as an event manager. 

Mariah Bird- Early Life

Mariah’s date of birth is confidential for the time being, and so is her age. However, she is an adopted child of famous former NBA player Larry Bird. Similarly, Mariah holds American Nationality and belongs to Caucasian ethnicity just like her father. 

Moreover, she grew up alongside her brother Conner Bird who is also the adoptive child of Larry and his wife. However, Mariah also has a step-sister who goes by the name Corrie Bird. Similarly, as of her educational background, in 2011, Mariah enrolled in Boston University and graduated the following year. 

Image of Larry Bird’s Daughter Mariah Bird

Caption: Larry Bird’s Daughter Mariah Bird

Also, she attended Indiana University Bloomington and then graduated in Bachelor of Science in Recreation. She chose major Tourism, Hospitality, and Hotel Management. 

Early life on Mariah is hard to excess, so for not, this is all the information. Let’s hope we will get details on her birthday and age soon. 

Mariah Bird’s Life as Event Manager

Mariah works at Pacers Sports & Entertainment and has been seen working in different sectors accordingly. Similarly, in 2019, Pacers announced that Mariah was promoted as Manager of Event Activations and Venues. Moreover, it looks like for the past four years, Mariah was excellent in organizing and implementing some of the significant events in PS&E. 

Image of Mariah Bird- An Event Manager

Caption: Mariah Bird- An Event Manager

We found out that Mariah’s ramp for the weekend in 2021 has already begun successfully. It is a significant time for Moriah to be serving as one of the best as an Event Manager at the Pacers.

Back in 2012, Mariah and her father Larry were seen in New York City appearing at the Late Show With David Letterman. 

What is Mariah Bird’s Net Worth?

Since you know what Mariah does, you might also be wondering what her net worth looks like, right? Though Mariah is a really private girl, we could get information about her career. But she keeps a chunk of data to herself. Similarly, Mariah has kept all her knowledge about her salary and net worth to herself.

However, we do know that Mariah’s father, Larry, has a net worth, which is somewhere between $55 million to $70 million. Therefore, Mariah i=has every right on enjoying her father’s net worth too. Besides that, Mariah resides in a $2.35 million home that her father built-in 2002. Of course, this concludes that Mariah has a luxurious life. 

Image of Mariah Bird’s Net Worth

Caption: Mariah Bird’s Net Worth

Mariah Bird’s Father, Larry Bird

Mariah is the adopted daughter of her father, Larry Joe Bird. As mentioned above, he is a former American NBA player, executive, and coach. Similarly, he gained his nickname, “The Hick from French Lick” due to is an incredible performance. Moreover, born on the 7th of December, 1956, Larry is one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Caption: Larry Bird’s Amazing Assists 

 Janet Condra and Larry were together before Mariah and Conner came in his life. Janet and Larry were high school sweethearts, and before getting divorced, their love produced a daughter named Corrie Bird. 

Image of Mariah with her Father Larry.

Caption: Mariah with her Father Larry.

Mariah Bird’s Mother, Dina Mattingly

Dina Mattingly is Mariah’s mother, who she loves dearly. Similarly, Mariah and her brother were adopted by Larry and Dina’s mutual understanding. She was born on the 19th of November, 1943, in the USA. Though Dina’s profession is not yet revealed, we do know that she has a net worth of around $1 million. Moreover, Dina and Larry met in the University; however, their relationship did not start there. 

Larry’s first marriage did not work out really well, and Dina and Larry married one another. In a private wedding with just a minimal amount of people, including closest friends and family, and adopted two children. Likewise, this couple has been together ever since the day they tied their knot in 1989. They have been living a happy life as a partner and mother and father figure for Mariah and Conner. 

Image of Larry Bird and Dinah Bird

Caption: Larry Bird and Dinah Bird

Mariah’s Brother Was in Prison

Mariah’s brother Conner Bird was charged and accused of murder at the age of 22. Conner, Mariah’s brother, was taken under custody as he was charged with death on his ex-girlfriend. Similarly, that misdeed is said to have happed in Indiana University. According to some evidence, Corner tries to hit his then-girlfriend in his car.

Moreover, Conner had marijuana possession and even criminal mischief as a shred of evidence for arresting him. However, the matter got in control not too long after he successfully got out of jail. But, Mariah’s parents, Dinah and Larry, and also Mariah, all of them refused to speak anything regarding that issue.

Image of Caption: Mariah Bird’s Brother Conner Imprisoned for Murder Attempt

Caption: Mariah Bird’s Brother Conner Imprisoned for Murder Attempt

Social Media Presence & Relationship

Mariah likes living a modest life, just like her father and mother. When the kids were small, Mariah’s father, Larry, hid them formed the media, and did not include them in any kind of event, including paparazzi. Therefore, Mariah is not on any type of social media platform. 

Image of Mariah Bird parents Mother Dinah & Father Larry

Caption: Mariah Bird parents Mother Dinah & Father Larry

Similarly, that is also a reason why we can give you a tiny portion of information regarding Mariah’s life. But, it surely would be lovely to see her post in social media, right? 

Moving on, due to her modest way of living. Mariah stays a single lady with no controversy and no dating that we know of until today. She’s an ambitious woman, still doing her best to improve her career. 

Or we may even assume that since she does not like the limelight, Mariah has decided not to reveal about her private life, including boyfriend and relationship to the public yet.

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